Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag Movie Preview

RGV’s Aag - Movie PosterEvil has no bounds!!! Babban (Amitabh Bachchan) a psychotic, cold-blooded, fiendish man, who believed that he was immortal, was the perfect figure of sadism and cruelty. In short he was more than a human being and had an unrivaled animal instinct in him. He hardly builds up a conversation as no human is worthy to him, but his gaze speaks a lot more than words. He is fond of challenges as he likes to play and kill his victims.

He was a beast to all except for one man, Inspector Narsimha (Mohanlal). He had once detained Babban after which his family except his sister-in law Durga (Sushmita Sen) was gunned down by Babban to gratify his rage. Narsimha’s eyes were never off Babban and now is single minded in finishing off Babban.

To succeed in this deadly adventure, Narsimha takes the help of two small time crooks Heero (Ajay Devgan) and Raj (Prashant Raj). The childhood buddies who aimed at making big business in Mumbai weren’t aware that they were fencing themselves into such a deadly war that had just two options, win or die. Their life of hardship finds peace in love. While Heero falls for tom boyish Ghunghroo (Nisha Kothari), Durga after facing a massive tragedy felt her life blossom as an unspoken bond developed between her and Raj.

The battle which involved revenge, anger and fire had only one way of winning, and that is the death of the other.

Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag will hit the silver screens on 31 August marking the return of the legendry devil Gabbar Singh as Babban Singh. Don’t Miss It…


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  • This movie will suck big time. not sure why Mr. Varma is wasting his talent on putting up the crap. feel sorry for viewers who actually want to watch such crap.

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