Has Happy New Year under performed at the box office?

Question: Has Happy New Year under-performed at the box office? It was expected to collect 250 crore in India and become the highest grosser overseas given the way it was promoted – Rajesh (Chicago).

Answer: A film that has grossed more than Rs 330 crore worldwide in just 13 days cannot be called a under-performer. Like Bang Bang, Happy New Year too is being perceived as a film that hasn’t live upto expectations, not because it has fared poorly, but because the pre-release expectations both within the trade and amongst fans was unrealistically high – which is the case with most big releases these days.

A star can only bring his audience to theatres in the first 2-3 days, after which the content takes over. Happy New Year took a extra-ordinary opening, but failed to sustain well enough over the weekend and during its first few weekdays. But the film has now held steady and picked up on holidays.

Happy New Year will finish its run as the 5th highest grosser both in India (after Dhoom 3, Krrish 3, Kick, Chennai Express) and the overseas markets (after Dhoom 3, 3 Idiots, My Name Is Khan and Chennai Express). Worldwide, the Shahrukh Khan starrer could beat Salman’s Kick, depending on how well it does in its 3rd weekend.

Overall, Happy New Year is a profitable venture for all involved.

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  • it perfomed well in india but a little bit low in overseas bcoz hny is hugely promoted in overseas. …overall hny performed extremely well. ..also hny has better word of mouth than chennai express , dhoom 3 and on par with kick….

  • thank u indicine for this article.hope this will stop all the nonsense said about hny by haters.yes wom is slightly mixed but it is still very much on the positive side.I and my friends laughed our hearts out while watching this film and it has also got a superhit verdict despite not being a typical srk film

  • thank u ranbir for praising hny despite Being a bhai fan.hope other bhai fans like navin,anand and yuvraaj learn from u

  • yep hny is underperformed bcoz look at the budget 150cr same like d3. diwali festival always + point. but still movie is struggling everywhere…
    reason behind this collection is wom is not so good, length, farah khan.
    that’s why movie is underperformed.

  • from my point of view- An SRK starrer has underperformed Big Time, but a Farah directorial has exceeded expectations. hahaha

  • srk will b d first actor to give back to back 200 cr grosser…. shows his cinsistency nd smthng dat no actor has achieved so far..

    his 2nd back to back blockbuster…. nd it has grossed 350 cr + wrldwide..

    aftr hny crossing 3 idiots… srk will have 2 movies in top4/5….

    his next film fan nd raees will show his acting ability
    nd rohit shetty directed movie will do humungous business….


  • it will collect 210cr, only because of SRK.

    it will collect 210cr only, because of Farah.

    comma ka kamaal.

  • Yeah collections are slightly disappointing. Though we can’t call it an under performance as it is heading towards 200 cr + in India and 350 cr + gross worldwide, but It didn’t live up to the pre-release expectations. A movie starring one of the biggest superstar of the industry, with 5000 screens could have performed even better but the lengthy script ruined it completely. Even I expected it to collect at least 250 cr on Indian B.O. But now its impossible.
    Anyway congratulations SRK for two back back to back 200 cr movies and all the best for Fan and Raees.

  • Actually hny did well and it will did better if it reports well lykes of dhoom 3 bcoz second day and third day in the range of 35-38 and weekdays have got atleast 2 cr difference which was not case with dhoom 3 and hny makers surely not want a krish 3 controvery showing a gross figure type number…

    Before release hny had much more negativity like teesmaar kha 2 players 2 and its a srk movie so high expectations to break D3 collection not ce as salman fans

  • @Arjun Kapoor ohho Srk fan..Then what will u say abt Bang Bang at which u and some fans bashing throughout its run and said it was underperformer…Double standards of Srk fans

  • Gud answer Indicine. I like your straight forward and reliable answers and Now haters will start barking and saying this is SRK sites. Way to go Happy New Year 210crs to 220 crs on card. King Khan Rocks

  • HNY might have under-performed considering the huge expectations but its still a super-hit (and could be blockbuster) and thats better than 99% films of other stars.

  • Reason of failure –

    1. Srk promised that movie is huge with great action scenes but it seemed after watching that it is not a very costly or huge affair, although movie was entertaining but not huge.

