Priyanka Chopra returns next week to complete Bajirao Mastani

Priyanka Chopra, who was until now busy with her international debut American TV series ‘Quantico’ in the US, will be returning back to India to complete shoot for her upcoming film ‘Bajirao Mastani’.

“Ep2 Quantico starts Tom! Phew.. Breakneck speed! Back to Bajirao Mastani next week..Gotta finish episode..learn lines…sleep…Gn world. Zzzz” Priyanka tweeted.

Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, ‘Bajirao Mastani’ is a period drama featuring Ranveer Singh as Maratha warrior Peshwa Bajirao I. Deepika Padukone plays his love interest Mastani. Priyanka Chopra essays the character of Bajirao’s first wife Kashibai.



  • Bajirao mastani sureshot disaster..

    Only tamasha will do more than 200cr in last 3 months of 2015..

    Bajirao, Neil nitin mukesh Paayo and Dullwaale r flops/avg/disasters..

  • Ranbir Fan
    You idiot. Your star is vanishing. Slowly slowly with every movie he creates a new disastrous record.
    Has your fav hero’s Tama(cha) movie even crossed the views in so many days that PRDP has crossed in 1 day. Think and comment you Moron.

    Ranbir Fan tu to gaya. Bas comments check krta rahiyo. Bade sundar reply milenge tujhe.

  • Lol is tht th news! boss u better give us news wat she’s doin in US wer she’s getting hammered by huge huge…d..k haha…

  • BM will be another Hit of 2015..
    Last Quater of 2015(Probably Hit):-
    1. Singh Is Bling,
    2. Shaandaar,
    3. Hera Pheri 3,
    4. Tamasha,
    5. Bajirao Mastani,
    6. Dilwale(SRK)…..

  • I’m sure this Ranbir Fan is none other than No. 1 Chameleon, SomeBuddha Mukkachhee. ? ?
    Kuch toh sharm karle, Arjun ke one and only fan. ? ?

  • Really proud of her.She has made India proud globally with her stint in Quantico.A very rare achievement for an Indian to play a lead role in an American TV series .Just watched her recent interviews she speaks so well and is so comfortable with the accent.

    Waiting for Bajirao..I mean waiting it to become a disaster

  • BM aka Saawariya 2 Shoot is yet to be completed whereas they released posters , trailer , songs & started promotion. LMAO! we know y but still it’ll be 4th back to back flops for Chichora Ranveer.

  • BM has released everything except the film itself — from multiple posters, graphic teaser, trailer, song … , every damn thing ! Still failed to gain any attention , lol !

    On the other hand, Dilwale hasn’t even released the theatrical poster yet ! But still there is unbelievable craze around Dilwale !!!

  • Waiting for PRDP and Bajirao Mastani.
    PRDP- 350 crore ATBB
    BM- 170 crore Superhit
    Dilwale- 120 crore average/flop
    Historical masterpiece BM will thrash Diwale.

  • @js,OK if pav bhajirao will win the clash then you’ll leave indicine if not then we’ll leave,accept the deal or make yourself a big joke here,ROFL.

  • @sss You were screaming 300 crore everywhere during HNY. What happened?
    Free weeks, Deepika, YRF distribution, Diwali holiday, Farah (MHN director).
    Srk poor stardom means HNY only did 176 crore. That too only bcoz of above factors LOL.
    This time no free week, no Diwali, no Deepika, Bakriwale will flop big time.

  • @Js Please Please go through some of Jai ho articles when Bhai fans were expecting it to break D 3 record rofl!!

  • @js wot about ur jail ho..
    inspite of republic day weekend open weeks massy film..favourable storyline and patriotic theme it failed to cross
    hny atleast did 176cr(acc to u though officially it did 204crs)…but jail ho was a flop/below average and did 112crs (though i know itz above average/semi hit)

  • Jai Ho- Salman, flop actress, flop director, poor trailer, poor songs, poor production value, non holiday, poor reviews
    JTHJ- Srk, TWO top actresses, great director, good trailer, chartbuster songs, great production values, Diwali, good reviews
    Still Jai Ho beat JTHJ. Thats the power of Salman. No Yrf made bakri can challenge him.

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