Raaz Reboot Review

Emraan Hashmi’s career has been faltering lately with a string of failures at the box office. Nothing seems to be working for him. After his brief foray into content based cinema he is back doing those roles which he aced in the start of his career. He’s also back with the Bhatts. Vikram Bhatt is trying to revive the horror genre with this movie. Will they taste success after long? Let’s have a look.

Story: Shaina (Kriti Kharbanda) and Rehan (Gaurav Arora) move to Romania after Rehan receives a job offer there. But they become distanced in the foreign land and strange things start happening to Shaina. When her own husband is not ready to believe her, in comes her ex Aditya (Emraan Hashmi). Aditya tells her that he will save her. To unravel the Raaz of this Raaz Reboot, you have to see the convoluted climax.

Screenplay and Direction: Vikram Bhatt resorts to the same old tricks of startling the audience with creaking doors, blood oozing from random places, faces with no facial features etc. The only thing new about the paranormal creature is that it utters the ‘F-word’ a bit too much. The twist that Vikram Bhatt put in was evident from miles away. Even the story of this reboot is identical to the one in 1920 London. The Raaz series has consistently gone downhill in terms of quality and Raaz Reboot is a deathnail. The narrative doesn’t work and neither does the pacing. Even old Hindi TV shows had better aesthetics.

Raaz Reboot Movie Review

Raaz Reboot Movie Review

Raaz Reboot had a lot of scope to showcase the beauty of Romania and except for a handful of occasions it manages to make us forget that the movie doesn’t take place in a Mumbai studio. The costume design is good, however. The editing of Raaz Reboot is off by about 20 kmps as scenes jump from one to another without much cohesion. It should have been way tighter to keep the pace flowing quickly. The background score is clichéd and doesn’t particularly add to the scary quotient. The music of Raaz Reboot was expected to be a blockbuster but none of the songs have made any long lasting impact whatsoever.

Acting: Emraan Hashmi appears quite a few minutes into the film and instantly makes it better with his presence. He plays the stalkerish yet charming ex quite convincingly. The debut actress Kriti Kharbanda is a looker alright but she falls short in the acting department. Her screams and squeaks aren’t spooky at all. Gaurav Arora plays the second fiddle here but he’s not half bad. If he had more content to work with, he would have definitely done a more convincing job.

Conclusion: The movie which was supposed to kick-start the Raaz franchise is looking more and more like the death nail to the franchise. The spooky moments are few and far between, and even the ones which are there aren’t quite as impactful because the effects are stereotypical and the Vfx is downright insulting to the audience. They should have spent more time on rendering the Vfx. Ignoring all that, Raaz Reboot doesn’t work as a film either because the narrative is too slow and the pacing too uneven.


  • Emraan and Gaurav try their best
  • The costume design is believable


  • The narrative is very slow and uneven
  • The scares are few in number
  • The horror tropes used are stereotypical
  • The lead actress doesn’t leave an impact
  • The music and background music don’t work
  • The production design feels like that of a TV show

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆



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  • tata bye bye emraan hasmi the leading man. I hope he is permanently removed from ur rankings & replaced by far bigger stars like tiger sushanth John aditya

  • Feel so sad for Emraan hashmi.
    Vikran bhat is the bad bad director ever whocannot make quality films
    Like Neeraj panday is best in thriller and he give always best
    Rohit shetty is best in comedy and action and he gives a superb vfx work.
    Rajkumar hirani is best in giving masterpiece .
    Vikram should realy concentrate on his direction. Horror genre is not a piece of cake.
    If he concentrate on good vfx then maybe it will work.
    Vikram you ruined the blockbuster franchise of raaz.
    I miss those RAAZ series chartbuster songs.
    By the way emmi trid hisbest

  • I already knew it that Indicine is going to give extremely negative reviews to Raaz Reboot. Don’t believe in this self proclaimed god critics. They have given the same for excellent movies like 1920, Raaz, Haunted, Creature 3D, Khamoshiyan, Raaz3 etc. Raaz Reboot is an awesome movie please watch as it deserves a two time watch. Really Indicine, I know narrative is slow but it doesn’t have any boring moments. All scenes are good. There are less scary moments? What are you telling Indicine, it was more scary than Raaz. I knew that music isn’t as good as Khamoshiyan, Raaz3, Mr. X, etc but still it is better than Pink and Lo Maan Liya is a chartbuster song. You haven’t added in the pros that the story is superb + it’s content also. If it wasn’t an Vikram Bhatt movie then you should have given positive reviews as you are jealous of Bhatts
    #True Salman Fans

  • Razz reboot is worst movie in raaz series. Worst horror movie ever made in bollywood. Horror sense in movie is not up to the mark. Horror sense is laughable. There is nothing new in movie. Completely waste of time and money.

  • Reviews are negative all over. Wom is negative. This is another flop for emraan. His back to back 10 flop. And total 20+ flops in his career.

  • Oops !! RAAZ 1 was the only good movie of the franchise.
    Bollywood just doesn’t work at its VFX.
    As an audience we want good VFX , gid knows when Bollywood movies will be good at VFX.
    This is the worst time of Bollywood I guess.
    Raaz Reboot Lifetime will be 30 crs

  • If Salman Khan can kickstart his career at 45. why can’t Emran Hashmi kickstart (reboot) his career at 55.

  • I saw it and finding it very good. reviews for Horror movies are always bad and for niche movies such as pink always good. Critics live in separate world

  • @Indicine your standard of review is getting down day by day… I have been following ur site from past 7 yrs opening multiple times a day. .All the article and everything is perfect except the review part..from past 3-4 month u r just reviewing movies hell like so called critics who reviews indian movies keeping Hollywood movies in mind. Even anupama chopra & rajeev masand gave better ratings to films released in past 3 months than u including this one.

  • Emraan if nothing good is coming your away …dn stop signing ds kind of mvzz….tk a break …..gt ur hands on smthn nice and be back …..u hv a connection wd d masses ….kp dat goodwill …dnt erode it wd dz mvz….else ur good mvz wnt b viewed by public in theatres in future ……and wtf has hppnd to vikram bhatt churning one horror mvie aftr another wd same cliches and no creativity ….

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