Raaz Reboot Day 1 (Friday) Box Office Collections

Raaz Reboot has collected Rs 6.31 crore on its opening day at the box office, as per official figures released by T-Series. The collections are poor for the franchise, as it’s for the first time that the series is showing a downward trend on its opening day.

The 3rd (previous) film in the Raaz series had collected Rs 10.15 crore and even the 2nd film opened well in 2009 with collections of Rs 4.1 crore net on Day 1.

Raaz Reboot was good at mass centres, especially in the North, but the collections across other parts of the country was poor throughout the day. Multiplex audience have rejected the film outright, as the collections were way lower than the other release of the week ‘PINK’.

Films like Raaz Reboot usually tend to drop on Saturday, but given the slow star it would need a good trend over the weekend to have any chance of recovering costs. Raaz Reboot needs to collect around 45 crore to break-even.

IndicineFBO: We really do work hard on predictions and getting it right does mean a lot to us. It’s disappointing when the predictions are accurate, but figures released are about 25% higher than trade estimates. But since we stick to official figures, we are marking ‘Raaz Reboot’ as an inaccurate prediction. We predicted 5.2 crore as the first day collections of Raaz Reboot, the film has collected 6.31 crore, difference of 21%.



  • Indicine…this was a spot on prediction. Dissapointing to see ‘official’ figures making the film seem like a decent success on the first day. Nowadays, it does not matter whether a film has a bumper opening or not. As the extremely quotable dialogue from 3 idiots said….go for excellence and success will follow.

  • The collections are pretty average considering the Sequel factor . With every film Emraan is just going down and down . Content, Collections, Verdicts and Appreciation nothing is coming in his way . His last hit was Raaz 3 in 2012 and he is still searching for his next Hit . Baadshaho could be the turning point for Emraan but he is the second lead . I feel RR will be a Flop and Pink will be a Hit as it is getting positive reviews from every corner and also made on a limited budget . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Everybody said raaz reboot will be a flop. It’s collection prediction 4.00-4.75 core. But everyone forgot Raaz is a succesfull series so far. It’s budget is 30 core and it needs 40 core for hit.

    Haters will need to wait for 20 more years for Emraan bhais career to end. Bcz we don,t make flop movie like Besharam & Roy & BB & Tamasha

  • I think it would be better if you reveal the 1st day collections of movies according to both trade and producers separately especially for those movies where the difference ratio is high

  • Emraan Hashmi is the biggest superstar of Bollywood.
    Such a small film like Raaz reboot can take 6 crore opening only coz of Emmy.

    If Akshay, Ajay or Hrithik was in Raaz reboot opening day would be 2 crore max.

  • Emraan Hashmi needs a good director and good story and away from Bhatt production

    Bhatt films have destroyed career of emran

  • Just saw Pink. It is the movie of the year. What a brilliant film. Hats off to Amitabh Bachchan. It is his CAREER BEST PERFORMANCE. Taapsee Pannu is an excellent actor. I also liked her in Baby and hope that she does more movies. Pink is a must watch movie on big screen.


  • Raaz Reboot is One Of the Best Horror movies of Bollywood so far.I did not see that kind of horror movie since of raaz 3 1920:ER

  • movies like pink need to do minimum 100 crore on the box office!!!!! it ia a very special movie and I recommend everyone to watch it on theatres! !!! once again amitabh bachan will be given national award for his brilliant performance! !!!!!

  • You have no right to question any movies producer’s collection As You fully Supported/supports Krish3 Collection .

    Even bang bang & HNY had a lot of manipulation….!

  • @yousif No other actor could have an opening of 6 crore from such a small film.
    If Emraan does a big commercial film he can give 40 crore in a single day.

  • the horror formula of Indian film makers
    very poor …some formulas Bollywood
    film makers used in a horror movie
    1. love triangle
    2.few bed/hot scenes
    3.2/3 hit broken heart songs
    Raaz,Raaz2,Raaz4 all have love triangle
    formula though I love Raaz only & hvnt watch Raaz3 yet
    among bolly horror movies I like Raaz & 1920 only

  • Watched Raaz Reboot in single screens with low expectations.
    First time I saw A Emraan Hashmi in theatre.
    Also it was my first experience of horror film in theatre.
    Raaz Reboot is strictly one time watch movie. It has good first half but the second half is recreation of 1920 (first one) second half where a evil soul want to take the soul of the girl whom he is interested. A big letdown. I have not read any single review of raaz in details still while watching movie I get to know who is the actual ghost.
    Actors performance are good to decent. Both Emraan and Gaurav played their part well. Ms. Kharabanda does well too but it was her beauty that appeals more than the acting.
    All in all I Don’t think it can survive in long run.
    Emraan hashmi still had good following in small centers. He delivers what he was expected but that’s not enough for the movie.

  • @RAAZ hahaha the dirty picture is blockbuster due to emraan hashmi??????? The dirty picture is blockbuster due to vidhya balan’s superb performance not emraan hashmi. Everyone only remember vidhya balan for the dirty picture, no one rebember emraan hashmi in the dirty picture.

    And most important thing the dirty picture is woman centric film , a biopic on shilk smita. In which main role is played by vidhya balan and emraan hashmi has very small role. So, just be real bro.

  • pink is getting great reviews almost 4*, wom is spreading like fire. collection also going to high with each passing day. big b can get all awards this year also for his terrific performance. woww what a legendary actor he is.

  • @RK
    Vidya Vallan Said The dirty picture blockbuster for hashmi.It that time emraan give a lot of succes like Raaz 2 OUATM Murder 2 TDP DTBHJ

  • @azhar
    OK I respect that you are a fan
    But fact is fact
    There is no way
    Emran can do 40 Cr . As u said what so ever
    There is a limit for each star ..
    Hashmi in his best days didn’t reached that level you are talking about .
    And currently his stardom is declining . We all know that .as I said we can’t change the fact
    Raaz reboot opening is not bigger than raaz3 . That’s enough to explain..
    By the way
    .I didn’t like his role in Raaz reboot .
    If he wants to do villian role please do it with a big star hero so there will be an impact atleast not with love games hero killing him twice in the movie … thank you

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