Release date of Rajinikanth’s Kochadaiiyaan finally confirmed!

KochadaiiyaanAfter several delays, the release date of superstar Rajinikanth’s Tamil film ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ has finally been announced.

The makers have also confirmed that there won’t be any further changes to the film’s release date.

“The release date has been locked as May 9 2014. There will no further changes in the film’s release,” Rajinikanth’s manager confirmed.

Made on a budget of Rs 125 crore, Kochadaiiyaan is India’s first motion capture photo-realistic 3D animated film. The film has been directed by Rajni’s daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth Ashwin.

Kochadaiiyaan also stars Bollywood’s top actress Deepika Padukone, Sarath Kumar, Jackie Shroff, Shobana and few others. The music has been composed by Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman.

So there you go then, all you Rajnikanth fans out there. May 9 2014 is the final date of release.



  • SRK should do a cameo in the film. It will be a historic success. He is the UNBEATABLE and BIGGEST star of bollywood.
    Salman+Aamir+Hrithik+Ranbir+100xAkshay+1000xShahid = SRK

  • while rajnikaath doesn’t need any special cameo from any other actor, but srk always needed rajnikaanth’s name,fake tribute,cameo etc to make his film safe at box office

  • 125crores for this shit…..even games like god of war would have better visual effects then what they showed in the trailer….

  • @Loki : Kamal Haasan fulfilled your wish in ‘Hey Ram’ after film verdict Kamal again said ‘Hey Ram’ for taking srk in it. Rajni sir does not need anyone. Keep posting jokes like this !!!!!!!

  • @R20 listen be grateful for what SRK has done for the industry and before him what amitabh Bachchan has done

  • Poor animation, they have to make the real movie bt I think rajni sir is too old to do it so they make cartoon movie…

  • @r20: Ur such a moron u always try to pull down SRK with blantant lies!!!!! U said SRK ALWAYS need Rajini name/cameo etc for successful movie…………….so where was Rajini in SRK successful movies like Mohabatein, RNBDJ, Don 1 and 2, JTHJ, DDLJ,DTPH,Pardes, Baazigar, Darrr, Veer Zaara etc………………………..u know what u are, ur just jealous that akki is a flop star and cant deliver consistent hits at the box office, only flop after flop and cant get higher than 60-70 crore in 2013! Even Ranveer singh who is 19 yrs junior to akki is delivering hits and higher grosser than ur flop star!

  • @loki rumours circulating were that Srk really wanted to do a cameo in Rajnis movie but beti Soundarya declined the request and said:- “thank you Sir but really we do not need your help with dubbing for we have brought in afew live bakras into the studio to voice their own dialogues in the movie….!”

  • @r420 as much as I despise you for being a fake fraudster plastic fan, I simply love to see anyone wind up that trini so for your comment to really rile up that dramaqueen I say well done you irritating akki fan.

    @trini Well its true- Thakur needs Rajni Sir more than ever and you missed r420s point completely you imbecile- he was talking about the right here n right now present n not the 90’s where Sarkar ruled Paglapur. Todays sarkar needs Rajnis name, fame, sunglasses act in Ratoon Point One or even his worldwide famous lungi just to make ppl take note of his crappy movie down south- The Lungi Express. In FAN Thakur will play the role of a Rajni fan- director felt Sarkar playing the role of his own fan would be unbelievable and highly laughable so they choose Rajni Sir so no doubt the infamous/ to some famous Chennai Lungi will make a comeback in FAN (oh dear god plz save us from another torturous lungi song…). In FAN srk the fan of Thalaiva will leave behind Paglapur n board the lungi express in only his lungi to Chennai in order to meet his icon- Rajni Sir. Afew songs here n there n taking afew beatings along the way aswell as cradle snatching some goons daughter to fall in love with fills in the gaps in the script. Movie will be a BlockBuster in Chennai and a Hit in rest of India at best.

  • @loki,i like the play,now my turn
    aamir+akki+ranveer+10 varun+10000srk=sallu

  • @triniman
    one year promotion,holiday relise,super stars cameo are the reason for srks succes,no doubt,like akki do in tmk.if tmk is good scripted then the collection be 125 crore.

  • @vishnu you both proved your pathetic knowlegde in Maths and bollywood also. Even 1000 Akkis cant beat SRK in terms of stardom, he should give a hit first, he is giving flops after flops.
    @english NAVINglish,
    First learn English then comment. You seem to be a dropout from junior KG and then seem to be doing a rickshawalla job in London Lol

  • @loki
    before chennai express
    srk-ra 1-125 crore
    akshay-rowdy rathore-133 crore
    srk didnt give 4 hits in an year,not collect 2000 crores from india.
    Hater pls wait for holiday,i did not predict the collection,but he give quality action perfomence again.

  • @ Loki hahaha great comments dude!

