Raavan Box office update

After Kites, Raavan is all set to be yet another set-back for Anil Ambani’s Reliance Big Pictures, as the film that was at-worst expected to be a decent one time watch, has shocked both the trade and the audience.

The opening weekend numbers are poor. The film has collected Rs 17 crores in its first weekend, comparatively Raajneeti in its 2nd weekend did close to 17 crores of business. The word-of-mouth is poor and the film is expected to fold up under 35 – 40 crores nett (lifetime business).

The failure of Raavan is likely to affect Abhishek the most, as not only has the film under-performed at the box office, but his performance too has been heavily criticized. Who would have thought Abhishek, who has previously excelled under Mani Ratnam (Yuva, Guru), would deliver one of his worst performances in Raavan?

Box office verdict – Flop (Most likely)



  • bu then those awere authorbacked roles werent they??? based on ambanis life and the other in yuva apopular rnaggela type aamirs caricature… those sould have been done by anyone … but here he had to be menacing ..which he couldnt.. the scri[pt could not decide what it wanted to do woith characters in the end u hated ram for killing raavan!!!! sign of the times???

  • i m not expecting this from Mani Ratnam, i like his movie Roja, Bombay,Dilse, Yuva, Guru…but this time he did mistake to work of poor script…

  • i wont reply u megha just for the sake of fathia
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  • For ppl who think that they’re so smart, marvelous, genious in preparing some reviews about any indian movie.. please read today’s Amitab Bachan’s tweets on twitter as he sent 2 links, one for Ravan hindi version and the other one for Ravan in Tamil Version.. I read for the hindi version.. a great great review.. this guy we can call him a reviewer, an honest reviewer, and not Taran Adarsh or (Megha!!) some who’re probably receiving money in their pockets to spoil some movies and say 100% negative about them without even mention anything good.. that proves their intention!!

    Indicine Team: please read the review then you’d know that 1/5 of yr rating is very less for Ravan.. it deserves 3/5.

  • fathiya have u seen anil kapoor nayak the real hero if you like political meningful thriller then this is is go watch and please do blink over thesilly action sequences which spoilt the movie if un have seen it alredy
    i recommend that you watch naam gum jayega its a psychological thriller
    i will soon watch ravaan

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    fathia i herad that srk is going to drive the fastest car in the world in raone at 407km per hour can u imagine that omg i pray to allah to protect him and save him from any dangerous accident allah forbids
    do pray with me

  • srk is gonna drive The Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 is a mid-engined full-sized grand touring car, one of the fastest and most expensive production road cars ever, with a top speed of 408.5 km/h (253.8 mph).

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  • Yousif: I won’t allow him!! I’ll send him my tweet tonight n wl ask him not to do.. the movie is not worth it.. what? Has he gone crazy and forgort that he got a family?! what if something happened to him.. no no.. I won’t let it happen..and who’s this director or the producer who’ll allow him to do it.. give me their name and wl send them some warnings!

    Haha Yousif.. I wish if he’d listen to me.. Shahrukh risks his life for movies.. movies r his life.. I remember when he did his movie Dil Se and the song Chayya Chayya required a group dancing and singing over a train so shahrukh said in an interview: if they’d ask me to go even to the moon I won’t hesistate.. I’ll do it!! so he won’t ride a bike or the fastest car!! he’ll do it for sure!

  • Yousif: I think I saw Nayek and didn’t like it.. can’t remember the story.. that’s me.. if I liked a movie.. it will stay in my memories but if I didn’t like it.. I forget everything and wl be erased from my memories.. I didn’t see the other one Naam gum jayega

  • Yousif: I’ve visited youtube now to see a part of this movie “Naam Gum Jayega” so I remembered it.. that I saw half the movie on one of the channels but not in full.. I think it’s not so good but it’s not bad either, I’m not sure.. but there’s a question: this actor who comes in some tv series, the hero in the movie with Diya Mirza ( don’t know his name) he’s so good.. he reminds me of Rajesh Khanna when he was young.. this actor deserved some attention and opportunities in the industry..God I don’t know why that someone’s performance is measured with the movie’s fate.. if the movie won at the box office so the hero of the movie and all the cast would go high in the sky! and if it failed.. these actors wl die!! must pay the price.. this actor’s movies didn’t win.. so bollywood dumped him.. poor guy.. I saw him for first time in the movie: Dil vil pyaar viyar.. I’m not sure if the name is correct but it was quite a good movie, with a remake of some old songs, except some scenes weren’t so good specially the first song: Auh hasina zolfo wali.. remake of Shammi Kapoor’s song in Tesri Manzel, that one was not good

  • no fathia
    nayak is good movie one of the best movies out of the indian cinema do rewatch and you will realize that the reality applies to us
    i agree with you that this guy who is a tv presenter in real life he hasnt been given his due rightsin fact he is much better than ranbir kapoor and shahid and th other generation the only actor after srk whom i like
    infact i discovered him through his movie which
    are wrong number
    tum bin
    kaun hai jo sapnomei aya
    and naam gum jayenga
    alla are good films
    no fathia this film is very good and
    the pecuilarity about this actor is that some of his songs equals that of srk
    a case in point
    and his acting is natural
    the audience are blind or they dont give him attention but all i can sy is that hes agood actor his name is rakesh bapat
    us larki pi aya hai and many more just finish it its worth watching i wtched yesterday on tv
    and the song us larki is my fav song in it

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    And.. just ignore this Nitesh.. when u ignore him he’ll stop.

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