Ragini MMS 2 First Week Collections

Ragini MMS 2Ragini MMS 2 has emerged a huge winner at the domestic box office, as the film not only opened well last weekend, but remained steady during the weekdays.

The Sunny Leone starrer has collected around 38.5 crore in Week 1, which is second only to Emraan Hashmi’s Raaz 3 in the horror genre. The film was rock-steady at single-screens and has also quite surprisingly fared well at multiplexes.

Ragini MMS 2 will compete against 3 new releases in its second weekend, but will remain the first choice at single-screen theatres.

With lifetime business of around 69 crores, the record of Raaz 3 as the highest grossing horror film of all-time is unlikely to be beaten. But Ragini MMS 2 is already way ahead of all other horror films. The second highest grossing horror film is Ek Tha Daayan, with net box office collections of around 29 crore.

Ragini MMS 2 First Week Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 8.32 cr
  • Saturday – 7.25 cr
  • Sunday – 8.35 cr
  • Monday – 4.5 cr
  • Tuesday – 3.75 cr
  • Wednesday – 3.3 cr
  • Thursday – 3 cr
  • First Week Total – 38.47 crore

Verdict – HIT



  • In 2014 Even Sunny can score HIT at box office but the supposed ‘biggest’ star of industry can only get above average/semi hit (with many distributor losses)……………………they see nothing wrong with this and come up with notions like it didnt do well becuz of social message, bad director etc………………….however when SRK movies are NON masala and/or have message and/or only appeal to multiplex audience, have bad director/script and still get HIT in India and superhit/bb/ATBB oversees they say he has underperformed……………heck Jai Ho still had a lot of masala and didnt even get hit but they dont say underperforming, they say another 100 crore for bhai, double standard much?????

  • @Indicine : Please block @flop kumar. You should not allow anyone misusing or abusing an actor’s name let it whoever it may be. I like Akshay but I am not his fan though !!!!

  • @Triniman : Do you even know something called ‘Economics’ of a movie?? Do you know the collection of Maya Memsaab ? Even Late Raaj Kumar and Nan Patekar’s Tiranga grossed more than Maya Memsaab !!! So the bottom line is failures are part of it which even Srk have tested it. Though Jai Ho still not a failure but below expectation BO business !!!!!!

  • a heartily congratulation to Sunny Leone for Her first Hit in Bollywood!!she needed it badly……..congratzzz Ekta also!!keep it up Sunny;long way to go still

  • @hrithik Maya Memsaab was NOT SRK’s movie, he had a small part, it was Deepa Sathi movie, wud u want me to refer to Sawaariya as Salman’s movie since he also had a small part but film was disaster, u bhai fans are something else, always refering to Maya even tho it was NOT SRK movie and he had small role (AND WAS A NEWCOMER), just like Sawaariya where it was not Salman movie and he had a small part but I dont see u all refering to Sawaariya as Salman film!, double standards much????? Also Jai Ho is big masala film with message released on hugh number of screens with Salman at the height of his fame and returning after more than a yr(anticipation factor) so it is totally BAKWAAS to compare Jai Ho to Maya Memsaab which was a small arthouse film with SRK as a newcomer with small role!!!

    And u all shud stop refering No entry as Salman film as well, he had extended cameo, it was Anil and Fardeens film, so stop giving that hit to him!

  • @Triniman : If No Entry was not Salman’s movie (He had less screen presence but more impact role) then will you agree Deewana was Srk movie at all ?? It means he was not launch at all as it was his debut movie n some srk fans refer Deewana as Srk movie as a lead. And yes, showing off butt is an Art house for you, what a taste you got in Arts. Now you will talk about vulgarity in Salnman movies but it is not gross as Criminal song n Saans from JTHJ !!!!!!!!!

  • What about Chaahat, Guddu, Zaamana Deewana, Oh Darling Yeh Hai India, Asoka, Koyla, Duplicate n Yeh Lamhe Judaai ke?? All blockdusters !!!! Now you will either call these failures are classics or different. If other actors gives flops then they are craps !!!!!!!

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