Preity Zinta talks about her new relationship and quitting Bollywood

She was once the queen of Bollywood and then after films like ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ and ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, Preity Zinta disappeared in the crowd. All that remains is her appearances during IPL matches, supporting her team Kings XI Punjab.

But, the actress says she is happy with her life right now and that she has found someone special ”I’m in a happy space with a happy guy. And I want to be as far from negativity as I can!”


This was the first time the actress came out of the closet about her current relationship and also spoke about her ex-boyfriend Ness Wadia.

The bubbly actress said “Yes, I’m in a relationship with someone nice. Finally, I have time for myself as the cricket doesn’t need me physically. I reached closure with Ness (Wadia). My glass is always full, never half empty and will remain that way.”

Preity Zinta talks about her boyfriend

Preity Zinta talks about her boyfriend

Talking about quitting the film industry at the very peak of her career, Preity said ”I quit when every top producer wanted to cast me, to become an entrepreneur. Why should an actress remain one all her life when she’s capable of so much more? If another NRI love-story came my way, I’d have stabbed the hero.”

Well we hope the actress has a pleasant life ahead and we wish her cricket team, Kings XI Punjab, the best for the current IPL season.



  • Why did she quit … ??? .. There r many talentless actors in industry …. She is better……!! ….

  • Kings X1 punjab is gud team becoz of aussie players …..!! … She smartly purchase aussie players ….! … Punjab means Singh ….!! ..

    So waitin for Singh is bling .. ..
    But 1st gabbar is back n brothers…
    !! ……..

  • Now why did Preity disappear ?
    Thanks to our Bhai !
    for FLOPS like ‘Dil ne jise apna kaha’ , ‘Heroes’ , ‘Jaaneman’ , ‘Chori chori chupke chupke’ , ‘Har dil jo pyaar karega’ .
    and if that was not enough , the epic DISASTER ‘Main aur Mrs Khanna’ .
    … Bhai not only creates careers , he also destroys careers !

  • Acting sounds a lot more fun than being an entrepreneur or getting married to a rich businessman. She could still have done that while acting. Anyways, her life.

  • Once she was my most favourite actress……she was so cute in koi mil gaya, kaal ho na ho, salam namaste, lakshya, cccc, hdjpk….I guess she given more successful movies in short span than Aishwarya or raani

  • I did not see her making a niche for herself in any field other den acting……
    Hopefully all will be good for her this time

  • She quit because her films flopped badly n no big ones were willing to cast her. She only got offers from B or C grade films.

  • @fake bhai fan, you’re not even funny. trolls are supposed to be funny but rehne de tumse na ho payega.

  • @Behen Me Fan : MAMK stars Preity Zinta. No wonder you must be a srk fan who is blind in Salman hatred. BTW except DNJAK all other movies were average or above average. If Heroes is Salman movie then Billu n Srk bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu are srk movies !!!!!!!!!

  • @Behen ke Fan : MAMK stars Preity Zinta. No wonder you must be a srk fan who is blind in Salman hatred. BTW except DNJAK all other movies were average or above average. If Heroes is Salman movie then Billu n Srk bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu are srk movies !!!!!!!!!

  • even she got bored with NRI luv stories… but 1 man doesnt….
    anyways salman helped her litrally gave money during heavy ipl losses…
    she really is talented… once she didnt knw mch about crickt n nw she talk lk exprt.. @ real bhai fan … ur too boring..ur dumbest srk fan

  • Lol.. Look at the comment of that retard bhai ka fan.. Preitys career was over after she worked with SRK in KANK.. :D

  • @Real Bhai Fan,rofl,you completely rocks bro,always post such comments.actually you missed her last film (ishq in Paris) in 2013 in which our bhai gave a special appearance and finally destroyed her career which was made by KING SRK.

    Really a very talented actress gave her debut with KING SRK’S DIL SE.but Her beat movie according to me is VEER-ZAARA.KHNH is also finest/one of the best performance.

    @marshall,actually He is very funny,but brainless peoples can’t understand the jokes because they like bulli’s jokes,lol.

    @hrithik,then kindly write your real name as.those peoples who are abusing you doesn’t like to abuse that name,after all that name is completely incompatible to brainless fans.

    @sid_original you too are brainless.KANK is not her last fact.after that she did a solo movie with bhai something like kisan or something which was a disaster.after that finally her career finished in 2013 with salman’s appearance in that film when sallu was at his career’s peak still can’t help Preity.

    Wishing Her a prosperous life ahead.once again want Her to alongside with THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD in silver screen/IPL.

  • She were one of the top Bollywood actress when bobby, sunny and Arjuna rampal like this kind of people she work with them and also with saif Ajay akshya hrithik like this kind of people ..

    She wasn’t famous with only khana she did her hard work with her work not with the actor ..
    She just got the film and then work started there was nothing like that I ll work with such a person who’s having hit film and super acting and lalabalabalabal

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