Oh My God Movie Review

Oh My God directed by Umesh Shukla is based on a highly successful Gujrati play named ‘Kanji Virrudh Kanji’ by Bhavesh Mandalia, which was later adapted into Paresh Rawal’s own Hindi play ‘Krishan vs Kanhaiya’.

The film features Paresh Rawal as Kanji Bhai, Akshay Kumar as Lord Krishna, Mithun Chakraborty and Govind Namdeo as godmen.

Story: Oh My God is about Kanji Bhai, a non-believer in god. He owns an antique shop, which also sells idols. He manipulates the faith that people have in god, for his profit. One day, an earthquake hits his town and only his shop gets destroyed. His insurance agency rejects his claim saying ‘it’s an act of god’.

Having lost everything, he takes god to court! But how do you sue someone who you cannot see? He decides to send legal notices to all the high priests and godmen in town. The case catches the attention of the media and also people who have been affected by natural calamities.

So who wins the battle? Kanji Bhai or God? Watch the film to find out.

Oh My God Review

Oh My God is a thought-provoking film that deals with a sensitive subject. In a country that is obsessed with god and various godmen, the film has insightful arguments on age-old beliefs and rituals. In recent times, several godmen have been charged of fraud, but that hasn’t reduced the number of believers. Almost everyday we hear of a new ‘swami’ who is capable of performing miracles and changing lives forever. The film has a simple message for believers in godmen – instead of running around in search of god in temples and various other ashrams, look within, god is within all us.

Sounds preachy? It isn’t. Oh My God is a light-hearted film from start to finish. It is filled with witty dialogues, fabulous performances and well-written characters that make it a fun watch. The courtroom sequences and television chat show (with Kanji Bhai as the guest) are hilarious.

The film has no unnecessary songs (except one item number which goes well with the film). The background music is good. The production values aren’t great, but acceptable for a medium budget film.

As for the negatives, the first half could have been better and put across more convincingly.

Paresh Rawal is brilliant as Kanji Bhai, especially the courtroom scenes where he takes on the lawyers and several highly-influenced godmen. Akshay Kumar does well. The length of his role might disappoint some of his fans. Mithun Chakraborty is fantastic. Govind Namdeo plays his part well. Mahesh Manjrekar as the lawyer is good. Sonakshi Sinha and Prabhu Deva have one well-choreographed song.

Overall, Oh My God was a life-changing experience. The message is simple: be god-loving, not god-fearing. The film is unlikely to be universally accepted, as it deals with a sensitive subject.

Rating: ★★★★½ Highly recommended



  • anybody who don’t like this movie, i think he has dull emotion and a foolish man. Its a great movie and one of greatest in our bollywood. Everybody like it, critics and public thumbs up.

  • Film is really thought provoking with good social morals. Its witty,funny and entertaining and at the same time “thought-inducing” without being too preachy. Paresh rawal(versatile&multi talented) as always excels in whatever roles he does. Superstar Akshay kumar & mithun da are very good in their respective roles. Well supported by other cast, this movie is quite pertinent now-a-days compared to say the ‘masalas’ or ‘romantics’. Overall the movie was excellent for whatever it meant and is a must watch for those who are tired of watching action masalas, romantics or vulgar comedies. This movie is in no way meant to break any boxoffice records, so collections wise it may do above-average to very good business. I hope OMG will be a superhit.

  • If anyone is from other religion and dont like it, then please dont spread hatred against other religions indirectly on the basis of the movie. All religions are great and are to be respected equally.

  • wow.. wow…wow…now what will haters say??????haters were saying that it will be disaster,but sorry haters.better luck next time.congo to the akki fans…

  • It is indeed refreshing. The best part of OMG is that it sticks to a proper storyline with powerfull narrative without compromising on the Entertainment values. It is a film with a message but its definitely not preachy.

    Paresh Rawal is an actor with one of the finest comic timings in the country and addition of Akki only acts as icing on the cake. Akshay, in his sort of extended guest appearance, is pleasing and soothing to eyes. I would really look forward if he manages to bag full fledged roles with such characterisation.

    Last word :- While OMG goes straight into your heart, it never asks you to leave your brains behind in compensation. Watch it with you full family.

  • May OMG be a super hit . .
    Really loved the enlightening performances . .
    Well done Akshay Kumar & Paresh Rawal

  • Weather it is a hit or flop, akki should be proud of producing and acting in a thought provoking religious satire movie. Paresh Rawal is just flawless, what an ace actor. Mithunda was brilliant as the swami. akki played lord krishma quite well. it has comedy, drama and emotion and is educational.


  • 1st week shud b 32+cr.. second wil b 20+cr.. 10crs in third week nd other 8-10crs from ther on means 70+ lifetime nd dats jst gr8…SUPERHIT!!!!!!!!

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