Krrish 3 Release Date Confirmed, First look today

Krrish 3Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish 3 will release on November 4th 2013, a day after India celebrates Diwali.

Industry insiders say, it was the distributors of Krrish 3 who advised the Roshan’s to release their mega-budget film on Monday, as the general public only come out to watch films a day after the festival of lights.

The Roshan’s have also confirmed that the first theatrical trailer will release with Chennai Express on August 8th and the first look poster of the film will be unveiled by Hrithik today (June 27).

Stay tuned to Indicine for the first look poster and all the details of 2013’s most-awaited release Krrish 3.



  • what is this? At first it was going to release on 1 nov. than it pushed to 3rd of nov. and now it is pushed to 4th of nov . This is not good as my opinion as they have only one holiday until saturday and this will not help them out to collect the money that they are expecting.

    • Shekhar, November 1st was never announced by the Roshans. Since the Diwali weekend begins on Nov 1, the media assumed the film would release on that date. Rakesh Roshan then announced Nov 3rd as the final release date, but later changed it to 4th.

      It doesn’t make much sense to release films on Diwali. Ra One was running to less than 50% on its opening day, second day (After Diwali) the collections doubled.

  • so its finaaly that k3 is the movie who will break ETT opening day record might be 38-40 cr possible on first day still way to go………

  • why bollywod is so biased towards khans? what is the criteria of movie to b called all time blockbuster? gaddar broke the record of hahk and it became atbb. 2006 dhoom 2 broke gaddar record but it became only blockbuster then ghajini 2008 broke dhoom 2 record and it became atbb then in 2009 3idiots broke ghajini record and it became atbb. but dabbang 2010 failed to break the record of 3idiots then how come it became atbb? Dhoom 2 should have been atbb.

  • A blockbuster is on the way…’s a perfect decision to release k3 next day of diwali….bcoz we have seen till now, that evening shows at diwali only have 40-50% of occupancy…which may be affect the collections….but now, i m sure that it will collect a huge amount on monday with a decent lifetime collection….

  • Pretty Exciting News
    From Rohit to Krishna to Krrish…. Hrithik completes Bollywood’s first trilogy with the first look in Hyderabad today. Watch this space for more….
    Live Video Chat with Krrish.
    Ask your questions with #Krrish3 & Hrithik Roshan will answer them on 27th June at 3PM.

    Kangana – “My look in Krrish 3 is going to floor all men. It’s alien cum superwoman cum Tomb Raider cum cat woman sort of character. It was a very challenging film for me as it had alot of action sequences in it which were choregraphed by an action director from China. There[‘s ample masala in the film and will be loved by all”.
    Via Magnamags.

  • Hrithik Roshan About interacting with fans

    “I am really excited about chatting with my fans through the
    Facebook Live video chat and eagerly look forward to the big unveiling of the Krrish 3 digital motion poster. Today’s technology is simply phenomenal, as in an instant we can get immediate reactions and feedback on our films. I’m a huge believer in the power of social media as it directly involves our fans and supporters, and for a movie such as Krrish 3, it takes the experience to the next level.” : Hrithik Roshan

  • Excitiment raises every time
    “Krrish” belongs to Hrithik Roshan. He again displays his skills at dancing, fighting, emoting and just being comfortable with the camera without once letting the sweat of thetoil trickle into the frames. Here’s an actor who stubbornly re-defines the concept of screen heroism with everyperformance.”- Subhash Jha

  • This is terrific, something extraordinary gonna happen on 4th Nov 2013. All records will be shattered by a huge margin.

  • @indicine team
    Once few months ago you wrote that 50 Cr. a day can be acheived by Krrish 3. Are you still with your words ? Isn’t 50 Cr. a day a too big benchmark for a movie releasing in 2013 ? May be by 2015 it would be easy.

  • @iNDICINE TEAM PLZ answer me as the prediction of first or life time will eventually changes after the trailor releases

  • no offense to any actor…..but SRK is the only person who doesnt give a damn about collections…..he released both his Diwali movies on Laxmi pooja day knowing it wont collect huge amt on day 1 and he doesnt give a damn if his movies clash with other biggies….he releases a movie during festival so that more people can come in and watch and not to break opening records or something like that…..carefully analyze then u will agree with me……having said that no offense to any actor as it is OK to release movie on a perfect date……even CE is releasing on 8th whereas holiday is on 9th….

  • if KRRISH 3 RELEASING at least 4000 screens and getting postive REVIEW ,then collection will be

    KRRISH 3 having 7 day EXTENTED WEEKEND

    MON- 38 to 40 crs (holiday)
    TUE – 30 to 32crs ( holiday in most places except south india)
    WEN- 25 crs
    THU – 20 crs
    FRI – 18 crs
    SAT – 21 crs
    SUN – 25 crs

    MON – 15 crs
    TUE – 14 crs
    WEN – 13 crs
    THU – 13 crs ( no drop because of CHILDREN DAY )
    1ST WEEK COLLECTION – 177 55 = 232 crs

    2ND FRI – 8 crs
    2ND SAT- 9 crs
    2ND SUN – 11crs
    2ND WEEKEND – 28
    TOTAL 232 28 = 260 crs
    MON – 5 crs
    TUE – 4 crs
    WEN – 3.5 crs
    THU – 3 crs
    2nd WEEK = 15 28=43
    TOTAL = 275 crs

  • @indicine team why isn’t there any like or dislike button for the comments made by you. I totally disagree with you. It should easily cross 35 crs not 30 crs on its opening day, for the movie as big as it is.

  • yes yes yes damn excited for the first look poster of krrish 3 today !!!! krrish 3 is trending worldwide in twitter , today facebook would be flooded with krrish 3 posts !!!!
    @indicine team, you forgot to say that hrithik will vid chat LIVE today with fans and reveal the first look !!!! please add it too , its an important announcement.

  • All time blockbuster sure.. all the records will be broken by huge margin.

    indicine team, kindly predict the box office prediction for krrish 3 pls pls pls…

    humble request by a die hard fan of hrithik.

  • boss is releasing on oct18 .k3 will release on 4th nov.
    so,boss will get 17 open days.good decision.
    all the best to hrithik and k3.

  • TODAY IS THE DAY KRRISH FANS- prepare to be dazzled as Krrish dons the mask and cape once again!

    Grave as a Lion, he conquers rugged rocks without fear…

    Like an Eagle, he soars across rivers and mountain tops..

    Free as a bird, he runs like the wind…

    Image is what you create. Once people come to the theaters, it is your job to break the previous image and give them a new one, that’s what movies are all about.

    – “Hrithik Roshan”

  • @Kiran Wonderful prediction but see it will do beyond oue imagination for sure

    Means 300Cr on Cards

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