Preity Zinta likely to make a comeback after ‘Ishkq In Paris’ debacle

Actress Preity Zinta, who suffered huge losses as the producer of her film ‘Ishkq in Paris’, is planning to make a comeback to the silver screen after more than 3 years.

There are reports that the 40-year-old star has been reading scripts.

“Preity started reading scripts as she wants to face the camera again. She also has a few scripts which she wants to produce herself. And there’s going to be an announcement from her soon” a source was quoted as saying.

Preity was last seen in a special appearance in Saif Ali Khan’s Happy Ending, which unfortunately didn’t have a very happy beginning or end at the box office.



  • She is my first celebrity crush.I vividly remember watching Salaam Namaste in theatre just for Preity.Loved her performance in KHNH and VZ
    Even now whenever I see her “My Dil goes mmmmm”.

  • Obviously she will have to produce her films if she is again attempting to come back as lead heroine as I don’t think there is any producer out there who wants to make a film with Preity as the heroine

  • I loved her chemistry with Bhai.Together they gave Bollywood some of its biggest hits like Mamk,heroes,jaan-e-maa,dil ne jisse apna kaha

  • My favourite..Waiting for ur comeback..Naina of Kal ho na ho and Zaara of Veer Zaara are my two most favourite female performances of her..

  • Get Married and Get Settle in Life Plz.. Not Being Chauvinistic But no1 wants to see a 40 year old Actress.. Aishwaryas and Kajols take a Note.. Ya all look Pathetic on cameras now..

  • She was my most favorite actress during her good time.She was beautiful but I dont think that she will taste more success in bollywood.Her time has gone…

  • @Challu : Why you forgot Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karegaa and Chori Chori Chupke chupke which were moderate successful movies ? Double standards ?? Dont forget she first came in a Flop movie called as ‘Dil Se’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • She is my first crush.. I clearly remember watching Kal ho na ho numerous times just for her..
    One of the most beautiful actresses that Bollywood has ever seen.
    She has done many applause worthy performances in her career like-
    Kya kehna
    Kal ho na ho
    Salaam namaste
    Veer Zaara

    Apart from such brave performances in the movies, she also showed the world how brave she is in reality by standing up against the underworld
    She truly is an inspiration

    All the Best???

  • Salaam Namastey was start of her Down Fall after she gave a series of flops. There was a time Rani and Preity were most happening actresses sadly age caught up both and faded away. Kareena is the only actress who is rock steady despite getting married, even Ash fizzled out !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Preity is my first celebrity crush n still she is , for point of record s after madhuri, kajol n karishma anybody rule box office their only Rani & preity .
    She only one actress worked with all khans , hritik ,ajay, sunny, bobby ,akki with blockbuster movies .
    She still biggest favourite of salman , srk, hr, saif .
    She highest richest actress in Bollywood ( she earn Money by herself not like others actress made of money from their old business man husband)

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