Preity Zinta with Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 6: Video

Preity Zinta was on Bigg Boss 6 with Salman Khan to promote her upcoming home production Ishkq In Paris.  Preity looked gorgeous and her comfort level with Salman was evident. The two are good friends off-screen too.

Watch the Preity Zinta bits from Bigg Boss 6 below.



  • Salman always help his friends.

    Thank God that Srk’s film is not releasing with Preity unless Srk fans said that Salman promoting Preity’s film due to clash with Srk.

  • @lil wayne, do u really lyk ajay devgn ??? or u r jst favorin him coz he is against srk dis diwali ?? i wnt an honest ans frm u . vl u praise ajay devgn if he releases film against salman’s film ? i hope u vl giv wats in ur hrt n nt fake ans .

  • my sincere req to all fans of all actors, plzzz dnt comment unnecessary things , dis article is abt preity n salman, y bring srk or ajay or any oder actor here ?? if u wnt to praise salman, praise him , bt y insult oder stars ??? har page par wahi sem garbage dekh kar tang aa chuka hun, plzz guys do sensible comment n related to topic

  • @wiz khalifa rules. Let us just imagine an unfortunate but possible situation: you and i are best friends travelling on a bike or in a car and we suddenly meet with an accident and we both are in serious critical condition. We both urgently need blood & money for treatment, so suppose if we were to ask those things to salman & srk, who will be giving it wholeheartedly,willingly and instantly? Simple yaar with out any doubt salman khan and i bet you, srk wouldnt even care about it. That is the big difference between salman & srk. Salman has a pure heart of gold but srk’s heart is just a shiny plastic.

  • @ Indicine….You were supposed to be neutral website but I have noticed that you have found some sudden liking about SRK. Any post which is against SRk gets deleted…Any posting name which is against SRk gets banned for example you asked Selfish SRk to change his name or get banned when there are 10s of users using names where are abusing Salman. Salman won 2 awards in People’s choice awards and no mention here as SRk did not win any. You are fighting with salman khan fans as I read your comments to Aki in on of the other articles and you wrote to Aki “yes they are. But I wonder why you spend more time on SRK articles than your favorite star? Had to delete most of your comments. Next time, you will be blocked.” why because he is giving his true opinion about SRk. Never read you saying anything to stupid SRk fans who always Draw the first blood. Check every article and the first blood is drawn by some stupid SRk fan.

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