Aamir posts funny video, talks about his state after eating Punjabi food

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has tweeted a video of a cute monk kid falling asleep while the morning prayers are on.

Aamir said “What a cute kid! This is exactly how I feel after eating Punjabi food everyday for lunch, here in Ludhiana!”

The actor has been shooting for his upcoming film ‘Dangal’ in Ludhiana. The film went on floors last week.

Dangal will release in theatres during Christmas next year.

In response to Aamir’s tweet, actor Anil Kapoor said the video is a “MUST WATCH”. So go ahead and watch it!



  • Its funny and the boy looks tired and exhausted why they put them into so much stress hmm. Aamir khan will luks like that when DILWALE becomes an ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER this christmass since he thinks chriatmass belongs only to him

  • Records or not, hope it is another cult classic from Mr. Perfectionist, like Lagaan or RDB.
    Christmas 2016 is too far away. ?

  • Very cute and funny video . The Boy in the video is looking extremely cute and adorable . Really kids are special . Welcome to Punjab Aamir . Punjabi food and hospitality is something which is famous not only in India but also in the entire world . I am happy to see Aamir consciously updating his fans about Dangal . Some people accuse Aamir for not mixing up with his fans but now he is doing exactly the same . I hope Dangal turns out to be the Best movie of AK in this decade . I am not concerned about Box Office Collections and Records but if the content is solid the records will be broken . I am having a feeling that Dangal will disappoint me unlike PK because i had too many expectations but the movie was ok .

  • Lol, from where it is funny? Have seen many videos like this but they all were extremely real but this one Looks scripted to be honest. means as fake as amir & his tears.

  • My predictions for dangal.(if releasing on 23dec,without clash)
    Lifetime-Around 190cr
    Note:predictions with positive Wom
    Aamir is a superstar
    But not a megastar without hirani and dhoom brand

  • lol. That was funny. It reminded me of Mr. Bean in Church episode, where Bean dozes off and drools on an old man sitting near him. :)

  • but after desperate promotions too,this movie will be rejected by people due to absence of raju papa/brand dhoom/south stealing script.so after this mistake ,amoor will never release any of his movie on CHRISTMAS.

    CHRISTMAS 2017: DON 3


  • Poor kid but I know exactly how he feels- I experience the same drowsiness/ tiredness everytime I come across a comment of Complan Boys….! ???????????

  • @11:13pm

    Post your shaadi dvd so we can all share your tears with you at that precise moment your dulhan sees you for the first time n runs away…! Promise we wont laugh (my fingersare secretly crossed)

  • You heard it here first folks, our own commenter “Navin” has completely lost it as he was seen pointing to a comment at 11:13 pm,to a comment that doesn’t exist!!! Our guess is that watching this hilarious clip has made him “LOL” and he now wants to see the wedding celebrations of any person to stop his laughing and start crying. Lucky for him, PRDP is just around the corner…This is Chand Nawab live from comment section.

  • How many years Sarook will take now to break record of PK ?

    For breaking 3idiots he took 4 years .so for breaking d3 4+4= 8 yrs and for pk 4+4+4=12 yrs.

  • This is UNBELIEVABLE… #PK crosses HK$ 5 million in Hong Kong… Week 5: Fri HK$ 107,188. Total: HK$ 5,105,109 [? 4.30 cr]. SUPERB! Taran Adarsh

  • @legend aamir khan: srk will break aamir’s record? What a joke. Even after 20 years he will chase aamir’s records.

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