Rangoon Movie Review

Vishal Bhardwaj is one of the most critically acclaimed filmmakers in the industry. He doesn’t have a big commercial hit to his credit, but more often than not his films have won over the critics. His last film with Shahid, Haider, was acclaimed in all quarters and did fairly well at the box office window too. Saif’s last movie with Vishal, Omkara, gave him one of his most memorable characters. And when both of those actors star in another Vishal Bhardwaj movie with none other than Kangana Ranaut as the leading lady, expectations are sure to be raised. Does Rangoon deliver?

Story: It is the early 40s and the World War II is on in full swing. Married Parsi billionaire producer Russi Billimoria (Saif Ali Khan) is having an illicit affair with the No.1 heroine of the time Miss Julia (Kangana). As his allegiance to the Brits, Russi decides to send Julia to the Indo-Barma border to cheer up the Indian soldiers fighting for the Brits. There she is given an escort Jamadar Malik (Shahid) for her protection. Things get interesting when Julia and Malik fall in love. Rangoon is a love triangle with the world war II at its backdrop and the struggles of Netaji’s Indian National Army also play a part here.

Vishal Bharadwaj is a master of set-pieces and here he orchestrates his action scenes and his song and dance routines as theatrically as possible. The ensuing drama from the theatrical style of storytelling is what keeps ticking the story forward. Even though the proceedings are a little slow in the first half due to the world buildup, the second half becomes all about plot. The mixture of the two halves don’t quite balance as well as it could have. Some important matters are handled rather shoddily to make way for the love triangle, but it doesn’t go against the movie as the love triangle is the main attraction. It could have done better with a more pruned duration, as the film feels too long.

Rangoon is an authentic period movie, which does ample justice to the time period it is set in. It ebbs and flows in the valleys of scenic Arunachal Pradesh. It is good to see Bollywood finally discovering the beauty of the North East of India. The production design and set design are of world class quality, and so is the costume design. The editing is a bit lazy but that can be attributed to the narrative decision making. The songs of Rangoon aren’t quite as peppy as Vishal’s previous compositions. They work well in the movie and for the given sequences, but don’t have any meat in them that you listen to them after watching the movie.

Acting: All the 3 main actors of Rangoon put in commendable performances but there’s only one person who steals the show and that is Kangana Ranaut. She’s a firecracker while also maintaining an innocence about her. She’s in top top form in Rangoon as Julia. Shahid Kapoor gives a solid performance too. He’s charming as Malik, and there’s a sense of surety creeping up in his performances these days, which can only help him in the future. Saif Ali Khan has the most difficult character in the movie and he does justice to it, more or less. That he is a good actor is well known, but he becomes a different breed of actor in a Vishal Bhardwaj set.

Conclusion: Rangoon is a film that should be applauded more for its intentions rather than its execution. The love triangle, which is the basic plot device of the movie, doesn’t overpower the other proceedings in the movie. Yes, more time should have been delved in the freedom struggle movement. Eventually, Rangoon delivers a crisp second half which almost negates the slow first half of world building. Lovers of serious cinema who want a bit of meat in their movies, should definitely check out Rangoon because movies of this sort are few and far in between. If entertainment is what you seek out of films, then Rangoon isn’t for you.


  • Kangana’s boisterous performances
  • The two male leads do well too
  • The production design, set design and costume design bring alive the time period


  • The first half is very slow as it is about world building
  • The love triangle portions don’t quite create as much magic as they should have
  • The music is disappointing
Rating: ★★½☆☆


  • Another Flopbuster for Megastar cum Feminism leader Kangana
    Femal Stars current ranking IMO
    1 Deepika
    2 Anushka (Very close to Deepika right now)
    3 Alia
    4 Priyanka ( needs to sign films ASAP)
    5 Kangana
    6 Shraddha( should enter top5 post Half GF)
    7 Sonam

  • This sounds like a disaster, looking very difficult to recover cost. Was expecting more than a love triangle from a Bhardwaj’s movie

  • As I said it will give tough competition to Bombay Velvet….
    Opening is disastrous ,many shows r cancelled due to no audience and neither reviews r good like haider…..
    Its a Washout even god can’t save it neither Nangana’s black magic lol…..
    But genuinely sad for Shahid he is really a Talented actor but made Poor choices .

  • “should be applauded more for its intentions”

    Every director/actor intends to make his/her movie a masterpiece. Even ashutosh intended to make MJD masterpiece. What happened to you INDICINE?

    Execution will be aplauded not intentions.

  • Haider 3 years back with the same director same genre against a clash wid a biggie opened way better than it…..
    Stardom of Queen 😂😂
    Many people and family avoid this movie just coz of feminist queen kangana…. Neither youth is interested in watching her nude lol….

  • now jolly llb 2 can easliy pass rowdy rathore collections yesterday i got very high dislikes for this comment hope today after rangoons flop review i can get more likes

  • I will watch it …. I like all three stars as they are enticing in acting department.
    I also like DARK thrillers.

  • @Indicine You have not seen the movie with runtime of 167 minutes and instead, you got to see the movie after editing 20 mins of its actual runtime. We can make out by the review which you have posted. So stop acting like you have resources and database, if you really had what you boast, then you would have seen the director’s cut.

  • Rangoon has all the magic to rewrite box office history as it will dispel and dethrone rvg ki Aag or bombay velvet to become the epic disaster. In fact it’s director visual boardwaaj was invited today morning by BBC news and Hollywood tat how a film can be so crap . They will check the mind of visual tat whether his mind was sound enough will making faangoon. This movie is so effective tat it has set the benchmark for all the coming crap disasters. .it is so disastrous..

  • Seriously after watching Langooon I can say tat vishal bhardwaj has outperformed himself by making his most cheapest film ever.also kangana has given her most wahiyaat performance which can give most crappy performances by any bollywood actress.. next yr Langooon will be rewarded by many garbage awards….kudos to u kangana ….get ready to receive padma vibhushan award from Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. For langooon.

  • Only kangana can give such a timeless classical movie like langooon .I was delighted thrilled and I feel honoured to see such a movie which has all elements to take kangana to new heights….Congo kangana .U rightfully deserve all the upcoming accolades which will come ur way shortly …..

  • A very good film, I enjoyed watching it, my friend too loved it.. was amazed with the production design.. cinematography, music and dance, performance, story.. all were so good.. there was a slow phase in the second half for 15 minutes.. but allover is a good film and much better than my expectations from the trailer..
    it deserves to be a hit film.. best point about this film is that it is unpredictable.. while watching though out thought the following: the end would be this and that.. but I was wrong.. didn’t expect the end!! go for it.. watch it.. and don’t care about ppl’s opinion if they did not like it.

  • indicine can read their own review and hang their head in shame . I have always maintained that indicine wants to bring people to the cinema by hook or by crook .. by praising giving good rating and trying all its might and sometimes by promoting also
    They want to make a place between the glitterati but sadly their moves are picked by me and now I am the biggest threat to movie industry even bigger than KRK!!!

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