Raees shoot begins on March 28, targets Eid 2016 Release Date

Producer Ritesh Sidhwani has announced that Excel Entertainment’s upcoming film ‘Raees’ will go on floors on the 28th of March and that they are currently targeting the ‘Eid 2016’ release date for the Shah Rukh Khan starrer.

“The shoot will commence from March 28 in Mumbai. We plan to release it on Eid next year.” Sidhwani said.

Directed by Rahul Dholakia, Raees will have the brilliant Nawazuddin Siddiqui sharing screen-space with one of the biggest names in Indian Cinema.


Sources say, Shahrukh has given bulk dates to the film October onwards, after he completes shooting for ‘Dilwale’ – his ‘Christmas 2015′ film with Rohit Shetty.

Pakistani star Mahira Khan has been cast opposite SRK.

Not too long ago, there were also reports that Salman Khan, who intends to always have a film ready for his favourite Eid weekend, was planning to begin work on Yash Raj Films’ Sultan.



  • Don vs jaanemann
    was not a fair clash don was an action film so it got better opening.don was directd by farhn aktar,it was a remake of a classic
    jaaneman was not a solo salman film it has akki
    so we want sulthan vs raees

  • Sultan will definitely postponed to give way for the King of Khans RAEES.

    So salman and Aamir fans wakeup from the dream, And try to understand the real fect. If Salman can release his movie PRDP and Suddhi on Diwali which festival belong to The Great King Khan, So why not Srk release his movie on Eid festival ?????

    Srk and Excell Entertainment leave the Eid 2015 for Bajrangi Bhabhijaan. Because Kabir Khan start crying that He was book 2015 Eid for his Upcoming movie with Sallu but 2016 Eid Srk And Excell not give to any one at any cost. Who want to release there movie In Eid 2016 they should release with Srk Raees movie. Srk will not postponed Raees this time.

  • Fake sultan(salman) will face REAL SULTAN OF BOLLYWOOD—-KING KHAN.

    I think bhai will surpass jaaneman’s collection buy it’s very hard to surpass jai ho’s collection.

    @navin,your non actor bhai’s career will be shut down after facing the release with THE REAL KING OF EID(422CR).get ready for another kick from THE KING after jaaneman.but I think your bhai will surrender and make way for THE RAEES.

    @sky,don’t think this film is directed by some wannabe classic director raju nor it’s a pseudo classics like your perfaketionist’s pk.this film contains CLASS ACTORS not your overactors like perfaketionist.

  • Well, good news for srkians.

    But, if you are talking of records, i don’t think any of these movie looks likely to breaking PK’s record in the next 2 years.

    Of the films to be released, only Salman with either PRDP – if it has great content, or an Eid release – like – Sultan stands a chance.

    Why? because for PRDP it is Rajshri productions and Salman = That itself is a huge thing for viewers. It will generate huge interest in the movie, plus Salman is playing a double role. Family and especially women folks will surely be targetted.

    I also heard they have thrown in a bit of action too, and one of Salman’s character has a grey shade. So it is not the regular wedding, family reunion kind of film, but more of an family entertainer.

    If the content is strong, of all the movies, this movie has the best chance to to break records.

    Next up is Sultan. Again there is are stories floating around that it is going to be an entertainer with boxing as its background. Salman is planning to train hard to get the boxer look. Add to that Salman’s star factor and Eid. I guess no one is bigger than Salman on Eid, and hence i feel Sultan could be a record breaker.

    I cannot say of other films of Salman to be record breakers, like Bhajrangi Bhaijaan, but may be Shuddhi might be another contender in the long run.

    Other movies of Srk and Hro might get around 250 to 275 because of holidays, star factor and good content, but only PRDP and Sultan looks the best bet, if we are talking of records of PK, which unlike what fans believe, is a big big task.

    The reason is that it took a film (CE) 4 years to break 3i records. Hence, content is very important, and holidays is a big big factor that pushes the collections. CE had lot of holidays after Eid, that helped it get past the magical figure set by 3i.

    If none of the above breaks record, then I could count only one person to break it – Aamir Khan, with his next entertainer.

  • Raees will be one of the best movie of Indian cinema! The outstanding actors and different kind of script which is going to be remembered by the audience!

  • Gr8 News

    Fan – Bakri Eid (2015)
    Dilwale – Christmas (2015)
    Raees – Eid (2016)
    Adi’s Next – Expected (Diwali 2016)

    Wish u Good Luck my KING

  • some stupid srk fans think salman is in need of a hit…lol
    he is giving blockbusters unlike your king who is struggling to get a superhit…raees vs sultan..this is not 2006..a lot of things have changed but king fans still barking about their old glory..srk won’t even dare to clash if sultan is releasing on Eid

  • @sss rightly said bro, they said we Srkian are afraid clash with bhai now let them bark like a dog we r enjoying hahahaha

  • Previously RAEES was scheduled to release on 2015 Eid . But they missed that date due to pre-production delay and SRK’s knee injury . This time , I don’t think they would miss 2016 Eid .

