Respect for women is not an option, it’s a necessity: Vivek Oberoi

Actor Vivek Oberoi believes that crimes against women can only stop when women start to sensitise the men in their family towards the opposite sex.

“Every mother should teach her son to respect every girl. That is where it (the change) will start. If he says something (wrong) about a girl, then she should slap him. Then we will learn,” the 36-year-old said on the sidelines of an event here Thursday.

“I think women can protect women in the future, the greatest service by instilling in their children, brothers and husbands, the right values for women. Respect for women is not an option, it is a necessity,” he added.

He was speaking in connection with the brutal gang-rape of a Delhi girl Dec 16, who is now fighting for life in a Singapore hospital. The case has led to a large number of protests countrywide demanding strict action.

Vivek is worried that public rage and excitement fizzles out too soon. So, he says the need of the hour is a channelised way of agitation.

“There is a larger issue at hand and, unfortunately, we Indians have a short-term memory problem. We get very excited, take out candlelight vigils and in the end we forget,” Vivek said.

“Our steam blows off like those candles and we are not the same concerned, agitated citizen anymore. That is something which is sad. Everyone is angry but we need to channelise it and give it a structure to make it last long and get a tangible impact,” he added.

Vivek Oberoi new PhotoVivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi - The Impossible media meetVivek Oberoi – The Impossible media meet

Vivek Oberoi - The Impossible press meetVivek Oberoi – The Impossible film press meet

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  • yeah, he is right, you are always right because it is easy to talk than to act.

    it is easy to blame indians, as he is saying we have short term memory. it has become a fashion.

    from where does he come from, not india?

    how does he knows candle light vigil has no effect? has he ever done that for any cause?

    first let him solve his own film problems and then he can talk about other problems.

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