    2. No original dialogues mostly copied from old srk movies.

    3. Length of the movie and introduction scenes were boring.

  • If this movie was done by any other actor like Salman or Aamir it would struggle to collect 150cr in India and 50cr in overseas… just becuase SRK is in it, HNY has done 350 cr business …#srkpower

  • Look at the standard king has set even if his movie cross 200cr ppl will say movie did underform. Jai ho 110cr and talash 90cr its okay but hny 200 cr still underperfom thanks sallu fans for expectig more from king.

  • well under performance @ box office will require all those calculating parameters like budget+satellite view -…..bla bla bla…I don’t know but I think d budget was around 130crores?? but I think for d numerous records it broke I will say it fared well in India and overseas. ..and put lots of smiles on srk fans only that people always want a particular actor to cross d lifetime of another!!!! in my personal opinion I think actors like aamir srk Salman ajay akki and hrirtik there is no need of comparing records…cos they have already won hearts of their fans and reached their present apex status most important for more than 15(hritik case) to 25 years!!!! people keep on fighting here esp d fans while their mega stars are collecting big bucks and have mutual respect for each other!!! finally my honest answer whether it performed well at box office? content wise I know srk can do far better roles than this but doesn’t mean he did bad bcos it is what Farah khan offered him…its something unique he tried and d role charlie could only b done with ease by srk! box office yes it performed very well but again knowing srk he can collect far more(230-250crores) with his next ventures with a more qualitative script!!


    and those who are saying it’s under performed…yes its underperformed…..but still it is collecting 210cr+(in domestic)..
    an undrperformed movie of SRK is collecting 210cr+ in domestic and close to 100cr in overseas…..what about criminal salman’s
    underperfomed movie which is also rleased in 2014???…111 cr in domestic??..and it could not get hit status aand disaster in overseas
    1)pre release negativity surrounding HNY (crap,disaster director farah whose last film TMK was disaster etc)
    2)negative reviews and negative word of mouth
    3)release of Tamil superstar Vijay’s Kaththi(which collected over 100cr) has affected the collections in south India
    4)release of FURY(Brad pitt starrer) and Gone Girl(which has good review and oscar winning director david fincher)
    has affected the overseas collection of HNY(still HNY IS HIGEST GROSSER IN OVERSEAS 2014)
    with all these things, HNY collected more than 210cr+ domestic ,close 100cr overseas and close to 400cr worldwide
    just think haters ,what would have been the collections , if HNY had positive reviews and positive word of mouth
    #Waiting for FAN & RAEES(with good directors and gonna be a cult film)

  • Of course, it is an under-performer! The reason why the makers released the film on the second day of the diwali was to break opening records. And to continue with the buzz created because of the record breaking opening! But the film failed. The makers thought it would be liked as CE was! Who will want to see SRK-DP pair again and again! Besides, hny was a three hours tortures!

    @Indicine, if you are in film business, kindly note that besides the star-power, aggressive promotions also ensure a big initial opening! The makers of HNY promoted everywhere possible for 10 months. I have never seen any Indian film promoted to that aggressive extent!
    It is absurd to predict HNY will earn 47 Crores more worldwide when the film has declined without any competition. And now, Shaukeens and RangRasiya will be released tomorrow!

    • @Anand_The Original, you are talking about perception. We are talking about economics.

      And no, the film wasn’t promoted for 10 months. Movie marketing as a whole is over-rated. It can create awareness, but if the star-cast, trailer and songs does not excite the audience, people won’t watch.

  • @sandy oh wow then why jthj,don2,ra1 failed to cross 125cr even in holidays lol first tell him to release movie in non festive season,without any big promotion,or heroine i can give gurantee that 60cr would be difficult .too much fun.

  • Hny worldwide till now 350cr. If hny do 205cr domestic n $15million in oversease which seems posible then worldwide gross 380cr plus means kick record broken

  • Upcoming movies 2014-15 which will be most loved ones:-
    1)ungli 28 november
    3)mrx 3d
    4) hamari adhuri kahani
    5) azhar biopic
    6) udta punjab
    7) fan
    8) raees

  • @Chulli, R u suffering from selective amnesia? SRK is not the only first actor have back to back 200 Crores! Abhishek Bachchan is also another first actor to have so. D3 & HNY! Prove me wrong. Besides, Abhishek has overshadowed your king in HNY. Above all, the antique washing machine has not crossed 200 crores yet.

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