Priyanka Chopra promotes Mary Kom on India’s Raw Star: Photos

Actress Priyanka Chopra who plays the title role of Mary Kom in her upcoming film, was on Star TV’s new show ‘Raw Star’. With Yo Yo Honey Singh as the judge and Bigg Boss contestant Gauhar Khan as its host, Raw Star has opened to good ratings on television.

Priyanka herself is known for her singing skills, what with the actress releasing two popular singles ‘In My City’ (2012) and ‘Exotic’ (2013).

Photos of Priyanka, Gauhar and Honey Singh below.

Priyanka Chopra promotes Mary Kom on India's Raw Star

Priyanka Chopra promotes Mary Kom on India’s Raw Star

Priyanka Chopra promotes Mary Kom

Priyanka Chopra promotes Mary Kom

Yo Yo Honey Singh, Priyanka Chopra on the sets of India's Raw Star

Yo Yo Honey Singh, Priyanka Chopra on the sets of India’s Raw Star

Yo Yo Honey Singh and Priyanka Chopra on the sets of India's Raw Star show

Yo Yo Honey Singh and Priyanka Chopra on the sets of India’s Raw Star show

Gauhar Khan

Gauhar Khan

Yo Yo Honey Singh on the sets of India's Raw Star show

Yo Yo Honey Singh on the sets of India’s Raw Star show



  • Honestly speaking,Mary kom trailer and songs look really dull to lacks the emotional kick that bmb,pst,cdi,lagaan etc sport films had.hope I m proven wrong and it bcms a hit

  • We need such movies to be our ‘Highest grosser of the year’ With Chennai express, kick, Dhoom 3 doing 200 cross we aren’t appreciating quality movies.

    I’d love to see Chak de india/3 Idiots on tv instead of spending 150 bucks on meaningless movies

  • @arjun kapoor are u mad marry kom’s album is one of the best albums of 2104 and its trailer was very good

  • @gj007 the day films like transformers,fast and furious,harry potter,spiderman,iron man,superman,avatar etc stop bcming highest grossing films in Hollywood instead of films like troy,warriors,argo,descendants,127hrs,hurt locker etc I cn bet that day even in Bollywood films like kick,ce,d3 will stop bcming highest grossing films of the yr

  • @arjunkapoor4 Mary Kom’s trailer is one of most promising trailer I have ever is also v.gud. dont know y are you saying this? probably due to f fanny whose music sucks…

  • Jai ho collected minimum 116 crore check below…..Jai Ho Four Weeks (28 Days) Worldwide Box Office CollectionTotal TilldateTrade Figures (28 days)India Collection:107.52 Crore NettFourth Week Collection: Rs 45 LakhsWorldwide: 177.496 Crore GrossThis still makes it 18th highest collecting movieof all time in India.Overseas:$ 6 MillionWeekwise Collection:Week 1:84.28 Crore NettWeek 2:18.29 Crore NettWeek 3:Rs 4.5 Crore NettWeek 4:Rs 45 LakhsProducer figures are not being shared due to low collections.Producer Figure ( Eros) 14 days:Total India:Rs 110.78 Crore Nettso 14 days total 110.78 3rd & 4 th week total producer figure may be 5.22 crore = 116 crore which is officiall figure of jai ho and i dntthink salman had charged 60 crore for this movie so budget is 65 crore and movie was a hit.

  • @Arjun Kapoor

    You’re right. Instead of being an Srk/aamir/Salman/akshay/Hrithik fan, I’m a proud Rajkumar Hirani fan. He need fan wars between directors. I’d improve our movies.

  • @indicine, UTV announced the release date of Hrithik’s MOHENJO DARO as 22nd January 2016!! why don’t you post it on your website ?? you posted so many release dates articles.

  • @gi007 I couldn’t understand ur last comment.btw wat I meant is not only in Bollywood but even in Hollywood escapist meaningless entertainers generally bcm bigger hits bcz ppl like to watch instant entertainment or paisa vasool kind of films in theatres more than thought provoking realistic films.

  • Films like fanny,tzp,barfi are v good and I like them more than meaningless films but its very natural that they won’t b as bigger hits like escapist entertainers

  • @Arjun Kapoor.

    Why compare bollywood with hollywood? We have our own talented actors, directors, writers. What I meant is, these so-called fan wars are responsible for movies like kick, chennai express grossing 200 crores.

    It’s better to re-watch quality movies on tv than spending bucks for meaningless entertainment.

  • @gj 007 hw u cn u say kick,ce became huge blockbusters bcz of loyal fans of srk,salman who watched the movie just to make it blockbuster!I cn bet u that no star has more than 5% loyal fans who will watch movies of their fav stars mvz for such stupid of the audience watch it only bcz they hv heard gd about the movie or trust that star for providing gd film.ppl liked kick ce thats y they became bb

  • Wats wrong in meaningless films becoming blockbuster?the primary goal behind making a movie is providing entertainment and I guess almost all section of audience enjoys watching such films thats y in both Bollywood and Hollywood meaningless entertainers become bigger hits than offbeat films

  • Loyal fans can’t make a bad film hit otherwise every film starring a superstar would hv bcm a blockbuster!Shame on u for saying such thing

  • @Arjun Kapoor.

    Shame? You got to be kidding. I just said we need movies like Mary Kom, Bhaag Milkha bhaag should become blockbusters. Hrithik had taken 1 year break for ‘Lakshya’

    Sadly Lakshya was a flop. Ashtosh and Srk had worked really hard for Swadesh and it failed to recover money. It’s sad when Chennai express collects 200+ crores and Swades bombs at boxoffice.

  • After a long time of HITS now its time to face a FLOP movie for DEEPIKA PADUKONE. Finding Fanny is not looking interesting, trailer was dull songs are not looking interesting and specially worst look of ARJUN KAPOOR dont know why he looks like same PRATIK BABBAR, if it will do something so just because of Naseer Ud Din Shah he is really a fantastic actor.
    And the guys who said Mary Kom is dull they are Sick, Mary Kom music is awesome and one of the best collection of 2014. Mary Kom’s trailer told that movie will have a hugely applause and may be it will enter 100 cr club. P.C Rocks Love yew P.C.

  • @ fazy yes we love to much P C . Arjun don’t talk rubbish about Mary Kom film will rock on box office .

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