Raghupati Raghav Teaser: Krrish 3

A 16 second long teaser of Raghupati Raghav song from ‘Krrish 3’, was released on the internet by T-Series. Directed by Rakesh Roshan, the music of Raghupati Raghav has been composed by Rajesh Roshan.

The full version of the song is being aired on television channels. You can also watch the low-quality version of the Raghupati Raghav song below.

What do you think of Hrithik Roshan’s dance moves? Watch and tell us in the comments section below.

Song Video: Raghupati Raghav
Music Director: Rajesh Roshan
Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan
Singer: Neeraj Shridhar, Monali Thakur, Bob



  • @Niks:no need to compare ramcharan with hro.ramcharan is a dancer and hro is a dancing legend.
    Btw,i think allu arjun is a better dancer than ram.

  • @Everyone please throw Each and every comment of Romance Dustbin in to Dustbin because all the useless Crap like Discouraging on his evry comment some are saying disappointed or not upto the mark means ok they have right to give out the opinion but this INSECURITY FEELING gives us that this particular person had some shameless attitude and thinks only Srk and Shahid are Legends and rest of all are useless but neither Srk nor Shahid will not come to that category only this Romance Dustbin or ALL TIME ROMANCE DISASTER will become a shameful fan of SRK His comments are effecting even on some good Srkians

    Finally Expressing negative opinion with valid comment is good but intentionally hurting hrithik fans means i will not spare this Romance Shameless
    A New Name for Al Time Romance Disaster is ROMANCE PAPPU SHAME

  • @Navin and @Dark Boy Rises being a dedicated Aamir fans you have shown your dignity here really you have true to your spirit Thank you so much@Dark Boy Rises Yes i really see them as HRITHIK HATERS who wrote bad comments on hrithik and Tag them into that category but i will give left right top to bottom for some special haters i agree with your opinion on Ghazini and Agneepath

    Aamir Fans Roxxxx

    @Sumeet @bollywood @Abhishek @afraz @RamcharanFan @rezme @sousania @nipun @harsh @s_KewL @Ayanna @Rajiv @nasim @Rohit @harsh soni @Zahid Ali @Kundan @sekhar @Arvind Verma @Damnnnn @Anupama thank you each and everyone for your wonderful comments

    Hrithik Roxxxx

  • @Saksham special mention for you thank u for bringing fact like

    Another brilliant record by our very own HR . krrish 3 trailer has beaten the record of The Dictator and now the views for the trailer are 15 , 313 ,665 . The likes for the trailer are 58 , 785 , dislikes are 8677 . the total comments for the trailer are 31 , 234 . Another feather in the cap of the megastar hrithik roshan . Bas aagey aagey dekho yeh movie aur kitne kitne record todegi . Just keep it going guys the next record which krrish 3 would be aiming to beat will be of 20 million views and i am damn sure within a week or two this record will be broken by krrish 3 and Hrithikians will move with their heads high above the sky . Cheers .

  • #Krrish 3 Budget- 90 cr

    Theatrical Right
    India- 90cr
    Overseas- 30cr……

    Satallite Right- 70cr (Star Network)

    Music Right- 6cr(T series)

    Dvd+Home video+Other- 5-6cr

    Its Clearly Evident that ROI(Return Of Investment) can make us to confirm this movie can called as ATBB when it crosses 270 Cr -300Cr Mark I think this will do very faster like in 10-14 days

  • dear indicine if u just allow me to write what ever abusive i want to @romance express..it would be great..
    seriously he is such a crap guy..@romance express..2010 mnik 8 cr opening.same year kites 10.5 cr opening no release in karnataka tamilnadu..film was bad so it desereved to be flop..
    and coming to disaster thing,hrithik is the only superstar who has not given disaster officially..even in his worst times hrithik was giving good openings unlike any other star in bollywood..coming to srk ur srk has got official disasters like gudd,maya memsaab,ENGLISH BABU DESI MAEM,yeh lamhe judai ke,oh darling !yeh hai india…all officially epic disasters…haha..u r talking about hrithik??lol..
    and agneepath 95% occupancy..all time opener..dhoom2 ,krrish all time openers..except guzaarish,na tum jaano na hum,ap mujhe ache lagne lage all his openings have been good to all time openers..
    simply barking like a dog..even with eid holiday and morescreens more ticket price ur srks movie couldnot cross ett first day officially…rofl..what a shame..
    dont worry ur baap hrithik will break it quite convincingly..

