Ranbir Kapoor can do any film, he is that good: Aamir Khan

Ranbir Kapoor’s last release ’Bombay Velvet’ is the biggest disaster of all time, but Aamir Khan has said the actor will make a strong comeback because of his phenomenal talent.

Aamir also said that all actors go through failures in their career and he would watch ‘Bombay Velvet’ even though it didn’t work.

“I haven’t seen ‘Bombay Velvet’. But when a film doesn’t work, I feel bad because a lot of effort is put into it. It is saddening to see so much of talent, emotions and efforts haven’t worked. Though the film hasn’t fared well at the box office, I will watch it. All the actors go through failures once. Even I have gone through this. We should learn from it and come out” Aamir said.

Ranbir had recently said he would be willing to do ‘PK 2’ for free if Raju Hirani offered the role to him.

The interviewer asked Aamir if he thinks Ranbir can replace him in the sequel, to which the superstar said “Ranbir is a fantastic actor. He can do any film, he is that good”

Aamir and Ranbir have previously shared screen-space in Rajkumar Hirani’s PK, where Ranbir was seen in a short cameo towards the end of the film.



  • Thats half correct, Ranbir is not versatile actor but yes he is fantastic acting talent, there is no room that he can make masses to gaga over but classes loves him.
    @akshay fan club.so as per your theory non holiday decides who is bigger star.
    1. Ranbir Kapoor (yjhd)- 180cr
    2. Hrithik Roshan- Bang Bang 141 cr
    3. Ajay devgn – Singham returns – 139cr
    4. Akki- 133cr RR
    5. Salman – Ready 121 cr.
    6. Arjun Kapoor- 102cr 2 states
    7. Sid Malhotra- ek villain 97cr
    8. Aamir khan – Talassh 93cr
    9. Varun Dhawan- 75cr HSKD
    10. SRk – 72cr MNIK

    You said you not include Sid,varun etc but why you dont see Ranbir,hr,ajay. Ranbir is not newcomer he has 8 year long career.
    There is huge debate on Indicine who is better akki or rk but you proved Ranbir>>>Akki. Lol

    Moral is oversmartness kills.

    Now look festive releases.
    Aamir – 337 cr PK
    Salman – 213 cr kick
    Srk- 208cr CE
    Hrithik- 190 K3
    Ajay – 108cr Golmaal 3
    Akshay – 63cr Tess Maar khan

    That’s the reason enough why trade bet khans and hrihik for holiday release than akki.Akki performed better on non holiday rather than holiday release.Srk who us down as per your ranking collected more in non holiday than akki cristmas release TMK.Don’t TRy to manipulate facts.
    Moreover RR,yjhd,ready were post IPL releases, since 2010 rockstar to yjhd all post IPL release were blockbusters which trend broken by akki hit Holiday, now Tanu weds many which is post IPL releases (having weekend on IPL) also llooking a blockbusters while akki failed to achieve that in 2014.

  • @ Akshay fanclub :
    SRK’s non-holiday release , offbeat film (MNIK) made 72 crores , while Akki’s Christmas release , masala-film (TMK) made 67 crore !
    Akki’s 2015 masala-film GIB fails to beat 7-year-old RNBDJ !
    Akki’s acclaimed film BABY fails to beat so-called ‘crap’ RA-ONE !

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