Ranbir Kapoor beats cousin Kareena

Ranbir Kapoor’s deaf and mute character in “Barfi!” seems to be giving cousin Kareena Kapoor’s glamorous avatar in “Heroine” a run for her money!

The sweet and simple love story of a mute and deaf boy in “Barfi!” seems to have touched the heartstrings of viewers who are still flocking theatres to savour the unconventional romantic flavour. On the other hand, “Heroine”, with an overdose of glitz, doesn’t seem to have the same effect on the moviegoers.

It is obvious from the fact that the Rs.30 crore-“Barfi!”, released Sep 14, has raked in Rs 82.05 crore net at the domestic box-office, while “Heroine”, which released a week later, has garnered just Rs 32 crore. Made at a budget of Rs 20 crore, it has recovered the cost, but is not as big a success as “Barfi!”.

Both the films have been produced and distributed by Disney UTV.

“‘Barfi’ is performing exceedingly well across all international markets. The movie is resonating with audience and such sustenance across second weekend and weekdays is rare to see in recent times! Exhibitors all across have retained a good number of shows despite new releases,” Amrita Pandey, executive director – syndication, international distribution, Studios, Disney UTV, said in a statement.

“Barfi!” is India’s official entry to the prestigious Academy Awards in Best Foreign Language Film.

Gaurav Verma, director, India Theatrical Distribution, Studios, Disney UTV, says that it is like “icing on the cake”.

“The second weekend saw more and more people coming in for the film and seeing the response we are in talks with exhibitors to add more screens for ‘Barfi!'” he added.

As far as the international markets are concerned “Barfi!” seems to be ruling the roost there too. It has earned $4.82 million, while “Heroine” collection is $1.75 million as of Tuesday.

But Pandey claims that none of the female-centric films in recent years have received a response as good as “Heroine”.

She said “Heroine” had a “phenomenal opening in all major international markets”!

“This was a highly anticipated movie and our marketing push has helped pull in massive crowds to theatres,” she added.



  • Barfi is a Shameless Rip off of all the Classics all over the world. This movie should be banned. Nothing Original. Shame !

  • Ranbhir, is by far the best actor in this country…he dares do different and challenging roles compared to Salman, SRK and others who are doing repetitive roles. Unfortunately most indians crave for mediocre movies with a lot of songs, sex, fights, etc. Can somebody tell me what’s great with movies like Dabaang, Ek Tha Tigers, Main Hoon Na which apparently became big hits? Indian taste…?????

  • @imitating charlie chaplin is not acting, barfi is just cocktail of hollywood classics indian cinema seen better films thn barfi! &iqbal far better movie thn copycat barfi.

  • @sunny ayushman khurana,sheryas talpade r better thn copycat ranbir,simply becoz he is star kid he is gettin extra mileage thn others

  • happy b’day ranbir have a wonderful b’day ahead…………….guys its ranbir’s b’day today pls wish him with good wishes

  • Barfii is one of the best Indian movie ever made…Ranbir is an outstanding actor….Finally we have an actor who is a superstar and doing decent movies with good script…In 2-3 years time – Ranbir will be No.1 star of the country…

  • @sunny i support you.
    barfi is not everyone’s cup of tea!!! this movie is for intelligent moviegoers, not for those who like crape movies like rowdy rathore, bodyguard and all other faltu indian films… oak thuu for those movies. big thumbs up for any classic movie like barfi. ranbir is a complete actor..

  • Whether Barfi is a copy or not. The movie is doing well, and all have appreciated Ranbir’s performance.

    As to being Hollywood copy, what does Hollywood do? I have seen hollywood hits that are complete rip off of hong-kong, japanese etc., movies.

    Hollywood has big money, so their movies are grand. But at the end of the day, one should note that scripts are very scarce and people inspire from different movies, novels etc.,

    It is important that movies appeals to the audience it is targetting, and if the critics along with general public appreciates equally, it is the icing on the cake.

  • I enjoyed every minuit of Barfii and the theatre was packed in New York. Copied or not it was adapted to the Indian environment. Show me one BW movie that is 100% original! All 3 actors are on the roll . Ranbir was priceless and I’ve become a fan looking forward to more movies from him. Happy Birthday Ranbir. Heroine on the other hand was more like a 3rd rate voyeuristic movie. I believe Kareena was miscaast in the movie, She tired very hard but this is not her comfort zone.

  • “..She said “Heroine” had a “phenomenal opening in all major international markets”! ”
    So it’s the international market that matters the most whereas the single screens and multiplexes in our country doesn’t count one bit. This is the reason this movie doesn’t deserve the success. It’s been deemed an Average to Flop already. Moreover Barfi! which is still a copy of other films continues to perform better.

  • u people just cnt accept a gud muvy cn you? how cn u even compare iqbal and barfi? both r of completely dif. genres. as for talkin abt shreyas, neverthless he is a gud actor. he cnt succeed bcoz of hs choices, and ranbir whatever u may say abt him being frm a star family, u cnt deny he’s d most versatile actors in recent tyms nd he’s gettin much deserved bcoz of his choices of workin in varieties of muvys nd dis is widout ne help frm hs family unlike oders(hrithik) and for copyin hollywood films, i would

  • barfi is a good movie but has been over hyped…….and ranbir is by far the most overrated actor……i saw OMG oh my god today,and the movie,IMO, was much much better,and with a much deeper meaning than barfi which was a pretty boring movie IMO(and no i am not a salman infact i hate salman and his crap movies,though ek tha tiger was better than ready,dabangg and bodyguard)…..

  • You got some taste man, ETT was better than Dabanng. What are you smoking?

    Dabanng was brilliant, and ETT is no comparision to that. ETT is good, but Dabanng was way too good.

    Don’t compare barfi and omg, as they are different genre films. A particular section may not like a movie, but in general the movie is accepted by the majority and that is what counts. In this case you are in the minority that hates the film. It happens, not all likes, just like for me Dabangg is way better than ETT.

  • If Oscar’s team didn’t get any better foreign language movie this year which would be better than Barfi.. it may win.. lots of ppl in my country too loved the film.

  • @Sunny,copying Charly Chaplin means mimicry & not acting. I think you are not living in India. I have seen some comments by some foreigners in youtube saying that John Abraham is the best actor in India after watching the film Water.

  • What really got me was the weheatr the aliens weren’t bad, but living in Texas and having had to get in the closet for tornadoes and such just made me realize how freaked out I would be at THAT weheatr. Edge of the seat definently. White knuckles too I think :0.

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