Release date of Shahrukh Khan’s Raees?

Question: What is the expected release date of Shahrukh Khan’s Raees? Is it true that Nawazuddin Siddiqui has replaced Farhan Akhtar? – Sushanth (Belgaum)

Answer: The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the shooting schedule of Raees has been postponed by a few months. The film will go on floors mid-way through February 2015. Shahrukh Khan likes to keep a gap of 3-4 months between his releases, so Raees is likely to release after November. The entire shoot is expected to be wrapped up before the release of Fan. Two films are scheduled to release during Christmas (Tamasha and Bajirao Mastani), but if Shahrukh wants that date, he will get it. Coming to your second question, Nawazuddin Siddiqui has indeed signed Raees, but the official announcement is yet to be made.

Question: Is “Dabangg” an All-Time Blockbuster? If yes, why? It didn’t break 3 Idiots’ record - Soumya

Answer: A film doesn’t have to be the biggest grosser of all time to be declared an ‘All Time Blockbuster’. Verdicts are declared based on costs. Aashiqui 2 would have been an ‘All Time Blockbuster’ had it collected 105-110 crore.

Question: Which is the most expensive film of Bollywood? – Jatinder

Answer: Yash Raj Films’ Dhoom 3 is the most expensive film ever made. The film was made on a budget of Rs 155 crore.

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  • Raees no way can release this Christmas.only tamasha will release in christmas this yr

    btw @indicine why is YJHD not considered an all time blockbuster?

  • Nawazuddin is a great actor specially when it comes to crime yes he is indeed a better option than Farhan Akhtar..
    I don’t think Raees will release next year..
    Even in 2016,
    Republic Day is Booked by Hrithik for Mohenjodaro;
    Eid is booked by salman..

    So Raees might be a non holiday release..

  • @arjun kapoor- actually it can release… u cn see dis year too.. pk wz scheduled to release in mid 2014 bt will now get released on dec whn earlier bv nd wb wr scheduled to release wch later changed their dates…

    so its nt difficult for raees to take ovr christmas release…

    bt all depends on fan if it collects well then it will have a gud effect on raees too if it release on christmas

  • Waiting for raees,fan :-
    most awaited films of 2015 , not in any order , –
    Mr x 3d
    hamari adhuri kahani
    bajrangi bhaijaan
    singh is bling
    prem ratan dhaan paayo
    bajiro mardani

  • It would be great if Raeees releases on 2015. It would be a double bonanza for all of us.Next year SRK will be back at what he does the best i.e make good movies with good content.

  • Raees will be a non-holiday release!
    All festive dates has been booked by others and SRK can’t delay it till mid of 2016 (i.e. Independence day ).
    I think that day is not very far when two three biggies will be releasing on the same day because the way these producers/stars are booking the festive dates 2-3 years in advance, others won’t be left with any option except clashing their movies.

  • raees will be a non holiday release because next year diwali booked by prdp and chrismas book by tamasha and bajirav mastani raees can release in nov. 2015 otherwise after ipl 2016
    dabangg is sure shot atbb

  • Raees staring srk, nawaz n kirti sanon, shooting start from feb 2015 n warp up by june expected to release late 2015(xmas probably), waiting for official announcement which will be announce with in a week.

  • Want to see more of Farhan. Srk and Farhan would have looked fresh together. Nawaz has already played Police officer in Kahaani. Let’s see if he can bring some freshness in this role.

  • We can see big clashes in upcomming year as many producer have already booked holiday even before finalising the starcast n i don’t think a big budget films with a superstar release in a nomal day.

  • For the past few months, there has been a lot of talk about the incorrect reporting of box office numbers. While fingers have been pointed towards the inflated numbers that some films have reported, others have stressed the need for a strong and unbiased body to report such numbers.The good news is that somebody has actually taken this initiative. The makers of PK have tied up with market measuring expert ‘Rentrak’ to report the correct and actual figures. Apparently, Rentrak will report a day-to-day break up of box office collections across the country.Bollywood Hungama reported Managing Director of Rentrak as saying,”We are very excited about this, and the whole team of Mr. Chopra, Disney and UTV is hoping that we achieve maximum coverage with this movie and we are currently making all efforts to accomplish the same. Globally we have a track record of accurately tracking 40 markets, for India this is something that has been waiting to happen for a long time. Besides all markets would benefit from this since getting an insight into the Indian market is so very difficult and complex. In fact it will definitely not be an easy task thanks to the number of single screens, distribution, language segmentation and states. But we are doing our best to develop a comprehensive figure of the same.

  • @maxwell Tamasha n bajirao mastani isn’t a big film compared to raees like this year bombay velvet and welcome back were supposed to release xmas 2014 but when PK announced its release date, both films moved to other date. Same thing happen too tamasha n bajirao mastani after the official announcement of raees, but i’m 100% confident raees will not be a non holiday release but it might clash with other films, lets see raees comes in 2015 or 2016.

  • Raees not officially confirmed by Srk. Check his twitter account. But definitely in the pipeline. Srk to start shooting for Raees by Summer 2015 (according to production sources). May have possibility of christmas release but all depends on how it shapes it n most importantly how FAN is received by audiences !!!!!!!!!

  • @Bhai ka dusman, bajirao mastani should release in INDEPENDENCE DAY coz anyone can clash our king. Get it lol..

  • Raees not officially confirmed by Srk. Check his twitter account. But definitely in the pipeline. Srk to start shooting for Raees by Summer 2015 (according to production sources). May have possibility of christmas release but all depends on how it shapes it n most importantly how FAN is received by audiences !!!!!!!!!

  • @indicine if dabang is an atbb based on budget/cost then why rabne banadi Jodi has not atbb and how come kick is blockbuster based on budget/cost.
    As far as I know following are true atbb from 1990 based on theatrical collection, budget/cost, roi, impact, durability of collections for minimum next 3-4 years
    1. Maine pyar kiya
    2. Ankhe
    3. HAHK
    4. DDLJ
    5. Raja Hindustani
    6. KKHH
    7. Gadar
    8. 3 idiot

    Remaining are fans satisfactory atbb like d2, oso, gajini, dabang, ce, ett, etc.

  • Its higly depends on king that where he want to come if he decided to book christmas so then others have to decide whether thay have a guts to clash and blast infront of king and affcours all have to shift their dates to avaoid clash with no 1 star of bollywood finaly

  • @Sambuddha Mukherjee

    Yes. When Mega star Ranbir Kapoor is releasing his film, other stars like SRK will back off automatically.

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