Rambo Rajkumar shooting begins: Shahid – Sonakshi Film

The shooting of Prabhu Deva’s Rambo Rajkumar starring Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha begins today. The action masala film is produced by Sunil Lulla and Viki Rajani.

Asked why they decided to title the film ‘Rambo Rajkumar’, a source close the project says “The film is high on action, comedy and masala. The makers wanted a catchy title that does justice to the genre”

One of the most successful commercial directors in the industry today, Prabhu Deva has directed films like Wanted and Rowdy Rathore.

Rambo Rajkumar will be Shahid’s second film to release in 2013, after Rajkumar Santoshi’s Phata Poster Nikla Hero.

Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Prabhu Deva, Krishika Lulla on sets of Rambo Rajkumar

Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Prabhu Deva, Krishika Lulla on sets of Rambo Rajkumar



  • Shahid Returns!!
    Shahid is a much talented actor than Imran,Arjun kapoor etc. and Prabhudeva will change his fate like he did for SALMAN KHAN by Wanted.

  • Shahid wont be able to pull of an action hero avatar easily but if anyone can help him then it is Prabhu.
    For me shahids films are a painful watch so hope he acts well in this as I like Prabhu as a director.

  • Hmmm….!!! The hit director – Prabu Deva & the hit girl – Sonakshi unites again;but with poor flop Shahid! Let’s see if this will change Shahid’s career.

  • The cast looks so fantastic….in tis film shahid wil prove that he is much more talented than any other guy in bollywood…….N wil b a superb action hero as well… :)

  • You all people such an idiot as if your favourite stars have never given any flops,you jelous people remeber one thing there is a God.

  • This wil b the top grosser film of 2013 as it is predicted earlier.Shahid-Sonaksi 1st time pairing;Prabhudevas superb direction;Shahid in an action hero avatar;etc wil make it a biggest hit ever.it wil b a mass entertainer n wil definitely chnge shahids career,if only ‘ll support him.

  • @Trishna_ I completely disagree with you though you have an opinion. BTW who has predicted that its gonna be the top grosser movie this year ???Are you into astrology :)
    My Answer is- No way,btw It’ll be great if it comes among top ten grossers of this year.Anyway It won’t be there in top 5.

    But yeah my best wishes to you. ( not to him )

  • Hey @Jenny don’t worry I am sure you are better than a fatty or a slimmer Sonakshi :)

    btw jenni jenni jenni….naam bohot achha hai
    I like all jenny like Jennifer Lawrence, J Lo…

  • @Lorie no sweety he isn’t ,I am the best & yeah girls go crazy over me .btw my gf used to be a big shahid fan two years back when we were in 9/10th but now she doesn’t like him.I am sure you will follow her after crossing 16 or may be 18.

  • @Archana you need RR pics,btw It stands for Rowdy Rathore. In case you have not seen it yet !!! Are yaar iski pics kya yeh movie bhi max pe aati hi rahti hai btw maine bhi nahin dekha hai tum bhi mat dekhna ghatiya movie hai.

  • NO @Rajesh bro It won’t, btw I got ur words but the difference is you will see that later this year & I can see that from now.Even if it does I won’t mind(I know it wont) a bit as I am not a hater,I only said it because am very good in predicting collection.

  • @Some1 lets see if it wil be one of the biggest film of the year or not….damn sure ppl will definitely like the film nd shahids acting as well.

  • @Some1 ha ha ha very funny, hey are u a kid & btw how old are u ? I was looking at ur comments here on some articles on other day & those are pretty much sensible comment from a kid/teen compared to others here.btw who is ur fav. actor or are u really a neutral guy.Arey yaar aur yeh Shahid fans ke picche kyoun pade ho aaj…

  • Shahid is the no 1 handsome guy in bollywood. He is much talented than emran and ranbir. Shahid acted very well in kaminey althoug he did’t win filmfare award and ranbir is very lucky he get two great film rockstar and barfi but shahid get poor films like tmk and bc. I wish rambo rajkumar will join 100 cr club as shahid wanted to join the club. And ranbir basaram will be a huge flop as it clash with salman bhai next mental. Shahid is a great dancer as well as actor see kameney first.

  • Don’t wory for shahid kapoor karena as kapur is become kkk and now shahid has no tension. After kameney shahid has not done any g8 film and rk do rockstar and barfi and become more popular than shahid. If He will do brilliant films and i wish all of his films will succed. I wish ppnh will be the 1st solo hit of shahid and rr will be the 1st 100 cr film for shahid kapoor.

  • @Aakash hey I am not a kid but yeah I am a 17 year old teenager.BTW thanx that you read my comments & you appreciated.No I don’t like these stupid fan wars so I don’t indulge on these things.

    No, I don’t have any favourite but I rate them acting wise & admire some like Aamir & Hrithik as they are the best mainstream actor.I also like Abhay Deol and Irrfan as well.But yeah again saying I am not a fan of any particular actor.

    About my taking on shahid fans is actually I was getting bored so I was having a bit fun here.But I really meant whatever I said about its box office collection.I know market has grown up so much but I really don’t see a actor coming from two b2b disaster/flop giving a direct 100 cr movie.Yeah he may have one 100 cr movie in 2014 if his two movie become hit/superhit this year.but in best case this Rambo.Ra can collect upto 60-70 cr not more than that.

  • @Trishna_ yeah sure you watch and enjoy once it comes & let it go all the BO talks.btw I don’t really like these kind of south style masala movie so I won’t go for it.

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