Dabboo Ratnani 2014 Calendar: Teaser with 24 top celebs!

Dabboo Ratnani has released a teaser video featuring all the celebrities who will be gracing the 15th anniversary special calendar for 2014. 12 of the top male and female celebrities from the industry have already shot for the calendar.

Male Actors in Dabboo Ratnani’s 2014 Calendar

  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • Salman Khan
  • Shahrukh Khan
  • Hrithik Roshan
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Sidharth Malhotra
  • Abhishek Bachchan
  • Arjun Rampal
  • Ranbir Kapoor
  • Ajay Devgan
  • Varun Dhawan
  • Farhan Akhtar

Female Actresses in Dabboo Ratnani’s 2014 Calendar

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
  • Kareena Kapoor
  • Katrina Kaif
  • Priyanka Chopra
  • Deepika Padukone
  • Alia Bhatt
  • Anushka Sharma
  • Vidya Balan
  • Bipasha Basu
  • Kajol
  • Parineeti Chopra
  • Sonakshi Sinha

Pictures from the 15th anniversary calendar and a lot more will be published right her on Indicine. Stay tuned!



  • 2013 has been a great year for bollywood because in this year,bollywood not only could find quality movies like Lunchbox,BMB,lootera­ ,s26 etc,but also could see 3 all time highest grossers in the same year viz. CE,K3 and D3.
    In this year,the movies i liked most are
    3.Krrish 3
    5.Madras cafe
    also i liked special 26 and ramleela.lunchbox,ka­i poche are also critically acclaimed movies.but i couldn’t watch them.
    About 5 blockbusters of the year,krrish 3 is ahead of others in terms of quality followed by dhoom3 .but dhoom 3 is more a revenge 3 rather than dhoom 3.
    Other BBs like ashiqui 2,CE,YJHD were overrated movies.

  • @Nipun CE was not overrated buffoon.
    Krrish 3 was overrated. It was more Cartoon 3 than Krrish 3.
    Hrithik was the most overrated actor if 2013.

  • # Fact…As far as quality is concerned D3 is way better den K3.. .. and yes my name is inspired from K3 collections :p

  • @nipun. ya correct. and not to forget 60 CRORES plus manipulation done. wow. first time in the history of Indian cinema. lolz.

  • @nipun alcoholic- Rohit 3 is not ahead of Dhoom 3 in terms of quality- take your rose tainted specs off you drunk…. But however if you were to think logically using some common sense rationale then you would clearly see that Rohit 3 is ahead of Toonpur Ka Superhero in terms of animation….

    Anyway great calendar but I cant say its the best as I have no iota of knowledge on the previous 14 but nice to see our Sarkar of Paglapur -Mr Thakur of Chennai looking so young and fresh minus the 48 wrinkles…! Good job Dabboo and if for not anything else then just for making buddha look younger than Khiladi bhaiya deserves a special mention…

  • @geevan + noname Hey losers you get a LIKE from me but only bcoz I despise that kiddie mask wearing drunk ‘nipun alcoholic’ more than you two….

    @nipun alcoholic Now empty out the contents of your ‘lunchbox’ and cry the rest of your afternoon away….

  • @ Indicine,

    This is an appeal.

    You have supported K3 collections given by Producers. Great.

    I too supported it.

    However, in the light of D3 collections, I have a query.

    While supporting K3 figures, you said since the screen size (numbers) were more, hence, somes sites could not get the whole data, hence they were under-reporting. As it was possible, that the remote locations theatres (screens) collections were not taken.

    Now, when D3 has released, it has released in more screens than K3.

    So, how come the figures from producers and other sites are now almost similar, with only a marginal difference?

    Did the mechanism to count the collections from all theatres have suddenly improved, or were the producers of K3 really manipulating?

    I guess your answer to this will remove all the controversy on this site.

    • @JC, if producers can manipulate figures, so can the ‘website’ that you’re talking about. When a film breaks records, it gets free publicity which results in increased revenue. At the same time, the controversy around the figures of Krrish 3 has also gotten the ‘website’ a lot of publicity too.

