Ranbir Kapoor on CineBlitz

Actor Ranbir Kapoor is featured on the cover of CineBlitz for the month of January 2014. The magazine calls Ranbir, Aamir Khan and Deepika Padukone the ‘game changers’ of the year that has gone by. 

Ranbir Kapoor CineBlitz Magazine Cover

Ranbir Kapoor CineBlitz Magazine Cover



  • Ranbir is by far the biggest superstar of Bollywood.
    In 2014 he is doing the international film “Bombay Velvet” which will make him a global star. It is possible it can go to Oscars.
    Many people will laugh at this but prepared to be shocked at the international response to Bombay Velvet which is sure to boost Ranbir Kapoor into unbelievable stardom.

  • happy new year is totally copied from a 1987 hollywood film of the same name starring peter falk in lead role. the story is of a bunch of robbers who plan a grand robbery on 31st december. oh wow another plagiarised movie to the never ending list of mr. overrated srk!

    oh come on srk fans, bring it on, who wants to argue ?? come on you mentally sick zombies !!!!

    #copy khan ce was worst film in last decade but happy new year will beat that by being more worser than that.

    atleast ranbir is better than him.

  • looking really bad.. This kid tries to be handsome and cool when he is not. Fake. An overrated media created star.

  • RANBIR is the BEST ACTOR in the country today…He will be the biggest SUPERSTAR of INDIA by the end of 2014

  • @Sumeet the only one sounding like a mentally sick zombie is you. You’re bringing up SRK and his movies in a comments section of an article that has nothing to do with SRK or his movies. so who’s mentally messed up now?
    and that much hate that you harbour in your heart for SRk and his movies can’t be good for your health. you can keep hating him and no matter how much you hate him, it won’t take away from his universal stardom and the dollars in his bank account.

  • This 1 Old Pic Of Ranbir. But He Looks Good.

    @G.One Your King Kong Is Shivering With All The Pain. High On Painkillers & Took On Beard Look To Hide His Ugly Face. Be Ready For Diwali Disaster.

  • ranbir is good but sticking with kat causing negativity around him i think ranveer wil lead new gen next but i think ranbir,ranveer and sid all r better thn hritik..

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