Rajneeti Box office : Could cross 100 crores!

Rajneeti has been rock steady through the weekdays. The figures are mind-boggling, which just goes to show that the three other biggies this year – Kites, MNIK and Housefull – underperformed at the box office.

With weekend collections touching close to

34 crores, the film directed by Prakash Jha has netted around 17.5 crores on Monday (6.5 crores approx), Tuesday (6 crores approx) and Wednesday (5 crores) taking its 6 day total to more than 50 crores! For a film like Rajneeti, an average of Rs 8 crores per day in Week 1 is simply mind blowing.

Now, with the per day All-India capacity touching close to 18 crores (nett), anything less than 50 crores (nett) for any big release in Week 1 would be considered disappointing.

Can Rajneeti touch or even cross the 100 crore mark? Quite possible, although there is a biggie Raavan (Abhishek – Aishwarya) lined up for release next weekend (18th June). Week 1 collections are expected to be around 55 crores and Week 2 even with a 50% drop could be in the range of 25 – 28 crores.

Verdict: Superhit – Blockbuster



  • @indicine why is housefull consider a underperformer it was the first hit of this year and it had to overcome all of the negative reviews and media reports and still manage to across 70cr in india that’s not underforming mink and kites underperformed get ur facts together before u make statements that’s probabaly no one visits this site no more screw u guys who are always againist akki and no aganist the khans!!!!!!

  • how can u say that the Housefull is under performer, even it has collected the huge amount of 71 crs, and u r still saying it underperformed….while i m agree that MNIK and Kites are under-performed..
    and Housefull has collected 71 crs, instead of getting negative reviews and crashing by critics..
    Critics can’t make themselves a film and they give 1 stars to hit films…
    I think they should learn film making or they should have experience…otherwise they have not right to publish any kind of rubbish about akki’s movies..
    one reason is that for crashing housefull by critics,,,, is due to not releasing movie in press thats why critics are feeling jealousy…..plz tell me members i m right or wrong.

  • Fathiya

    u said ppl loving Raajneeti, so wat ?? its great .. Raajneeti deserves

    ur trying to say ppl shud love ur crap srk movie
    dulha mil gaya – the all time disaster

  • i think rajneeti is the worst politcal movie to be ever made in the history on national and international cinema … all it shows is that we people are so dumb that we attend in thousands to listen to 1 min speeches of our netas .

  • thee best political movie. kat loks too outstanding with arjun . kat looks very beaitiful.
    bheegi si bhaagi si song is too too good

  • dear indicine if they have not been making good films what is there to like ??? yes we liked prince of persia.. yes we loved avatar .. 2012 was too good .. what can i say about 3 idiots ..im willing to buy its blueray copy…i liked all of abhay deols films except the last one i think it was roads .. rock on was good.. karthik calling karthik was also good ..are u satisfied???

    but here ..people only want their fav stars films to be hits..even if they are a blot in the name of cinema ..just because kat and ranbir are in this film the teeniboppers want the film to be a hit ..that is no rationale..similarly srk stars in mnik so its a good film however much he has hammed in the unconvincing story yet u guys find no fault in the portrayal …and it flops

    usuallyy only 2-3 good films are made by bollywood which i like and those that i like are usually universally liked ..sadly what u like immensely are not liked by me and they ultimately flop

  • have u heard the speeches in rajneeti ..they are hilariously one sided all about bhanu pratap and arjunpratap….1 min speeches ..and hordes of people in everyshot..sas if we people are all bekaar log..give me some logic in that???

  • It can be quite frustrating when after a long day’s work you drive 50 minutes in dense Hyderabad traffic to a 70mm theater to watch 19 reels of a film that neither has a head or a tail. Neither is this film inspired from Mahabharata [in fact, it is an insult to compare], nor is it a biographical sketch of the Gandhi family; Rajneeti is a big load of crap directed by Mr. Prakash Jha who thought he can take the audience for a ride— the film is a major disappointment on all counts.

    The first 20 minutes our entire group of 6 were looking at each other and discussing who is related to whom, why, and why are they so pissed of at each other? You finally reconcile that it is all one big messed up family with serious personality issues. Clearly, two groups form and each group wants to be at the seat of power. In order to do this, each group is planning on how to outwit or kill a member of the other group. These killing scenes are alternated by scenes showing one political rally after another. By interval time, I got sick and tired of these rally scenes and people shouting slogans. Show us some story man! Manoj Bajpai and Ajay Devgan are one team while Nana Patekar, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, and Arjun Rampal and the other team. Manoj Bajpai’s father suffers a stroke and instead of making his son the next political heir he makes his own brother [father of Arjun Rampal and Ranbir]. Manoj and Ajay kill the uncle and manage to oust Arjun from the party. Ranbir Kapoor who is currently pursuing doctoral studies abroad suddenly becomes the cold-blooded master mind for brother Arjun and begins to take on the other team. At the end of 19 reels, only Katrina, Ranbir, and Nana are left. Yes, Katrina becomes CM at the end.

    So where is the Mahabharata you ask? Ajay Devgan is the first brother to Arjun and Ranbir, but because his is born unofficially he is set to sail in the river, picked up some a poor family and raised. On knowing the truth and being asked to join his brothers he boldly says that Manoj Bajpai is the one who supported him [Duryodhana types]. Naseerudin Shah is his father who is actually an old political activist; on sleeping with his student he is unable to accept his deed and thus vanishes [from the film]. I fail to understand why such an actor as Naseerudin Shah even accepted such a film [for the money or for the kiss in the rain? I must admit, it was difficult to watch the old Mr. Shah lip lock with a young girl] Nana Patekar is like the faithful family secretary always giving his council.