  • Shahrukh Khan:King of Romance or King Khan

    Salman Khan:BAAP of Boxoffice or Bhai Jaan

    Aamir Khan:Master of Perfection or Ace Khan

    Akshay Kumaar:Father of Action or Akki

    Hrithik Roshan:Greek God or God of Dance

    So Fans will Hail Their So called Super Stars Like this


    Mostly he possess this Qualities to maintan his Value as a good HUMAN sorry Great HUMAN with great VALUES Like
    Positive Attitude,Self-Confident,Focused,
    Generous,filled withwonder,Affluent,
    Sincere,Transperancy,Never give up Attitude,Trustable,
    Hard Working and SPIRITUAL

  • @romance new yr i want to tell u that if a film like ce can gross 200 cr mark than k3 definately gross 250cr mark and temind that srk nt hr,coz hr is far better than srk in every possible aspects and respect,so just buugggs up.

  • @afraz you are wrong hrithik has given 2disasters 1)na tum jaane na hum 2)aap mujhe achee lagne laghe and dont compare spoon feeding kid hr with king khan srk.srk has given many blockbusters he a king in overseas srk has 3ATBB where as spoon feeiding kid hr has no ATBB.even govinda has atbb ankhein. in overseas no body knows hr lol

  • @ hrithiklover i am very happy that you mentioned me its just that we are all addicted to this man and i simply love your comments and i assure you that i will always post important information about hrithik and krrish 3 . anyway when krrish 3 will release sky will be the limit and then we will say rest is history . because krrish 3 will be written in history .

  • @nick- u forget about look department…
    Hrithik is far far better luking actor than amir….and he has perfect physiq (no one in b-town except hrithik…
    About acting….then go and watch kmg, guzzarish, kites, lakshya, j&a, d2, agneepath, znmd etc etc…
    U will get ur answer…. Paani is new project in which he will play a villager…(no 1 has experimented his role as hrithik has done & he is keep experimenting in upcoming movies….this proves his vesatality of acting)…
    manoj vajpaye, ajay devgan, amitabh bachan has proved himself milestone in bollywood…..
    Amir stands nowhere among these legend
    …so amir has nothing exception…
    And better if u r srk fan then don’t take side of amir…bcz amir (not hrithik) is one who kept his dog’s name sharukh… Hahaha LoL..
    This is big slap on sharukh and his fan… LOL
    :D cant stop laughing.. :D

  • @srkfan:who are you new fellow? ?
    Ap mujhe achhe lagne lage wasn’t a disaster.what’s that spoon feeding kid? ?don’t you think srk’s career was developed mainly due to yrf and dharma.you can never love other actors.i have seen u commenting against amir,akki and salman also.
    @afraz:well justified bro.awesome reply to shameless romance.

  • Hrithik fans u got how it feels when someone posts discouraging comments about your star.
    Same thing happened with us aamir fans when indicine compared D2 trailer with D3 teaser and many hrithik fans tried to disgrace it without knowing dat we would get hurt.
    My point is you should never insult other actor.JUST SPEAK GOoD ABOUT YOUR ACTOR it works like a positive chain.
    And as far as ROMANCE DUMBaSS goes he will disappear from indicine in the month of November and December K3 and D3.