      We are not too sure if Krrish 3 has broken all records, but its business certainly isn’t in the 175 – 180 crore range.

  • @g.one:k3 is being considered as best indian superhero film.
    @Fake:just like ur name,ur comments are fake. Nt only me critics like rajeev masand and toi gave better ratings to k3 than d3. And d2 was even better than revenge 3.
    @noam:yes,in the bollywud history,for the first time boi underreported figures of 60 crs.

  • happy new year is totally copied from a 1987 hollywood film of the same name starring peter falk in lead role. the story is of a bunch of robbers who plan a grand robbery on 31st december. oh wow another plagiarised movie to the never ending list of mr. overrated srk!

    oh come on srk fans, bring it on, who wants to argue ?? come on you mentally sick zombies !!!!

    #copy khan ce was worst film in last decade but happy new year will beat that by being more worser than that.

  • @indicine why u always write srk name after salman khan u don’t know after amitabh bachchan he is super star so srk personality is more than salman and why u write amitabh bachchan first because u know amitabh bachchan is biggest and he is shahensha of bollywood so srk is also Badsha of bollywood

  • @jc:BOI has underreported k3’s figure. Even SRK knows that ce’s record was broken by d3? ?
    Can u imagine that ramleela had better weekend than k3? ?
    Boi told in first day,occupancy was 70 to 80 % .then it decresed in evening. Than only 18 crores in 4200 screens ?and 15 crores in 2nd day ? ?

  • now indicine also not sure about k3 collection. I think k3 collection around 195-205cr all version still a bb.

  • @g.one
    Now indicine has confirmed that K3’s business is greater than 175-180crs…
    Now u can cry whole of ur life…k3 rocks!!!!
    Can’t u loosers just think a bit,if a very average film like yjhd can gross 188crs,then how come k3 is collecting less than it despite a such wide release,high buzz,sequel factor…

  • @nipun
    All the movies u mentioned are gr8 for me,except The lunchbox…got a headache after watching it …it was very boring indeed..
    If u get time then,do watch it,it is only 1hr 30 min. movie and then tell ur reaction.

  • @INDICINE TEAM,why you wrote SRK ‘s name after salman.although SRK is the biggest star of bollywood.are you prefers recent blockbusters rather than contribution to bollywood.SRK extends the bollywood cinema outside India.and you put his name after salman.no doubt amitabhji at 1st,but please make correction and put SRK ‘s name in 2nd place.it’s a request.

  • @nipun who cares about rajeev masand he gave matru ki bijli ka mandola 4star is it a quality movie also he gave 3.5 stars to shuddh desi romance is it a quality movie rajiv masand is overrated critic. rajasen rediff critic gave k3 1star also another critic paloma sharma gave 0stars. what a shame k3 is not a critical aclaim film.as for toi they are paid critics like taran adarsh.

  • @indicine, not just a website, lot of trade analysts said krrish 3 did not become the highest grosser. according to girish johar, hindi version of krrish 3 is around 185 cr. that makes krrish 3’s grand total around 195 cr. however the point is roshan’s fudge krrish 3’s figures big time. papa roshan sure lost his respect.

  • @jc.. U asked wot I was goin to ask…
    Indicine u shd too clear ur stand against k3 collections.. Um not tellin its fake or wat.. But its not good foh our film industry.. Collections shd b transparent

  • whatever, 2013 was great without salman khan’s movie. But bhai is all set to torure us again. The sale of crocin is expected to double after 24.1.2014. bhai rox!!

  • @prince
    Raja sen is a stupid who does’nt like any movies,he also gave D3,1.5 stars….
    Krrish 3 is a better movie than D3 for me..

  • indicine your answer is not satisfactory only k3 is the movie from which one site have to get advantage of publicity????i know that site was not 100 percent accurate but there must be a difference of 5 to 6 percent but how can someone accept the difference of 20 per between independent sources and producer figure krish 3 fig must be in the range of 190 to 195 crrs and please show some guts and take stand on this issue please and by the way can you answer me about the hidden distributor share of krishh 3 ??????????????

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