Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico extends to 22 more episodes

Priyanka Chopra has certainly been at the top of her game since the past few years. 2015, has been huge for her with Bajirao Mastani doing great and her American TV debut, Quantico releasing all over the world.

Well, on one side we had news that Bajirao Mastani has surpassed the collections of Dilwale and now we have news that Quantico has been given the green light for another 22 episodes.

Priyanka herself revealed the news “From March this year it’s going to be Season 1. We were supposed to have 13 episode but it’s done really well, we have gone to around 100 territories around the world, dubbed the show in 44 languages including Spanish, Italian, German, SE Asia, so it’s become a really big show which is why ABC has extended it to 22 more episodes for one season.”

And for those who haven’t yet been liking the series, Ms Chopra said that the next season will be bigger and better. She said, “The upcoming twists and turns are unbelievable. I have only read till episode 14 and now they are writing as they go along to how people react to the characters. Alex will also change. There will be a lot that happens to her because of what has happened to her.”

“The second part in March will start with when Alex is back with the FBI. Alex Parrish as a character for me was hard to do because I am an Indian-Indian not an Indian-American. Going into another country and presenting to them a show which is on my shoulders was challenging. Initially I was very scared of how I would be accepted. Playing an Indian girl with an American accent was tough,” she added.

With not a lot of movies of Priyanka to look forward to in 2016, apart from ‘Jai Gangaajal’, her fans should definitely tune in to watch Quantico.



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