Dishkiyaoon Review

Harman Baweja was supposed to make a mark 6 years back when his first film ‘Love Story 2050’ released, but that film turned out to be a disaster and he went into oblivion after his second (Victory) and third film (What’s Your Rashee) also failed to make a mark at the box office. Unfortunately, unlike most other producer’s sons he is a good actor and dancer. So is he able to redeem himself with this Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty produced film called Diskhiyaoon?

Story: Vicky Kartoos (Harman Baweja) has had a troubled childhood with him getting bullied relentlessly in school. Unlike his Gandhian father, he believes in violence and beats the bullies into human pulp. But his life stays as miserable as it has always been, and he harbours a dream to become a top gangster in Mumbai. When he lands up in jail for four years he meets a Haryanwi wisewit Lakwa (Sunny Deol) who gives him the name Vicky Kartoos and sets him on his course to juggle the Mafia world. Vicky conquers all and then meets a girl (Ayesha Khanna) and then falls in love with her. He takes a u-turn and then wishes to leave the crime world forever. Of course it is not as easy as it seems.


Dishkiyaoon Movie Review

Screenplay and Direction: Sanamjit Singh Talwar clearly has gone through the ropes while writing the screenplay of Diskhiyaoon and it shows in his handling of the film as a director. He lends an assured hand to Diskhiyaoon and never lets it go drowsy. The pace of Diskhiyaoon is perhaps its biggest positive because even though a few of the sequences and characters seem illogical, the film never slows down. It is an event film where there is always something eventful happening onscreen. All in all, it is a good attempt at refurbishing: 1) the gangster genre and, 2) Baweja’s acting career.

The technical aspects of Diskhiyaoon are spot on for the most part. The film feels like a high budget film even though it has been made on a limited budget. The cinematography is deft and the chase-cum-action sequences are canned astutely by the cinematographer. The production design is alright and the editing is above par keeping the film’s length down to a reasonable figure. The music, however, fails to impress. Shilpa Shetty looks graceful in her song which appears in the end credits of Diskhiyaoon.

Acting: Harman Baweja is the focal point of Diskhiyaoon as Vicky Kartoos is the central character of the film. Harman has worked hard for his part developing a chiselled body. But what’s improved is his emoting skills. He shows in Diskhiyaoon that he CAN act if he works at it. Why did Sunny Deol do such a strange role and why he did adopt such a strange Haryanvi accent which does not suit him at all? We would never know. Ayesha Khanna looks smashing but does get much scope. Prashanth Narayanan does justice to the character he plays but Aditya Pancholi is clichéd.

Conclusion: Diskhiyaoon makes for an intense, quick viewing barring the illogicalities in the script which crop up at a few instances. The research is solid, the direction is swift and the acting is above average. But the action sequences transform Diskhiyaoon from an average film to an above average film. Give it a try, you might be surprised.

Box Office: As expected, Diskhiyaoon has taken a slow start, but the film definitely has potential to do well.


  • Acting sequences
  • Fluid pace of the film
  • Harman Baweja
  • Direction and Cinematography are in cohesion


  • Sunny Deol’s jady acting
  • The illogical loopholes
  • The music

Rating: ★★½☆☆



  • I hope harman could revive his career..hes not a bad guy anyway..
    Actors like harman zayed even jacky bhagnani.. Hav done well repeatedly. But their past n bad luck is still haunting them.. Fingers crossed foh this one

  • Harman Baweja should have a good future in Bollywood. Hope Dishkiyaaon ends his series of flops.
    Akshay Kumar’s record of flops will remain unbroken and I dont want Harman to compete with him in terms of Flops. Akshay should make the record in Guiness Book. Flops after flops. Great acheivement which will make him immortal in history.

  • Very soon all the flops in bollywood will be divided into two categories:
    1. Akkiflop (eg. Joker, OUTIMD, Blue)
    2. Non-Akkiflop (eg. RGV Aag, Besharam)
    No offense to Akki fans I am saying truth.

  • Indicine plz review YOUNGISTAAN also,Jacky Bhagnani has done well there…

    Good to see some flop actors like Harman and Jackie doing well…

    One actor who can’t improve is Tusshar Kapoor.

  • @ floppy, you are wrong, there will be four categories srkflop(eg. Asoka, dil se, paheli, one 2 ka 4 and……) and salmanflop(e.g. kyon ki, veer, main aur mr khanna, marigold and…..) as well

  • @floppy
    You are a big moron,your kind of people can only talk negative…
    Akki is there in this industry for 20 years,if he was a flop actor,he wouldn’t have been stable here…

    Don’t you have any other thing to do rather commenting nuisance all day?

  • Harman unnecessarily got a big downfall from comparing him with Hrithik, I have only watched his Whats your Rashee, his performance was good in that film. Movie was good but too long and had unnecessary scenes. Lets see if this film turns his stars around or not.

  • @floppy keep it up man, at least your presence felt us that there was floppies which used to in computer as memory storage but you seems to proven like useless fellow like floppy turn in recent scenario. Why you unnecessary taking ill against akshay in each your comments.

  • @indicine don’t be bias and post my comment
    what a comment.Dude you are too funny and i am loving your comments
    But still Akshay sir is a superstar,even Amitabh has more flops
    A superstar is one who gives maximum bumper openings

    No offense to Shahrukh fans,but he is in the same league as Emraan,just that he has support of media like @indicine,that’s why he is even in the same league with the Hit Giving Actors
    I am just saying the truth and i am eagerly waiting for hny so that it will continue the number of hits he has

  • @aeyyy I am Emraan fan and he is faar bigger than flopgiver Akshay.
    You are including 9 hits in career actor Aamir and 50 flops actor Salman as superstars Lol.
    And Akki belongs to lower category Jacky and Harman Baweja.

  • @aeey are u out of ur mind.. I like akshay also but really he gives bumper opening(wen compared to shahrukh)
    Huhh.. Let me tell u
    ouatimd 15 crores on national holiday
    Special 26 around 6-7 crores normal day
    Boss released on bakreid n every knws wat was d result..
    Now coming to shahrukh..
    CE 33 crores.. Highest of its time..2nd highest now
    Jthj 15 crores on diwali n dat to wid clash..recorded highest single day collection wen combined wid sos
    Don 2 15 crores.. Released on non holiday(akshay’s highest opening day belongs to rowdy rathore which collected 17 something)
    No hard feelings against akshay but stil talk honestly.. Um telling u dis coz u seems to me a neutral fan… Just bcoz of some floppy dont lose ur credibality

  • haaaahaaa emraan…is he in the industry or dead??please dont talk about fossils. be sensible if u have 1% brain!!!

  • it is rhe worst film but indicine will not say is diiffiCult to sit upto the interval..but indicine still finds some positive s from it..i dont know why

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