Raees gets better with the new promo: Baniye Ka Dimaag Aur Miyanbhai Ki Daring

The quality of promos that the makers of ‘Raees’ are putting out is increasing with each new promo. Shah Rukh Khan is brilliant with his expressions, body language and dialogue delivery. There is a bit of action in there too.

With the buzz around ‘Raees’ increasing with each passing day, the film also starring Mahira Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.. is expected to take a strong opening on 25 January.

Check out the new promo:



  • Even if kaabil flops, Hritik has his FATHER and his FATHER’s Krissh 4. Wont affect him much
    But for srk Raees is VV Important

  • @ 4:39 pm, SRK never take name of HS.but Salman openly take name of YM.
    @4:45 pm, abe idiot DZ was a hit.do u expecting 500 crore from a movie just released on 1200 screens ? U repeatedly proves u r an illiterate man.lol !

  • Keep dreaming. This mahacrap wont take any opening. It will open less than 15 crores. Srk doesnt have any stardom like other 2 khans. Indicine always do chamchagiri of most overrated and overhyped flop actor srk.

  • damn pak girls are so beautiful….but sadly they are living in a failed state…

    These beautiful girls like mahira, humaima, mawra, sanam, urwa and finally all the pak news anchor deserve to live in a beautiful country like india.

    India should sould bring back these pak girls to india and unpak them….

  • Since last 2-3 years SRK is struggling to cross 100 crores. I guess Raees which looks like the most commercial of all his earlier films will also find it difficult to cross 100/150 crores due to clash with Kaabil. SRK should start competting with Shahid Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Varun Dhawan now…

  • @indicine why so much biased over Reese ?
    It’s clearly visible that raese is all masala movie like srk’s last happy New Year,Dilwale etc with minimal or no content.while Kaabil has content.kaabil may be small film and it may take low opening but in long run raess will crash like dilwale.so don’t underestimate Kaabil.Rakesh roshan is not so much idiot that don’t know what he is doing.@ indicine don’t you sense it? You also don’t post that70 trade exhibitors have watched #Kaabil and they unanimously gave a standing ovation. Everyone said that it’s going to be a blockbuster.while long time ago raese maker screen a 20 min promo to trade but response was average only Paula song was hit.you posted it earlier.remember? If you have guts then reply my quotes.

  • Now i am getting more curious abt the movie.. Everything about the movie is just perfect & all the promos whether its the song; trailer; everything is just mindblowing.. Two of the most talented actors in just one fame.. Very much excited.. Eagerly waiting for Raees

  • All the three khans have their own style of movies. Aamir is the perfectionist, the one who takes his movies are topnotch because his efforts for his movies are tremendous. Salman is Salman, the superstar. It doesn’t matter of his films are highclass or have great acting, the man is an one man boxoffice. Shah Rukh is the entertainer, the god of acting. It doesn’t matter if his films don’t has succes like the other two, he still does different roles and money is the last thing that is bothering him. As an SRK fan i would say he has to win Fimfare best actor for Fan. But if i look at the effort Aamir has done with his body for Dangal and the time he takes to make Dangal, highclass.
    As an SRK fan, I must say Aamir can take away the best actor award, Aamir deserves it, SRK has already 8.


    @tiger-the real chuha,waise ye FAN nahi hain.ees liye dialogue change karle.o lease kindly tell,in how many days,RAEES will kicked out the lifetime of 2010 this decade’s republic holiday release 37 cr disaster veer?,rofl.you challenged me lultan will be hgoty.ees baar bhi maar Liya Kya Aamir ne?oops ,recordless yakub’s r-a-k-h-a-i-l khuni is struggling in even in golden period,rofl.

    @arjun youngistan fan,yes I know your frustration.but OUR PREDICTION is to thrash naa-kabil in OPENING+LIFETIME.then OUR JOB with be over.tujhe aage bahut jaleel hona hain.likh ke lele.

  • On one side…

    RAHUL DHOLAKIA: Did Masters in film making from New York University. critically acclaimed (Parzania). This one looks heavily inspired from BREAKING BAD.

    On other side…

    SANJAY GUPTA: Did Masters in plagerizing, literally copying Tarantino (kaante), stone (musafir) korean flicks. Now copying Netflix’ DARE DEVIL.

    RAEES is the only one I’m interested because of SRK, NAWAZ, RAHUL trio.

  • Best of luck srk sir…! Promo is too much good waiting for ..weekend ka war with salman ..and srk ..!
    Also waiting for this movie after so many years …this srk starrer movie looking promising for me..! So i will go ..25th jan first day first show ..!!

  • Whats so good in this? Srk’s game is over now. He knows he cant do 200/300 crore movies even if he gets solo release. Thats why he played safe by clashing it with Kaabil. Now if the movie didn’t do 200 crore he has an excuse that it clashed with Kaabil etc…etc… It looks even tough to cross 150 because most of the families don’t like him now-a-days. Its only his fans who promote on social sites but don’t watch the movie in theatre coz they are also bored of him now. He is using every measure to make this movie hit coz giving blockbusters is out of his reach now. There was a time when he was going to clash with Sultan nd look now he is going on Sultan’s show to promote his movie. The arrogance, the over-confidence and the self obsession has ruined SRK. No doubt he is a brilliant actor but his fans on social sites are also brilliant in bringing hatred towards him.

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