    @Navin U disrepected me by calling me an imbecile, I will be the bigger person and not return the insult becuz it wud be pointless to insult a loser like u.By this insult and ur comments it seems that the true ‘drunkard’ in the forum is not @nipun as u call him but in fact that ‘alocholic’ is u! And for ur information that other loser @r20 said ‘ALWAYS used Rajini’ so it seems that it is indeed u who cant understand basic english! SRK had Rajini in Ra One and CE to get to the south market, nothing wrong in that, he gave Rajini praise and fitting tribute in these movies, and there is NO WAY anyone went to see Ra One and Ce for Rajini, if u all are saying that then u all are very deluded and live in fantasy world.
    However ur bhojpuri has done gr8 disrespect to Rajini by doing blantant copy and paste south masalas and trying to copy rajini’s style and become Bollywood’s Rajini………….so it is in fact ur bhai who has been copying rajini from 2010-2014.

    @vishnu Ur just jealous akki is a flop star and cant cross 70 crore or even give a hit at the moment!
    Furthermore, if SRK wants to promote a movie for 2 or 5 years that is his business and he can do what he wants, u are not giving him money to make films, so why shudnt he do the best he can to get the best ROI! Additionally SRK can bring any cameo of stars he wants, why dont u critize Salman for bring on Anil Kapoor, Govinda, Prabu Deva cameos in Wanted or Arbazz, Sanjay Dutt, Ajay cameo in Ready, or Askhay bringing in Kareena, Vijay, Prabu Deva cameos in Rowday Rathore??? If Salman and Akki can bring in cameos, then why cant SRK do the same?? Such double standards, anyone who is jealous and insecure wud say these things to bring down a person more successful than themseleves to make themseleves feel better, get a life man, no one here cares about ur flop star akki anymore………………

  • @vishnu Also, why dont u critize salman for his love of releasing movies during the holiday period of eid with many open weeks, u guys have a lot of double standards!

  • #navin
    you forgot ur bhaijaan is uday chopra without south remakes…
    U r talking for blockbuster .. Lol
    first tell ur salman to give hit atleast because jai ho is below avarage grosser …. Lol

  • @triniman. Akki is the King while Srk is a south copychaap who depends on rajni cameo to give hit. Srk should leave acting and become Akkis driver.
    Akki took 150 crore for Khatron ke khiladi. 150 crore > Raones budget/gross

  • @imam
    pls tell ett and dabang series are remake of which south indian filims?
    Akshay is a flopstar because he do 5 filims in an year,if srk do 5 filims his filims be 40-50 crore grosser.why haters forgot singh is king,tmk,housefull series,rowdy rathore and omg.6 superhit filim akki did in last 6 years,and hater speak only about akshays flop filims.srk do only 5 hit filims in last 6 years,that are mnik,rnbdj,don 2,jthj,ce.
    That prooved akki is a flopstar then srk is flopflop star.
    Pls tell srk to complete 2000 crore because he is senior than akki.

  • @vishnu
    Yaar such double standards…….i am not against any star but you should not biased to anyone………if rajni sir is the reason of success of CE then will you give credit of RR to vijay,kareena,prabu deva……Ok if akki gave 6 superhits in last 5 years and srk gave 5 …….so akki is greater star than srk……but in this case Amir gave 4 hits in last 5 years and salman also gave 6 hits…………so amir is behind all of 3 with this logic and akki is similar to salman in stardom??????Man akki did some poor script selection in past and thats the reason of flop……OMG,RR,HF2 released the same year all were superhits so despite of having 3,4 movies in that year why akki succeed …just because of good script so its the lame excuse that multiple releases were the reason of not being successful………….No one forgot HF series,RR,singh is king ,OMg,hera pheri,welcome and many other movies but while discussing why you forget the success of other stars……….and why everyone insist to exclude CE,and use to give example before CE srk was that and that………………………….So what should we do…should we discredit all the success of akki before entering 100 cr club………by saying before RR akki was blah blah………….as salman dont has any movie in 200club and if kick will so 200 cr ….what should we say….before kick salman was not a big star as he could not deliver a 200cr??????
    Just love your fav and dont hate the other …………..and while discussion always apply same logic to each and every star………..And do you really think that cameo can make a difference in the movie??????

  • #Visnu

    Akki is king ! Lol
    srk is flop star ! Lol again

    can akki give 10 back to back hits !!! Oops i forgot even 1 hit is like going to mars for akki…

    And 2000 cr lol again and again

    akki 130+ films and only 2000 cr.
    Srk only 60+ films and 1800+ cr.

    Shame on those who said akki is king ! Hahahahaha

  • @Day How ironic, the biggest south copycats are Akki and lallu, but u call SRK a south copycat u hypocrite! Also tell ur flop star akki to at least give a semi hit first before u come here and write utter lies and crap, u mean akki shud become SRK driver and spot boy as he can only give flop after flops and is Emperor of 60 crore club, even Ranvir and Arjun and far ahead now of him…………………yeh akki will take 150 crore as he is greedy for money, even HR said Akki is greedy for money! And dont be an idiot, no one went to see Ra one and CE for small rajini cameo! Tell akki he has nothing on SRK, even when he teams up with lallu a la Don crushed Janneman and in 2004 Veer Zaara and MHN scored higher than akki and lallu MSK!

  • @triniman what i said is true. Srk is south copychaap. He cant give hit without Rajni. And Akki is greedy? Srk is most greedy as he takes money for dancing in weddings haha cry.

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