PRDP vs Ghayal Once Again: Sunny to take on the might of Salman Khan!

Salman Khan’s ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ (PRDP) and Sunny Deol’s ‘Ghayal Once Again’ are set for a mega clash at the box office during the festival of lights.

Produced and directed by Sunny himself, ‘Ghayal Once Again’ is now confirmed to release in theatres in the second week of November, on the same day as the Sooraj Barjatya – Salman Khan film.

While PRDP is likely to be a typical Barjatya film with family values and traditions, ‘Ghayal Once Again’ is likely to appeal to the masses who love action films.

‘Ghayal’ was one of the most popular films of 1990. The Rajkumar Santoshi film had all the commercial elements for a masala potboiler and Sunny has promised to retain all the elements that made the first film a big success.


In a way, history could be repeating itself. 3 years ago, a romantic film ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ starring the biggest superstars in the country, clashed with Ajay Devgn’s ‘Son Of Sardaar’. While ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ did well at the box office, ‘Son Of Sardaar’ provided tough competition and probably went on to be a bigger success at the domestic box office.

However, Ajay is one of the top stars in the industry, while Sunny Deol has faded away in recent times. It’ll be interesting to see if Sunny can take on the might of Salman at the box office, because clashes against big films can sometimes work in favour of smaller films. ‘Son Of Sardaar’ got plenty of hype and media coverage because of ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ and so did ‘Haider’ last year when UTV decided to release their film against Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Bang Bang’.

A normal release for ‘Ghayal Once Again’ would have meant that the film would rely on word-of-mouth, but releasing against a Salman Khan film will ensure that the film stays in news, comparisons between the promos of the two films will be made and the audience will be well aware of the fact that the two films are releasing together. Also, Sunny still commands a good fan-following in North India – especially in circuits like Delhi/UP and East Punjab.

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  • JTHJ still took a very good start but didnt do as much because it wasnt as good as previous srk-yash chopra films.

  • 1st thing clash will not happen for sure…
    Everyone knows that..
    Sunny paaji n Salman r very good friends…
    sallu is very close to deols family…
    so just chill…

  • This is a big news . The name of the movie has been changed from Ghayal Returns to Ghayal Once Again . Ghayal is one of the most loved action movies of Hindi Cinema . Ghayal was a huge Box Office Success . It was the 2nd Highest Grossing Movie of 1990 after Dil . Sunny Deol got the Best Actor Filmfare Award and also got the National Award Special Jury . It also got the Silver Lotus Award which is the Best Movie providing Wholesome Entertainment . Sunny Deol was one of the Biggest Superstars in 90’s . Ghayal, Ghatak, Ziddi, Border, Jeet and Gadar were huge Box Office Hits . There was a time Sunny Deol got great success even in clashes have a look :
    1990 – Dil vs Ghayal – Dil was the Highest Grosser and Ghayal was the 2nd Highest Grosser .
    1996 – Raja Hindustani vs Ghatak – Raja Hindustani was an All Time Blockbuster . Ghatak was also a Hit .(I don’t know the verdict) .
    2001 – Lagaan vs Gadar – Gadar was an All Time Blockbuster and it was the Highest Grossing movie of 2001 . Lagaan was a Hit and the 3rd Highest Grossing movie of 2001 .
    So as you can see Sunny Deol has been successful in clashes but now he is not that popular as he used to be . People of 90’s will wait for GAO . By the way i heard that Ghayal Once Again will release on 13th November and Diwali is coming on 11th so if that happens it will not get any advantage of Diwali and the next day of Diwali which is a huge day for Box Office . So if Sunny Deol wants to do a clash then the movie should release on 11th i.e. Wednesday . PRDP will be a Family Drama which was the favorite genre in 90’s but it will be difficult today because youth is not interested in these kind of movies . Sooraj Barjatya has to do something exceptional . Salman is coming back to his Prem Avatar after 16 years . So are the audiences ready to Salman in such a character ? At that time Salman was 35 years but now he is going to complete 50 years . Die Hard Salman fans and Family audiences will watch PRDP . Masses and Single Screens will prefer Ghayal Once Again . So Best of Luck to both Sunny and Salman and i will hope there will be a exciting Box Office Clash between Salman and Sunny .

