Ramp outside SRK’s house to be demolished next week

SRK Mannat RampThe ramp outside Shahrukh Khan’s house, where he parks his vanity van, will be demolished this week after local residents filed a complaint stating that it blocks the way for commuters on the busy Bandstand road.

On January 29, Mumbai North Central MP Poonam Mahajan, had written a letter to the city’s civic body asking for the demolition of the ramp.

“The residents of the area have for long been complaining about the chaos and traffic build up there due to the ramp. Thus, I have written a letter to Brihamumbai Municipal Corporation Commissioner Sitaram Kunte to demolish that illegal ramp. We need to look at this issue legally and lawfully follow the procedures as we are supposed to do as a government” Mahajan said.

“The ramp is known to be used by the bungalow owner (SRK) to park his private heavy motor vehicle. In view of the safety and convenience of citizens, I request you to undertake demolition of the illegal ramp on cement road” the letter added.



  • I don’t know much about the Ramp but i heard that the ramp was troubling the citizens hence according to me the BMC has taken a right decision to demolish the ramp which was creating unnecessary traffic . Today is my Birthday .

  • They’re only making a big deal out of it because it’s SRK involved. Aren’t there more important things for the media to report on?

  • I have seen that ramp.. It does obstruct the road and traffic.. So good job BMC and Poonam Mahajan.

    @Saksham.. wishing you a very happy birthday. Hope the coming year is great for you and you continue posting comments like you do. I dont think I have missed reading even one comment of yours :) :)

  • No one above the law ..
    By the way indicine post something about shamitab roy badlapur akki next airlift …there are many things in bollywood apart ..srk ..

  • Thank You @ Neeraj and Vignesh . I also hope 2015 turns out to the best year in your life . @ Neeraj I also read your every comment .

  • SRK being SRK won’t mind much about it.. i guess his fans dont need to cry about it as well..

    Happy Birthday Saksham..you are one awesome user here!!!

  • Really inconsiderate of Global
    King to cause his local subjects such discomfort n inconvenience…!

    King is King at home first but our Global King has forgotten all his lungiwaale fans at home- height of vanity…

  • Great decision in demolishing the ramp- it will dent our Kings overblown ego nomatter how small it will still teach him a valuable lesson to being more considerate for the common folk of India…!

  • Our king does not need a ramp to park his van as he has an even bigger ego to park not just one but two vanity vans…!


  • Now this is the power of Srk !!!! Building an illegal Ramp on a public road. Where are you srkians ??? Come on, once more ‘Power of King’ !!!!!!!!!! Lol

  • oopsie doopsie… koi nahi hota hai…bade bade deshon me aisi choti choti baten hoti rehti hain.hehehehe
    bdw many many happy returns of the day saksham

  • (New addition to commentators)

    Just that SRK is involved, it doesnt mean that you all make a big fuss out of it.

    Criminals like Aamir Khan, Salman Khan roam here & there freely but if SRK makes a small ramp, whole world is talking about it!!


  • Nobody has problems with criminals having hit n run,black buck,woman beating,underwirld connection cases.when it comes to KING KHAN,everybody faced so problem,big dramatic publicity of cheapest Indian politicians,nothing else and rikshwala community who are waiting for bhikari bhaijaan becomes too happy.

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