Ranbir Kapoor’s look in Bombay Velvet

Here is a glimpse into Ranbir Kapoor’s look in Anurag Kashyap’s upcoming film ‘Bombay Velvet’, which finally has a confirmed release date in November 28 2014.

Sources say, Bombay Velvet is Kashyap’s first attempt at making a commercial entertainer. He has also cast Karan Johar to play a gay villain in the film.

Ranbir’s look is unlike what we have seen in any of his films so far, and its strikingly different because the film is set in the 1960s.

Check out the photos and tell us what you think of Ranbir Kapoor’s look in Bombay Velvet.

Ranbir Kapoor's Bombay Velvet look

Ranbir Kapoor’s Bombay Velvet look

Ranbir Kapoor on the sets of Bombay Velvet

Ranbir Kapoor on the sets of Bombay Velvet



  • He is looking funnier than Aamir in Doom3. Real joker.
    PK and BV will clash, and for the first time in history of clashes both movies will become disasters.
    PK= 80 crore
    BV= 50 crore lifetime.

  • Aamir should devote 1 episode to the unexplainable behaviour of his short heighted fans like Navin, sachin11, true fan, sky or space or whatever.
    He should provide a reasonable solution to these fans short height and the nihilism caused by them.
    Maybe provide a lifetime supply of complan of them and finally increase their height by 2-3 milimeters.

  • Ranbir may take away all awards next year for BV. .btw,cann’t wait for bv. . .kjo is playing a gay villian? ! ! Didn’t know about dat. .

  • Ranbir Kapoor is a very talented actor and surely a future superstar…
    But i have seen many comments praising RK have been disliked hugely here on indicine by SRK and Sallu fans.
    They do this just bcoz RK used a spoof of Tujhe dekha in Besharam and also used the term Chulbul,but why so much hatred towards him,those scenes were just meant for humour,or either SRK,SK fans feel danger from RK coz he is the one who can overtake their superstar.

  • BV will be a success but how big or small lets too be seen but its definitely way bigger than Intelligence of @loki who even not aware that BV and P.k. Clash has been averted. P.k. Will come on 19th dec while BV on 28th nov. My sincere advice join complan club or if you have any problem with complan boy than can introduce your own Loki club. I think its better suggestion than you given to aamir and his fans. @babaji its not about mockery of ddlj or Dabangg, srk fans hurted because His YJHD collected 300cr plus earlier than Srk, so the kind of trolling they got on social and bollywood related site made them against Ranbir while some Salman fans not liked him as their usual reason,some like me Like him while some other because he did Beshram with Abhinav kashyap who refused Salman’s Dabangg 2. Those scenes mockery is the reason to show hater towards him but it just excuse the real reason is something else.

  • @babaji, you can blame srk fans disliking posts of Ranbir, as they are the ones swarming the internet, while most Salman fans do like Ranbir, and the only one they hate is SRK.

    I may be wrong by a margin of 1%, but am 99% sure. lol.

  • @Loki first of all put on your spectacles and lungi and read properly.BV is releasing on 28th nov and PK on 19th dec so there is no clash or does according to u 20 days gap in between 2 movies is known as clash ? lol

  • @Loki, hahahaha good one. Everybody know that Sachin11 is a April Fool. The 11 stands for the number of his IQ. LoL.

  • indeed ranbir is big threat to khans he is young brigade commander along with ranveer singh..arjunkapoor..varun dhawan sid malhotra..aditya roy kapoor..aushman khuranna and alll new batch of actors

  • Akshay hritik fans are disliking the comment because is already overtaken these 2 superstar. His besharam open far bigger than akshays all movies.
    @ Babaji keep away your hatred towards khans.
    @jc all srk fans like ranbeer. It’s only Sallu fan who hates ranbeer because he ….. his gf Katrina.
    There is a limit to hate srk.

  • What khans khans khans? ?stop overrating them. .ranbir is a gud actor,but overrated.many site place him over hro. .GROW UP .

  • I think Ranveer singh, Ranbir kapoor, Varun dhawan, Sid, Arjun, Aditya they all are very fablous actors.

    In which ranveer singh is like virat kohli of indian team
    He is damn good.

