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Go Movie Review

Go Introduction: This year Ram Gopal Varma has had quite a few releases and most have disappointed. Is RGV trying to break a record of having the most releases in the year even if the movie is the worst of all that Bollywood has ever seen, is something questionable? His last few flicks have been major disappointments. So is ‘Go’ starring a non-actress Nisha Kothari and newcomer Gautam, engrossing? Read further… Go Story: Go is about a love pair Abhay Narula (Gautam) and Vasundhara Dave (Nisha Kothari). They elope from their homes when their parents oppose their relationship. Just like every other journey this too had its share of good and bad experiences. On their romantic journey they come across a shady Chief Minister Arjun Patil (Ravi Kale) who kills his own Deputy, a goon Ranga (Sherveer Vakil), a rogue cop Nagesh Rao (Kay Kay Menon) and a conman Jagtap Tiwari (Rajpal Yadav). All these characters get involved into a complex situation turning this romantic journey into an action packed entertainer. Go Movie Review: Go is a deteriorated version of RGV’s 2002 flick Road. The plotline is similar; one villain is replaced by three and is packed with some extra action, chases with two people on the run. A hero and heroine fall in love. They elope and come across villains, get challenged by many obstacles which is followed by lots of action and finally come out unscathed. A short plot line is stretched too long and jarringly to such an extent that even burying your face deep into the popcorn tub and further digging it deep into the darkness under your seats is just not sufficient to run away from this all crap movie. I think RGV has developed a strong liking for bad cinema. Manish Srivastava is no doubt one of the worst directors of the RGV camp. What was he thinking when he approved the script? Right from the beginning of the movie to the end, nothing works in the movie and it’s just a tedious and horrendous watch. Direction, script, music, background score all below average. Cinematography is good. Go Performances: Debutant Gautam is just OK as he hams in most parts of the movie. The director has given him all scope to flaunt his muscles and he carries it off well. Nisha Kothari just tries to look hot and sexy in almost non-exsistent clothes through out the movie. I wonder if she even knows the A of acting. Kay Kay Menon must have agreed to play this role in state of unconsciousness. Rajpal Yadav, Ravi Kale and Sherveer Vakil are bad. Indicine Go Verdict: Overall, Go is nothing but a crappy movie. No entertainment value, bad direction and bad performances. This is yet another piece-of-trash from the RGV camp! Stay far away! Rating: 1/2 Star

Kaash – Go

Kaash – Go (2007) Music Director: Prasana Shekhar, Sneha Khanwlkar, Amar Mohile, Dj Aqeel Director: Manish...

‘Go’ to be remade in Tamil and Telugu

‘Go’ produced by RGV and directed by Manish Shrivastava was supposed to be a summer treat. The movie was set for April 2007 release, but due to untold reasons the release got delayed and is now slated for release on September 28. The film stars debutant Gautam Gupta and Nisha Kothari in the lead. Even before the release of the original plans for its remake are in full zoom. When contacted, director Manish Srivastav

Go Movie Promo

Well, Ram Gopal Varma seems to have lined up quiet a number of movie for this years release. ‘Go’ produced...