  • @Virat Kohli. batting pe dhyaan de idhar nahi. acc to ur logic

    aamir ki laash – 90 cr flop

    and even he is SIDEKICK when it comes to

    Hirani Idiots : 202 cr
    John Hrithik 3 : 280 cr
    Raju PK Hirani : 340 cr

  • Absolutely NO chance of clash .
    Not a single fan of SRK or Salman want the clash ; I am sure about that .
    People those who want clash are idiots …

  • @Marshall jai ho failed to beat even srk’s worst film ra1, wake up its not 2010-2012 where massala film easily turn blockbuster,

  • …………..BREAKING NEWS…………..

    Herry Baweja the Director of 1994

    @ DILWALE @

    (staring Ajay Devgan ,Sunil Shetty And Raveena )

    Now agreed to share the title Of DILWALE With Rohit Shetty and Srk Starer next.

    So now guys its conform by also Rohit Shetty that His next movie with Srk is Title DILWALE.

  • Recently, it was reported that Salman Khan will start shooting for YRF’s ‘Sultan’ after wrapping up ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. But, now it is said that the actor has not yet agreed to do the film.

    A close friend of Salman said, “Salman is not sure if he wants to do ‘Sultan’. It’s the role of a 40-year old boxer. It’d require a huge amount of preparation. Salman would have to change his entire physique and body language. It’d entail many months of a strict exercise regime and a new diet control, so that he can acquire a boxer’s body. With his heavy commitments, plus his pending court cases, Salman is not sure he can give Sultan the time attention and single-minded focus it requires.”

    Now it is 100% confirm that RAEES will be 2016-EiD Bonanza

  • Some srk fans are hilarious. They are barking as if they are the one who is producing both movies. Some asking Salman not to change Eid release 2016 to see a clash, some calling Salman As camel, some giving 9 years old glory references. Lol !!!!! It is just that they are targeting but nothing is confirmed. FAN was supposed to be an independence release n even being Salman fan I was looking for it but srk is in hurry to beat PK. Lets wait n watch until both movies are officially confirmed !!!!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik,ha ha.now what happened?it’s salman also targeting THE EID.YRF will hardly release sultan on EID after knowing they will face THE KING.EID is not salman’s purchased date.so relx and watch A TRUE CLASS MOVIE even though you’re habituated of watching craps on EIDS.

  • @romance outdated, jai ho wasn’t a holiday release like ra.one nor did it have big heroine and chartbuster song by international artist and promoted for 10 months.at least salman has the courage to accept the actual semi hit verdict unlike your crownless king who manipulated to get a hit verdict by collecting 115cr for a film made on a budget of 130cr…

  • Eid is only for Salman. Dr we all Wants Sultan …Sultan
    nahi to 2013 ki Tarah 2016 bhi pura Bekar Eid Jaagi bcoz Eid and Salmanenia is the part of the Coin…

  • @Marshall ra1 3000screen where jai ho 4300. Salman in 2014: Total screens – 7800. Total day 1 collection – 44cr (Kick 26.5cr Jai Ho 17.5cr). SRK: Screens – 4600. Day 1 – 45cr.

  • @Romance : Also mention the release dates both movies. Get a life you loser !!!! comparing a full fledge holiday release movie opening with movies released on working days !!!!!!!!!

  • @marshall,who said you jai ho didn’t promoted?also bhai came back after 1 year with 4800 screens still couldn’t give at least a hit!who previously gave blockbusters?where wasnsallu’s power?you bhai fans always chanted salman is a one man show?if so why he couldn’t make jai ho hit?because he is also depending upon those chartbuster songs and big heroine and big banners.at least OUR KING has dare to invest 100+cr budget for disaster directots like anubhav bit out bhai couldn’t give a hit to his own brother.bichara sohail…..his own bhai ruined his career.

    @abhi,we will not let EID 2016 ruin just like every year.still EID’S KING IS KING SRK (422CR).WE snatched the date from salman’s torturous crap and now it’s KING KHAN RELEASE,finally I can take a deep as many EID I boycotted salman’s craps.

  • @sss : keep living in pointless ass-umptions. Eid belongs to Salman !!!!!! Let srk start shooting Raees first then we will see about release dates !!!!!!!

  • Eid is for only Super King Khan..that is SALMAN KHAN. SRK will not survive releasing his film on Eid…..It will gets flop.
    Eid only for Salman. YRF’s Sultan will be biggest blockbuster.
    Chritsmas for Aamir.

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