Raaz 3 Music Review

Sequels have not enjoyed a great deal of success at the box office. Let’s hope “Raaz 3” doesn’t bite the dust and manages to click with the audience. The soundtrack of the film has six songs penned by Sanjay Masoomm and Kumaar, composed by Jeet Ganguly and crooned by some fine singers.

The album kicks off with Javed Ali’s soulful voice in “Deewana kar raha hai”, which has an Arabic feel to it. It has resemblance to composition of Arabic track “Ana law azeto” sung by Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki. There is nothing too great about the track in terms of words or music. It fails to give a good start to the soundtrack.

Next up is “Zindagi se”, which has the melodious Pakistani singer Shafqat Amanat Ali’s voice, who has given many hits in Bollywood. However, the composition fails to capitalise on his voice and the song fails to make an impact on you. There are intervals where the piano attracts you, but overall it is dismal.

A ray of hope comes with “Rafta rafta” by KK and finally one gets to hear a song that manages to deliver. Slow and soothing number with simple lyrics and KK’s voice captivates listeners. However, nothing too great about the composition and it is solely the singer’s voice that carries the song on its shoulder.

“Oh my love” follows it, a Hinglish (Hindi-English) romantic number sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghosal. The composition is really good but ordinary lyrics ruin the song. The high point of the song is the chorus, which is a bit enjoyable.

Next on the playlist is “Kya raaz hai” and the composer has tried hard to make it peppy with some fine beats. Shreya Ghoshal and Zubben Garg have done a decent job in the vocals but despite the good tune, the song fails to grow on you.

“Khayalon mein” rounds up the album and Shreya has crooned the song really well. It provides the listener with a happy ending. It manages to cheer up the listeners at last.

Vishesh Films has been doling out chartbusters for a very long time and one wonders how they came up with such a sad album.

The soundtrack of “Raaz 3” leaves a big blot on their musical taste and leaves a big question mark on what went wrong here?

Rating: ★★☆☆☆



  • Honestly speaking its not up to the mark,not similar to other songs of Emraan and Bhatt camps movies….Only Dewana Kar Raha Hai and Zindagi Se are good….quite disappointed with its music.

  • Hi! I guess all are jealous of Salman Khan … When u love
    The movie when a man dies again reborn then heroin die
    Again reborn both take revenge then SRK is great & when 40
    Years uncle gets admission in college falls in love with his teacher
    One stupid fight in the end with Sunil sherry & jumps for the plane
    Movie hit … Falls in love with a pai girls waits for 40 years & finally
    They live together then it’s awesome movie last but not the least
    When Rajini our superstar failed in Kuselan he come with over
    Confidence in barber yet another flop, king khan was such a boring
    Movie then rabne banadi jodi he was in his orginal get up … RA
    Was sucking bullshit movie Don 2 expect for location everything
    Was sucking … When all excepted at a time SRK then for sure u have
    To except Salman Khan also shutting ur mouth it’s his time now …

  • The surprise is everyone is telling movie is flop still the collection
    1st day 33 crore independence day public holiday
    2nd day 18 crore Thursday working day
    3rd day 16 crore Friday yet another working day
    Saturday again he will get up & come again break all records

    Contines 5th Hit and 4th block buster no doubt :)

  • @SAM I think we are talking about raaz 3 music here and not anyone else.Anyways if you want to talk then we are not going to be quiet.And time does not come again and again it remains for a while now I donot think that his time came his time came 4 years ago and gone with ett!

  • I donot know why salman khan fans are so much obsessed with boxoffice and money that they are never going to earn.Serioulsy the money that the movie earns goes to the actor and it is over!I really did not want to talk boxoffice here but as you are trying to show that Salman is ahead at the boxoffice by miles like most salman khan fans always try to show!Then listen up.

    We never said the movie(ETT) was a flop.It is the same as you people said RAONE was a flop whereas it collected well over 170 crores worldwide making it a hit.And now it is quite the same with ett!

    And do you not see the fact.The ticket prices were 20% up and in that way the collections would have been like this:

    1st day 25crore
    2nd day 13 crore Thursday working day
    3rd day 11.5 crore Friday yet another working day

    And due to the price hike it has collected more!!

  • @Indicine – Agree with you they’ve been consistent with their music and Jism-2 really had good music.I too believe they’ll come back. :)

  • I dont agree with your review/ The songs Zindagi Se, Oh My Love and Deewana Keh Raha are so pleasing.. You guys need some life

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