Race 2 Box Office Collection: Week 1

Race  2Race 2 has collected Rs 66 crores in it’s first week, and has a good chance of crossing the 100 crore mark at the domestic box office. The film had a good 3 day weekend, followed by sharp drops during the weekdays.

Although 8 films have released in theatres today, Race 2 remains the first choice for moviegoers. It remains to be seen if the film can pick up and do well in it’s second weekend.

Race 2 Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 14.25 crore
  • Saturday – 17.5 crore (22% growth)
  • Sunday – 14.5 crore (17% drop)
  • 1st Weekend Total – 46.25 crore
  • Monday – 6 crore
  • Tuesday – 5.25 crore
  • Wednesday – 4.5 crore
  • Thursday – 4 crore
  • Week 1 Total Collections – 66 crores

Once again, the first week collections is a record for the entire starcast. Cocktail (Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone) collected Rs 54.25 crores in Week 1, while Housefull 2 (John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandes) collected Rs 62.5 crores. The film will also be the highest grosser for both Saif (Cocktail) and Deepika (Om Shanti Om).

Having said that, Race 2 had the third widest release for a Bollywood film after Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg 2. The film released on 3200 screens in India.

For those interested in knowing the official figures from the distributors - Friday 15.12 cr, Saturday 20.72 cr, Sunday 15.51 cr. Weekend - 51.35 cr. Monday 7.5 cr, Tuesday 6.5, Wednesday 5.75 cr, Thursday 5 cr. Week 1 Total – 76.10 crores.



  • Race 2 will not collect 100 cr nett lifetime domestic boxoffice n worldwide collection should be (india 125 cr + overseas 40 cr) 165cr gross. Semi hit

  • why is it alwalys that boi figures and figures from notable critics like taran adarsh and komal nahta differ more than 10 crores for every movie.

  • @yash hi, okay from what I understand is that the business of trade experts, critics and pundits is to be very quick/ active in this game of publishing figures as quickly as possible before others start releasing figures. They get their figures straight from production houses who get the gross collection figures from the film distributors. Most trade experts build up a good rapport with producers so take everything they say as being gospel.
    The movie boxoffice sites like BOI are into publishing the real figures minus taxes ( generally speaking everyone has to pay tax on earnings right) so they publish the Net Collections figure a hr or 2 later than the experts do. BOI website and Boxofficeday are good in this respect as they simulraneously publish identical net figures and break down the regional collections too.
    Thats just my understanding of how critics work and how figures are calculated but somebody else may have a better understanding to mine so please share your knowledge with us. Thanks in advance.

  • @Navin, if what you have said is true then why sometimes their (both taran or koikomoi and boi) nubers be identical, like the case in housefull 2 all both said the same collection ??

  • i think espesially for the case of race 2 because the distributers are not the producers ..so if they said the collection are 76 crore..then it must be as they said.

  • boi (the site) lost its credibility along time ago….all experts say something and it says the different
    like also the case in son of sardaar all sites counts it as 100 crore movie by st least 5-6 crore while boi says it is only 88 crore and this is the same in all movies

  • Had an excellent opening weekend due to the big holiday on Saturday, but the business slided downwards from Monday onwards. The decline was more in mass-dominated circuits. Collected approx Rs 76.10 cr nett in Week 1. Breakup:- Wknd 51.35 cr, Mon 7.5 cr, Tue 6.5, Wed 5.75 cr, Thu 5 cr

    that what taran says , and as he says it collected 76.10 crore nett

  • but one may see that box office india is not accepted all over(but only by some fan haters of different actors who try to humiliate other actors).reports from taran adarsh and komal nahta are universally accepted all over india.one may see that boi may count less screens as compared to that taken by taran adarsh thats why collections are less told.ek tha tiger(186 by boi,198 all over).dabangg 2(146 by boi,155 all over).jab tak hai jaan(120 all over,101 by boi).sos(105 all over,88 boi).race 2(77 all over,65 boi).cocktail(72 by boi,76 all over).barfi(120 all over,106 by boi).boi says jthj makes 91 in 10 days but then says it grossed 100 in 20 days.it took ten more days for 10 crores(hard to believe).http://www.boxofficeindia.com/boxnewsdetail.php?page=shownews&articleid=5134&nCat.second website http://www.boxofficeindia.com/boxnewsdetail.php?page=shownews&articleid=5169&nCat

  • @yash i totally agree with you…all i can say than boi as i said lost its credibilty and that you can see it by your self…by the site ranking..it was around 400 or 400 and now it is 1321 but bollywoodhungama (taran) is 444….i think it is very obvious what site we shouid trust more and also koimoi is 725 (which sometimes differ from other trusty sites about less than a crore which is acceptable
    and also it is not about one site ….it is all site in one side an boi in the other side (and i mean the sites that bring the collection by it self not the site that coppies it from boi)

  • i myself stopped believing in boi when i found that only a few actors or a few movies that its collection is true and the rest …if the site a fan of a star his movies collection will be upto the sky , if not then it will be down the hell
    do what i did , i always believe the majority, if most of the expert says spmething , i go with it
    like all the movies you just mentioned….ek tha tiger 198 .dabangg 2 155 .jab tak hai jaan 120 .sos 105 .race 2 77(week 1).cocktail 76 .barfi 120 .

    and if you go to boi you will find that site is damaged and neglected…its last update was since housefull 2,,,

    BTY….i am not an exclusivly fan of any actor but, i hate people that money can buy

  • @cr7 and @yash
    I understand your misgivings about BOI but I just think I rather believe a conservative figure over an estimated, over inflated or exaggerated figure. As I said producers will release their figures to the trade in the hope it shows their film is performingly better than it actually is. This can lead to a surge in business so hence production houses will never release the real Net Collections figure but the Gross Collections figure.
    But as you (Yash) said in your first comment difference is sometimes 10 crore so to the movie producers that is a small figure given how that figure gets subsequently divided up by distributors, exhibitors, taxmen and others.

  • @Navin
    what you said can apply on small movies or small producers that are trying very hard to make them selves look better but big movies and big stars dont need this especialy if the producers arnt the dristributers , so the distributers dont give a shit about the producers or the stars like most of the movies we just mentioned

    and also i said , i dont believe just one site , i believe the majority and that is the safest way

  • now if you all got to boi , you will find that they adjusted the collection of the first week to 70 crore
    that means that the official figures were right in the first place
    and now the second weekend, the declined by 3 crore, as always…..so booring man and so fake

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