Raees gets better with the new promo: Baniye Ka Dimaag Aur Miyanbhai Ki Daring

The quality of promos that the makers of ‘Raees’ are putting out is increasing with each new promo. Shah Rukh Khan is brilliant with his expressions, body language and dialogue delivery. There is a bit of action in there too.

With the buzz around ‘Raees’ increasing with each passing day, the film also starring Mahira Khan and†Nawazuddin Siddiqui.. is expected to take a strong opening on 25 January.

Check out the new promo:



  • @Mental Arjun-Abey lallutard SRK fanís arenít rickshawalas like lallu fans. Doing 200 crore on solo release is a piece of cake for SRK. Itís lalluís good fate that SRK took pity on lallu and listened to friend Aditya Chopra and postponed Raees. If Raees released on Eid it would have beaten that crap Lultan left, right and center. And ďWhats so good in this?Ē Rickshawalas like you wonít understand whatís so good in this. They are used to watching tacky gorilla like lallu on screen doing rickshawala starndard films. If SRK is over then itís lalluís ghost who is non-acting nowadays since he was dead and done in the 90ís and 2000ísÖ!!

    @Indicine-What’s the problem with this comment. You post worst comments by sallu fans.

  • @ Arjun
    January 14, 2017 at 10:55 am

    ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!! Muh ki baat chinli

    But unless he gives good opening, we cant write him off IMO

  • It’s just OK doesn’t deserve the over the top praises heaped on it by indicine. Having said that I respect srk friendship with salman the god of Bollywood so I wish him all the best with raees.

  • Hahaha….now gangu teliwalas (eg- mekanik) are dreaming of surpassing Bhai’s 7-8 years old release Veer’s collections. Very good! Finally gangu teliwalas have accepted that their gangu teli’s aukaat is just 40cr???

  • Filmfare’s last ditch attempt at credibility is an exercise in futility. If Aamir Khan has finally been awarded after Lagaan, then state the reasons for ignoring his 3 Idiots. TZP, PK, Rangeela and many others. Aamir Khan’s persona has become so huge that Filmfare can’t ignore him anymore. But just like Indicine, they chose to be sold to the wrong Khan for so many years and has lost it’s position irreparably

  • Raees going to flop badly because Srk craze is going down because Indian hindu people now know the reality of Srk that he love pakistan thats why he take Pak actress in film. So Indians boycott shit Srk’s Raees & go watch film of talented Hrithik’s Kaabil.

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