Ra One Poster: Arjun Rampal

It’s finally official! Arjun Rampal has gone bald for Ra One and he looks menacing. Have a look at the latest poster from Ra One that features Arjun Rampal in his evil Red avatar.

Ra One Pictures

New Poster Ra One – Arjun Rampal

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  • Villan powerful than a hero..Thats a rarity now a days..coz ..actors like Salman are impossibly potrayed as a person who being a normal man can beat 50Goondas at a time..

    This time..for better and for a change it’s gonna be one on one..battle

    G.One vs Ra.One

    Battle begins on 26th Oct..Come watch Raavan Die in 3-D

    Long Live King Khan..

  • @Indicine
    Just found out Ra.One full length trailer 2mins..Very Nice.. Plz Share it..
    Its Cam Recorded though..but is still helpful..


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