  • In my opinion, clash makes a huge difference to big films..

    1. Biggest factor is lower number of screens. First of all, being a Sooraj Barjatya film.. I think PRDP will be on the longer side.. atleast 160-170 minutes in length. So the shows will be less and Ghayal releasing with it means even fewer shows at multiplexes.

    2. Youth and masses will prefer Ghayal… if trailer of Ghayal is liked and it has this big film feel.. then PRDP is in big trouble.

  • Who cares about Ghayal? I mean seriously , this guy is starring, producing,directing it. What’s next? Singing? He is too full of himself. No disrespect, you were a legend, will always remain one, but you are no longer a star. Your time to shine is over. Face the facts. And besides, do you really think you can DIRECT it? Bring Santoshi in and I will watch it, otherwise no! And Santoshi, please stick with comedies as your comedies are the best with 0 percent crass which can be watched with families. Real family entertainers!

  • Biggest super star for media is srk.
    Originally in it is All three khan and hrithik after than rk akki nd ajay.
    With every film record r breaking than how srk is only big. Three khans nd Hrithik is also big

  • ghayal is one of my favourite movie but salman suraj movies are in my heart. prdp will punish salman haters.

  • Nice statergy from ghayal team to grab the eye balls by saying that it wil clash wit the mega movie prdp

  • yaar seem sunny has gone mad after back to back flop movies…
    if present of dharam bobby cant give even hit status how can ghayal can earn hit with clash with midas touch salman khan…
    First ghayal will not get screen and secong prdp will earn more than 300 crore…

  • i think this desicion has taken by ghayal returns team because they know clash with salman on diwali will boost their movie hype i know prdp will collect double than ghayal returns but it will dent prdp collections to go higher lets see what will happen.

  • even he was not able to give hit with gadar ek prem katha director….
    the flop of sunny continous….
    not ghayal once again…it’s flop once again…
    so there should b no comparision between movie earning 300 crore and 30 crore…

  • @indicine please tell present buzz and prediction of both movies….
    eagarly waiting…please indicine

  • I vote PRDP. Sorry sunny paji this time.
    And also don’t forget PRDP will be distribution by FOX STAR STUDIO. So they are book screen more than Gayal.

  • in first day prdp will collect 30 crore if clash and ghayal 5-8(due to srk fan or say anti-salman)
    2nd day prdp 35 ghayal 4-5(srk fan will regr8 for seeing ghayal and bcom ghayal in cinema hall)
    prpd 300-350
    Ghayal return 25-30
    mark my word…
    prdp all the way..

  • This clash will not happen because Salman and sunny paji both good friends if this happens ghayal will be biggest flop because he is Salman the one man army srk+kajol+kriti+rohit+varun+20 others – sher akela aata h or ……………… Then you all know

  • PRDP n Ghayal once again both wil be hit whereas prdp wil earn more if content wil be good. I mean more than a family drama

    on the other hand if sunny shows more than a one man army acting as in “the Hero” movie with film having more or less same content and appeal like ghayal than it can beat prdp

  • I will watch over thecourse of the weekend just like I watched SOS and Jab Tak Hai Mojo during 2012….

    PS glad I saw SOS first bcoz Kings comatose performance in Jab Tak Hai Mojo almost made me abandon Bollywood for good just like Yash ji…!

  • Clash wont happen but its good for now as Ghayal 2 needs media attention as the original was 25 yrs ago so amongst todays audience only kshitij stivastava may have seen it in a theatre in bhojpur…! Original film was good but on video n nowadays on tv it lost impact so cant wait to see what Sunny does in this film which on the big screen may look grand.

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