Punjabi Mast Song Video – Action Jackson

The Punjabi Dance number  ‘Punjabi Mast’ from Action Jackson featuring Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha is out. Prabhu Deva makes Ajay dance, Sonakski is her usual self and the lyrics don’t go too well with the song.

Music has been composed by Himesh Reshammiya.

Song Video: Punjabi Mast
Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya
Singer: Ankit Tiwari, Himesh Reshammiya, Vineet Singh, Arya Acharya , Alam Gir Khan, Neeti Mohan



  • @ajay rocks…wow!! aab toh hum brothers hai!! my mom is Indian my dad Nigerian (highest populated black race country in d world)…believe me bro he is such a big star here!!! I have been admiring ur comments ever since am kind of new here but I have sound knowledge and up to date with Hindi movies!!! INDICINES… comment then can’t b repeated again…bankable?? I rememberd! 2 times natural award winner at age 27 and 31….5 100crores!! natural versatile actor for years!!! let’s ask indicine this question.. 1st of all we ajay fans hardly critize superstars that are really respected yes b it srk a amir Salman… unless they bring some useless points like arjun kapoor!! a real cameolean!! 2nd…a bankable star even as back then…let me ask indicine this….in your life which actor beside ajay will bachan sahab in khakee will agree to get bashed up by another actor while lighting a cigarette every time he punches megastar amitabh??? non than AJAY!! even jaya bachan said ajay is d new angry man of his generation(wot a compliment)…also hasn’t acted with srk but with 3 other superstars….remember ishq with aamir indicine? Ajay had d more powerful role with more songs…d film concluded with kajol kissing ajay and stopped there!! remember hum dil due chuke sanam?? with Salman?? its not Salman that told her to go to ajay instead ash told Salman she is leaving him and going back to Ajay!! d hero got ash back!!! suhaag ….akki was supporting everyone knows!! insaan… akki called ajay sir truout d movie and even got some bashing from ajay…film ended with ajay walking in FRONT while akki and tushaar behind him in d police station!!! kkakee…ajay was to big to shoot akki instead his girlfriend ash had to shoot him!! sos vs jthj??? should i still say anything lol?????my friend indicine actors do get flops its normal but remember if he wasn’t bankable his roles wldv been far lesser than d above super biggie stars!! but still despite all these… we ajay fans don’t make noise that he is bigger than these actors cos we leave wit for d published to watch and see wit their eyes….yes d 3khans are up there due to popularity etc but once in acting skills AJAY is up there wit them!! still waiting for one of them to win 2national award. apart from bachan sahab who already achieved. that!! remain blessed!!

  • @ajay rocks I agree with you, I think they are always biased towards khans and hrithik,even they are also against akki too.I still remember once on their article for top stars and their films,they write for Ajay by degrading him in words like “Ajay have Rohit shetty”.That was utter nonsense by any admon who runs a Bollywood site. Every actor doesn’t have destiny to be top like others, But if he able to carry his career so that he still can have good grossing film,having 5 films in 100cr club even before srk or Aamir can enter them. I believe in boi so for me he has 4 film in 100cr.They once said sos wasn’t a 100cr grosser but their makers claim that,than what is hny or k3,aren’t their maker claimed their film 200cr grosser.No doubt Rohit has strong contribution for Ajay success but is Ajay didn’t contributed him to made him one of leading director so a 3.7billion fans club actor himself called him t make a film with him.
    Indicine always talks about Srk clash winning streak but they never talk about Ajay same achievement.Looks his clashes.
    1992-Phool Aur kaanter against yash ji lamhe.
    2008-Golmaal returns with fashion
    2009- All the best against Blue,MAMK
    2010-Golmaal 3 vs action replay
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    @Arjun kapoor-Ajay last hit without Rohit shetty was sos,before that Ouatim.Both were not solo but their he was the main attraction lead hero.

  • @Arjuna kapoor…and who brought rohit shetty into limelight????..and which movie was rohit shetty solo hit before AJAY got 2 highest award in India????? Don’t worry take your time if u have d guts to name rohit shetty 1st solo hit b4 a a 2 time national winner based on ACTING SKILLLS AND TALENT!!!!! we r all waiting for d response…..let me answer your question so that it will be fair that both of us are not cowards for not giving an answer…..it was SOS!!! And we all know that SOS was released wit a more screen count movie and a superstar…. Natija??? Natija…. It gave jthj a run for its money and was a clean HIT and entered 100crore club!!!! Now ur turn to answer?????

  • not so attractive even full album is not attractive I thought the songs there in album will similar to be son of sardar chartbusters himesh chutiya ho gaya hai bakwas music

  • @ Indicine….Ajay Devgan is a 2 time National Award Best Actor winner…I guess khans/Kapoors/Roshans/Kumars do not have these. He is the most versatile actor in Bollywood….If we can pay around $8 to watch craps like HNY, then AJ must be watched also

  • @Arjuna kapoor….agar to sach mai ek mard hai…pls post that comment u made on ajay devgn at akshays site here where it all started!!! big fool to say Arjun kapoor varun will overtake ajay and akki without answering my question..how many hits rohit gave b4 ajay won 2national award!!! am gonna bash u any where I see ur negative comments that r senseless!!! darpok!!! dusra site meh ajay ka insult karta hai…..

  • @sani d I hv nothing against akki and ajay but I was just reacting to ajay rocks nonsensical cmnt that aj songs r great,aj will b blockbuster while he is pathetically bashed a loved film like hny.and y did u say @sir emraan hasmi to not tok about emraan films on akki page?aren’t emmy,arjun,varun also stars.and yes youngistaan will overtake akki and ajay within 12 months.

  • @Arjun Kapoor,just read careful @sky and @Sani’ s reply.. hope you will understand now.
    @Indicine, I dont why you havent posted my comments.

  • @kapoor….u r a big fool!!! at akki site u said rhandbir and co are bigger actors than ajay now u r saying in 12months time they will b bigger?? u asked ajay rocks about rohit shetty giving ajay big hits and u can’t even answer d question…how many hits rohit had b4 ajay won nat award 2times??? don’t u understand English? or your English is like arjun kapoors English in gunday or ishaaqzade?? who r u to judge wat ajay rocks predicts for a superstar that belongs to d 30crores club single day stars!!! almost 9milkion viewers of action Jackson trailer in 2weeks compared to happy new year trailer of 5million on you tube…goggle now and see!! rock on KEEDA… 1milluon plus just on 1st week…PUNJABI..338000 just in 2days!!! @ajay rocks….BLOCKBUSTER!!!! just ignore this foolish shameless arjun…. he dosent really understand good English that’s y cldnt answer d rohit shetty question!!

  • @sani d ok u won the argument.rk is nt a superstar.arjun cant act and cn nv bcm a star.aj trailer is great and it will bcm a huge blockbuster.

    nw njoy ur life and let me njoy mine

  • @Sani, well said Bruh.
    Everyone on indicine knows who is arjun kapoor??? So I dont waste my time to write a reply foh him.
    Btw welcome Sani bro we need more Ajay fans here.

  • @ajay rocks yes everyone knows who I m.I always call a spade a spade and never show biasedness towards any actor like u.I hv nothing against ajay devgn but I simply hate his stupid fans like u

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