  • @baba ji ka thullu
    I am a SRK fan and I respect ranbir because he is one of the most talented actor of our generations,Besharam failed because of content and negative reviews,it’s not the fault of SRK and Salman fans. I believe that Bombay velvet will be one of the best films of 2014.After 2014 I believe he will come in the league of Khans.
    As for @Jc not everyone is dump as you think they are, Salman fans like you don’t appreciate talent otherwise you wouldn’t be Salman fan,Ranbir kapoor is more of an actor in his first three years than Salman khan in his entire acting career.
    As for @sky I agree some of SRK fans started hating ranbir because after the success of YJHD,Salman fans started saying ranbir is a bigger star than Srk,But in reality None of us really hate Ranbir.Talent is always appreciated, That’s the reason I have watched every movie of Aamir post tare Zameen par but I must be honest I didn’t liked Dhoom 3.For me Talent is the most important thing that’s why my favourite costars are SRK,Ranbir and I also like and respect both Aamir and Hrithik.
    This year my prediction for best films are Peekay and Bombay Velvet.

  • Karan Johar is playing the character of a gay villian?? woow iam surpirised really.thanks Anurag for choosing mr Karan.

  • @anile your IQ is clearly a single digit for you fail to realise what the ’11’ in “sachin11” stands for. Basically in a cricket match- there is one side has 11 lungiwalas up against one side who just have Captain “sachin11”- “sachin11” is more than capable of knocking the stumps outta ground of the entire team for no score n in one swing of his bat will knock the winning solitary run off….! He is a cricket team all to himself and if you dont know then just ask how he knocked ‘xrate’, ‘star’, ‘king’ and the biggest goof of them all “beinglungifan” for huge sixes outta Wankhede Stadium. Even til this day their balls have still not been retrieved and noone has seen those losers to this day also, thank god for that….!

    “sachin11” rocks on his own without needing any back up but occasionally I like to field in for him as 12th man n run out afew of you lungiwalas just for a laugh…!

  • Ranbir has over taken hro? ?wtf! This is the reasn y i have started hating ranbir. .he used to be my 3rd fav. .nw hez dammmn overrated.

  • Finally, Anurag has changed the released the date because of the fear of Raju-Amir jodi! Good job!! The looks doesn’t seem interesting. My opinion, honestly!

  • @nipun,grow up didn’t you feel any shame when you compared junior actor hr with KING SRK?now why for shame when ranbir who is more successful than hr in reality with out the help of his papa.ranbir is the next ruler after KING SRK.also hr is a weaker actor than ranbir.this might the reason that all placed him above hr.yeah you could compare him with big papa’s boy amir/salman who has lack of stardom also acting.while akshay/ajay are garbage superstars.they don’t care about their flops/averages,similarly people also don’t care about their presence in bollywood.in current scenario,ranbir already overtaken stars like akshay/ajay/amir.while he is very close to hr,so hr needs to give more hits with out his papa,otherwise after 1-2 year definitely we’ll found ranbir ahead of hr.you hr fans are so insecure that you’re fearing of also priyanka’s mary com.what a shame.just learn something from KING KHAN how he gave ATBB by blown 3films even with least screen.while a single film of ranveer stopped the business of high profile film k3.all credit goes to KING KHAN for delivering such VFX,then also it couldn’t surpass ranbir’s YJHD.what a shame!

  • Ranbir is overrated but he is above your Hrithik.
    Ranbir doesnt need his father to give blockbuster. Also he does not shiver while acting.

  • I fan should be genuine.not blind like pagalpurianz like @sss n @loki. Look at their crappy comment.they are blaming hro for acting.! But they r proud of srk’s overacting which he did in 80% of his films. Lol. .pagalpurians, GET SOME LIFE!

  • @indicine what’s wrong with you.You allow someone to call Akshay sir a garbage superstar and you posted those comments.Your site is losing its integrity.And if Akshay sir is a garbage superstar,then srk is not even a superstar but a midget star

  • @aeyyy stop whining. Even you abuse srk and other stars. Learn to accept truth. Dont try to post garbage otherwise Akki will be called a garbage star.

  • @nipun I was quiet for sometime as you stayed in your limits and stop insulting Srk. But now again you started. I am 100% rite about Hrithik. Seems Susanne didnt taught Hrithik and you a lesson enough. Lol

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