Rangoon Day 1 Box office Collections: Opening Report

Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon has opened poorly at the box office on Friday. The opening, which a section of the trade has labelled as ‘shocking’, isn’t surprising at all because there wasn’t any interest to watch the film amongst the audience.

The trailer itself didn’t generate any interest and the promos that followed did little to ensure ticket sales on Friday morning. The problem lies in Vishal Bhardwaj’s brand of cinema. It gets its share of accolades on social media and critics, but the audience in general isn’t interested in even some of his good films.

Sample figures from 12 multiplex theatres for the morning shows between 9-10AM, suggest that the average occupancy in the morning is less than 5-10% at most places. The film has a limited single-screen release too, where the response was poorer, with some theatres running at less than 3% occupancy for the morning shows. Noon shows, like they usually do, have picked up, but now enough to get to even reasonably decent levels.

The level of opening suggests the film would struggle to get to even 5 crore on the first day and unless there is a major turnaround towards the end of the film, it’ll be the second disappointment this year – in terms of opening – after Ok Jaanu.

All this on a partial holiday for Maha Shivaratri, which is expected to give the film a boost of around 20%.



  • lol….the highest paid actress …3 national awards winner …self made superstar ……opening 4 cr on holiday. ..a big lol….This kangana deserves this …she think herself amir khan …my foot. ….she got two successful movies queen and twmr due to directors and started thinking herself a superstar. …lol….

  • Even sonakshi gave 5cr + opening solo, and our queen is giving less than 5 cr with shahid ,said and VB
    If this would have been solo Kangana film ,opening would be in lakhs… Lol

  • Bhaag Shaahid bhaag. stop acting and do some other business. useless guy. after 15 years in industry still worse than a new comer.

  • @maratha no bro .u r wrong even black magic cannot make this disaster a hit …come on kangana use ur black powers ..it is so disastrous tat even if it was released on edx and Republic or independence day combined still it will not move an inch from disaster status. Kanganas black magic expiry date is over now.she will not be able to use it further….

  • I mean who would watch two flop actors in big screen that too directed by vishal bharadwaj.families will completely skip this n may watch jolly llb2 instead or may be ghazi.

  • Rangoon is a big disaster.. the film is washout today
    shahid hasn’t learnt anything from Shaandar disaster

    he is going to sign one more niche (crap) film

  • Loser Shahid Kapoor can’t get movies to even open at 25%, and some of his insane fans compare him to Ranbir and Varun.

  • “Hritik ka Kabir fan”, this is not the language you use against ladies. I understand that you may be upset with her since you are Hritik fan but you need to be decent.
    I would appeal to Indicine to please check the foul languages.

    About the movie, I watched it & its pretty decent with all 3 lead actors performing extremely well. It’s not a mass appeal movie but vishal Bharadwaj fans will like it

  • Budget Budget Budget.
    Jo sabse jyada important hai av k time mai
    Jab aap commercial cinema banate hi nhi ho
    toh itna bada budget kyun ??
    Big budget movie should be commercial
    Or Rangoon ka budget 15 crore se upar nhi hona chahiye tha kyunki yeh art cinema hai

  • Rangoon is biggest disappointment of the year because of budget
    If Rangoon made on small budget than it makes money for each and everyone
    Aisa cinema maximum 15 crore ke budget mai ban jana chahiye
    Saif Ali Khan aur shahid kapoor ko fees dene ki zaroorat hi Kya hai ??
    Dono ko acha kaam toh milta h nhi or agar acha kaam mil jae toh fees ki kya zaroorat hai
    Dono actors ko free in cost mai kaam karna chahiye
    Kangana ko media mai itna nhi bolna chahiye

  • first of all kangana Ranaut should be thrown out of this industry.her attitude and arrogance and disrespecting the senior is way far in media during interviews.
    cannot be a aamir khan by giving 2 blockbuster.
    ok kangana. go to hell

  • I don’t know what vishal bharadwaaj thinks of himself with such a huge budget he is making art cinema is he crazy…the distributers must be crying now i feel bad for them.

  • Very harsh on Kangna, why people abusing her? she is a talented actress!! queen and TWMR she smashed it come on!!! she cannot go on a roll with successful films she will taste failures but she will come back with a bang that’s how she works!!!

  • @ Indicine, an ar$ehole user comes and calls an acclaimed actress a bitch and you allow that post? Shame on you!

    Abey, hrithik ke chutiye fan, a woman like Kangana doesn’t need support of family or industry to succeed. She is a self made woman. Whatever she has earned she has done with her own hard work. She doesn’t need to cuddle up to any superstar to get her films.

    If her movie flops it will not shake her, and she will not resort to hyping and faking collections unlike a few superstars in the industry did recently.

    She does what she believes. She will not kick out or cheat her spouse on their back and then pose pics to PR showing how caring she is to her children and spouse.

    Idiot, you are nothing but a retarted useless piece of $hit who doesn’t know what is true and what is fake.

    Shame on you and shame on your parents for bringing a jackass like you in this world……it is a pity that your mom didn’t instill any respect for her own kind but filled your mind with such dirt.

  • Also, how twisted are minds of the visitors of this site who are giving such trash comments more likes, shame on them and their whole generation. Losers.

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