Punjabi Mast Song Video – Action Jackson

The Punjabi Dance number  ‘Punjabi Mast’ from Action Jackson featuring Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha is out. Prabhu Deva makes Ajay dance, Sonakski is her usual self and the lyrics don’t go too well with the song.

Music has been composed by Himesh Reshammiya.

Song Video: Punjabi Mast
Music Director: Himesh Reshammiya
Singer: Ankit Tiwari, Himesh Reshammiya, Vineet Singh, Arya Acharya , Alam Gir Khan, Neeti Mohan



  • @kapoor….u r a big fool!!! at akki site u said rhandbir and co are bigger actors than ajay now u r saying in 12months time they will b bigger?? u asked ajay rocks about rohit shetty giving ajay big hits and u can’t even answer d question…how many hits rohit had b4 ajay won nat award 2times??? don’t u understand English? or your English is like arjun kapoors English in gunday or ishaaqzade?? who r u to judge wat ajay rocks predicts for a superstar that belongs to d 30crores club single day stars!!! almost 9milkion viewers of action Jackson trailer in 2weeks compared to happy new year trailer of 5million on you tube…goggle now and see!! rock on KEEDA… 1milluon plus just on 1st week…PUNJABI..338000 just in 2days!!! @ajay rocks….BLOCKBUSTER!!!! just ignore this foolish shameless arjun…. he dosent really understand good English that’s y cldnt answer d rohit shetty question!!

  • @sani d ok u won the argument.rk is nt a superstar.arjun cant act and cn nv bcm a star.aj trailer is great and it will bcm a huge blockbuster.

    nw njoy ur life and let me njoy mine

  • @Sani, well said Bruh.
    Everyone on indicine knows who is arjun kapoor??? So I dont waste my time to write a reply foh him.
    Btw welcome Sani bro we need more Ajay fans here.

  • @ajay rocks yes everyone knows who I m.I always call a spade a spade and never show biasedness towards any actor like u.I hv nothing against ajay devgn but I simply hate his stupid fans like u

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