Priyanka Chopra at Pre-Grammy Party: Photos

Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra was spotted looking gorgeous at the Pre-Grammy Party in Los Angeles, California. The actress has teamed up with American producer-DJ-composer Sam Spiegel.

After working with Pitbull and in the past, Priyanka is all set for her next.

“Studio day!!! So much fun!! As always! Making music is magical!! It never ceases to amaze me!! No some zzzzzzs,” Priyanka tweeted.

Check out the photos!

Priyanka Chopra at pre-Grammy party

Priyanka Chopra at pre-Grammy party

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra at pre-Grammy bash

Priyanka Chopra at pre-Grammy bash

Priyanka at pre-Grammy party

Priyanka at pre-Grammy party



  • Looking very sexy…
    Her songs are rocking too…

    Ever wondered that instead of lata, asha, alka, or shreya; PRIYANKA would have the honour of Grammy Nominations 3 times..

    Would love to see ARIJIT SINGH there too.

  • She can hardly sing but fair play to her in getting herself noticed across the pond….. Atleast she wont be stopped at US airports by authorities not knowing who she is unlike our Global King. RespexXxXx

  • all her songs are huge flops. They didn’t feature on a single chart. IT has been four years, and she has been able to release just 4 songs, and still indian media thinks that she is some kind of a global pop icon

  • Nice to see a die hard fan like Navin here,who just can’t stop mentioning srk at every post,rather than jerking off by watching bhai’s shirtless pics :-p

  • So Navin thinks American airport authorities know Priyanka? lol. And our ‘perfectionist’ aamir khan was stopped at the airport as well (#respectttt) as were other big names. And priyanka isn’t a muslim.

  • Lol some aamir/salman fans can’t stop talking about srk even in articles that aren’t about him. their lives must be so sad.

  • @sasa

    She cant sing which is her biggest problem. PS indian media will hype up anyone that goes abroad n never analyse what kind of impact they REALLY are making… From afar it looks like she is doing great but those of us in the know ie living overseas know the truth..,

  • @Navin Exactly.. same is the case with SRK… indian media shows him to be bigger than Tom Cruise in countries like Germany. I live in Berlin, and SRK starrer gets only two shows in one week, while a Tom Cruise starrer gets 8 shows in one day. Its high time indian media speaks the truth and not show what SRK or PC’s PR wants them to show.

  • @sasa, very less people understand hindi there.

    & the occupancy in those limited shows is higher than those of tom cruise. Even Berlin allowed SRK to shoot for DON 2 while they rejected Tom Cruise, Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt etc

  • @sasa eveyone knows the truth
    hollywood is far more popular n accessible to people.
    still if shahrukh is recognized n have made a place of his own…isnt it commendable???
    moreover we indians are hindi spaekers which isnt among the universal languages…so you cant xpect a bollywood film to collect a billion dollar or being watched all over europe n america

  • @Pokemon again a myth that has been spreaded by indian media…. george clooney shot monuments men at all important localtions in berlin… Steven Spielberg was here last September… shot the movie at all important political and historical centers……stop living in delusions……. berlin authority gets money from the producers…. it does not matter whether the movie has SRK or Tom Cruise.

  • @Pokemon : As for the occupancy, yes, it is not rocket science that if the movie has only two shows, then its occupancy will be higher.

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