  • @Romance, Hrithik gives better opening than SRK most of the time. Go and check BOI data of their movies and their opening notes. Hrithik’s non commercial movie Jodha Akbar had better opening than SRK’s non commercial movie Chak De India! Even Lakshya was a better opener than Swades. KMG was a bumper opener but KHNH wasn’t and neither was Veer Zaraa , Krrish and Dhoom 2 were all time openers and SRK’s Don was an excellent opener. It’s a fact that, Hrithik’s almost every commercial movie gets bumper opening but SRK’s hardcore commercial flicks like CE and RNBDJ are not bumper openers, even with holiday releases. FYI if anybody thinks that, CE was a bumper opener then he is wrong, it was an excellent opener as its occupancy was less than 80% on first day, that’s why it did less on the opening day.

  • @nipun lol if srks career developed by yrf. yrf nothing without srk he has given many blockbuster for yrf, then what about hrithiks career his developed by his dad roshan hr only has blockbusters are directed by his dad except dhoom 2 (it was blockbuster because of.succesful franchise not because of hrithik) so hr is nothing without his dad. look at king srk without the help of anyone he is biggest superstar of our country while hrithik is just overrated actor he is only a good dancer. hr cant do different roles like srk .hr is worst in comedy even ranbir kapoor is better than overrated hrithik.

  • @srk: every dad will want his son to become successful..as his dad is director he directs his son..his dad is successful with his son so he directs unlike srks koyla..lol..and go check boi.com and see if there is disaster verdict of any hrithik film..am ready to be srk fan if that happens..the fact is srk is only good in overseas.uski aukat hi nahi hai india mei..he couldnt break even ett first day record..such a shame ..his fans are proud for those useless records which was helped by 5-6 big holidays and no movies regional movie all over south…i spit and pity on u kindof chakka fans..

  • @srkfan:you are just a jealous fellow who cant digest other stars popularity.and hrithik has acted in more diffent types of character than srk.before calling spoon feed kid,see abhishek bachchan,uday chopra etc.they are star kids,but not superstars.

  • @srk fan,romance express ki phat jaa raha hai..they are now getting insecure…first they got shocked that a srk film in india has done 200 cr business and now they are insecure and jealous of krrish3 and d3 will break it ..haha..pity souls.poor souls …..

  • @Dark Boy Rises i cant stop laugh by your last comment that Romance Dumbass its really funny Each and every one will make him some gyan we will preach him some good words

    @Srkfan i think you are also hurting hrithik fans like Romance Dustbin Wait for a While i will take care about you

    @Hrithik Fans we as our Actor who respects his fellow actors so we will respect other actors too Guys my humble request dont take pot shots on Srk or Aamir Really Genuine Fans of them will really hurt If we want to take pot shot take on those haters like Romance Dustbin,Srkfan,sagar,Niks so dont Tag thema as a Srk Fan or Aamir Fan they are Hrithik haters we should defend our star by removing false claims on him not to bash other heroes
    See We have to respect people like Navin,Dark Boy Rises,Aks,some 1,Xzone ,Gewone they were fans of Aamir and Srk but will give good comments on hrithik really these people have some healthy minds to accept the good things on HR even i had change my attitude by observing the behaviour of these people so please

    Accept the people how they are like Accepty the jealousy of Hrithik Haters they weont change unless they remove jealousy from their heart problem is with them not with Any Khan or Kapoor
    I once again Say that I stand on my point not hurt any fans by bashing their favourite Actor

  • @ Romance Dustbin: We do not care, what yours master have ordered u. Wait 4 this Deewali, then you will know, by what leap and bounds records will be shattered.

    My entire family have booked their plans for 1st day and 1st show and so many others.

    You will also know, why your self proclaimed king did not dare to release his film in his favourite period.

  • @Niks even Ramcharan a Fan of Hrithik he took inspiration from him and also see @Ramcharan fans Also liked hrithik most you comments are nothing but a crap dont draw worthless comparisons yes these days each and every actor is improvising in Dance Department But Hrithiks Grace in Dance is Different He is Unique in bollywood

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