    In terms of performance, I will rate Manoj Bajpai as the best. His get-up is exactly like that of Mega Star Chiranjeevi from Indra film. Second is Ajay Devgan. The rest all are fine. The scenes which show Katrina in a saree are just one or two and you have already seen them on the posters. The biggest problem with the movie is the bad direction and senseless storyline [if there is one]. Consider the following idiotic scenes of the famous director Mr. Prakash Jha: (i) Ranbir’s firang girl friend Sarah sees Ranbir’s brother’s goons abduct a girl in broad daylight and is shocked. The same girl, the next day tells Katrina who is now married to Arjun Rampal that her husband is such a nice guy (ii) there a total of three pregnancies in the film all of which are an outcome of just one sleep event (iii) Arjun Rampal has pulped a police officer to death and raped and killed a woman, and soon after we have his wife Katrina hug him to say she loves him. The story is devoid of any twist or interesting sub plot that can elevate the film. What we are shown are only violence, killing, suggested rape [i think the theater guy deleted the scene], and political speeches and rallies. All the above mentioned elements are acceptable in a film of this nature provided it has a powerful story.

    You wonder if this film is a about a family feud with political backdrop or a political film with a family feud backdrop? The scenes between Katrina and Ranbir [the love story thread of the film] are slow and lack fizz. One item song is shown, but again only for 2 minutes [or did the theater guy cut this song too?]. Another evidence of senseless direction: on both sides people are dieing, but for some reason when a person dies from Ranbir’s side there is more focus. It appears to me as though the director made a film for 4 hours and the editor had a harrowing time trimming it down to three! What really irritated me is the justifications given by each character for their actions. Yuck! As an aside, the only seeti-maar scene in the entire film is when Shruthi Seth [a Mahila group leader wanting a ticket from Arjun Rampal’s party] walks in dropping her pallu…Otherwise, a film like this has unlimited potential for dialogues and scenes that can get the masses excited.

    None of us [we were 6 in our group] enjoyed the film. Reactions ranged from “what is going on!?!” to “bad”. By the time the film reached the second half in the second half, the folks from the Rs. 30 and Rs. 10 began hurling comments on the screen. I too felt tempted, but controlled myself! I was so bored and vexed. Three hours of laud nonsense, no comic relief, no songs, interesting twists in story…nothing. Prakash Jha has royally screwed up this film. At one point, I was hoping the projector guy at Shanti Cinema 70mm AC, dts [the dts sound was disappointing though this time] would give us all a break and squeeze in a Tere Liye from Prince just for a couple of minutes!

    Do not get carried away by the big posters and all the serious expressions by an impressive star cast. In fact, just this morning I was telling my friend that perhaps Kites is a better watch.At the box office, Rajneeti will do in the range of ‘ok’ to ‘well’ in the first weekend because of those who are curious about the film, but it is bound to drop from Monday. There is no repeat value for the film. Mr. Taran Adarsh has already started giving box office reports supporting this review that the reports are positive, but do not be misled. Nobody will ever watch this film three months from now. It is sad that UTV [who gave us Swades] choose to produce this low grade wannabe political thriller.

    Mr. Inkenti’s Movienomics Verdict: Two Thumbs Down! Rajneeti is undoubtedly a bad film. Simply avoid this film.

    PS–To watch a real political thriller with a family feud watch Prasthanam [Telugu].

  • you know it seems to me that megha had some political rivalry with the makers of the Rajneeti thats why she is leaving no stone unturned to bash the movie,,,,

  • hey megha I am just kidding,,I know you arent biased,,you didnt liked the movie thats fine,,,but to me it is one if the finest bollywood movie and believe me there are many others like me…

  • you are just impressed with kat and ranbir being there in the film…believe me there is nothing new in this film even the script writer of this film has regretted for bringing the similarity of michael corleone of god father in this film ..but to know all that ypou should have seen godfather 1 sarkar raj and kalyug to know how it has been copied ..some scenes are just lifted..!!! and that this is just too poor

  • and gurvinder please wake up others too before its too late and the makers sttart believing that its a hit!!!

  • given the same amount of IQ level between you and me how can u say u liked the film and that too after reading so much negative about it and with hundreds of flaws .. is it not true that u went to see the film for that one glimpse of kat .. and the rest of the film amy go to hell???

  • Even with the same people same IQ level there is always a difference in opinions. I have not read anything negative about the movie right from the collections to reviews. Yes your review is negative and there 2-3 critics like you who didnt liked the movie but this happens with all the movie infact some critics even bashed three idiots.. I have no liking for ranbir or kat,,,i just like good movies and to me rajneeti is a good movie…
    Yes there are over the top scenes but they are told with conviction and they look believable to me….
    Dont bash me but I am Going to see it again today..:):):)

  • the indian audience is quite weird???? wonder how this pot of misery is doing overseas???doesnt few people caaling i t bad also make no diference ?? why??

  • kites final verdict is disaster where are u pinto who boasted that kites would win oscars
    what a shame pinto all time disaster

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