Police case filed against Ram Gopal Varma for tweets on Lord Ganesha

Ram Gopal Varma

On Sunday, a police case was filed against controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma for his objectionable tweets on Lord Ganesha.

The complaint was filed by lawyer Karuna Sagar at the Saroornagar police station in Cyberabad.

“We have registered a case against Varma. We will seek legal opinion before proceeding further in the case” inspector B. Naveen Reddy told reporters.

The complainant alleged that RGV has hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus by insulting Lord Ganesha through his series of tweets on his official handle @RGVZOOMIN.

The filmmaker was booked under four sections of the Indian Penal Code – sections 153 A (promoting enmity between different groups), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace), 505 (statements conducing to public mischief), and 298 (hurting religious feelings).

The controversial tweets of Ram Gopal Varma below

  • What did Ganesha do that his brother kumara dint do so that only Ganesha became god? Is it becos Kumara dint get head cut off like Ganesha?
  • Can someone tell me if today is the day Ganesha was originally born or is it the day his dad cut his head off?
  • Does Lord Ganesha eat with his hands or his trunk?
  • I would really love to know from Lord Ganesha’s devotees a list of what obstacles he removed in all the years they prayed to him
  • I have an innocent question…can someone please tell me how a Lord who couldn’t save his own head will save others heads?
  • Does Lord Ganesha eat much more than other Gods? My doubt is becos all the other Gods are either trim or muscular
  • Did Lord Ganesha have a paunch in his childhood too or did it develop in the recovery time of the elephant head operation?
  • Happy Ganesh chaturdhi. .may this day 29th aug bring prosperity and happiness to everybody so that there will be no problems from 30th aug
  • Can someone explain how someone can cut off a child’s head who was just trying to protect his mother’s modesty? Am sure devotees know better
  • All concerned pls undrstand tht my questions nd observations on Ganesha are coming from both my innocence nd ignorance on the subject matter
  • I would very much like to be educated on my queries on Ganesha by esteemed experts on the matter
  • I think my films are flopping only becos of my attitude towards Gods. ..I wish I can become a devotee
  • All tweets I put on Ganesha were in my usual manner but unintended by me to hurt anyone’s sentiments…but if they did I sincerely apologize


  • RGV deserves this and I don’t think either of his movie will become an average grosser , forget about hit movies.

  • RGV deserves this, This statement can hurt anyone and I don’t think either of his movie will become an average grosser now , forget about hit movies.POOR MAN

  • Very sad that such grown person who is well known personality asks his doubts on social platforms…If he doesn’t believe in Ganpati Bappa then he should have remained silent why to heart others sentiments…Really cheap way to get publicity…May lord Ganesha bless him with brain and knowledge of making good movies…GANPATI BAPPA MORYA..!!

  • What the hell… Yeh log har baat pe case kyun file kar rahe hai…
    Its a social networking site, he has every Right to post his opinions…. Believing in God is a personal choice … Thoda da fame k liye kuch b karte hai log… Even i dont believe in God n such things… I personally loved all those tweets.. Specially when he asked list of what obstacles he removed in all the years they prayed to him, i would really like to know the answer from devotees…

    How the hell did they file case for creating enmity between diff groups… He just asked abt Ganesh.. He never mentioned any other group…

  • Shame on RGV and people who are supporting him…yes,you may be an atheist but you have no right to hurt someone’s sentiments..and this imbecile idiot KRK even retweeted one of his tweets!!!

  • @ sachin 1425 rgv can ask his questions to specialist personally and what is need to tell happy ganesh chaturthi to all morons?
    he need to read our holy books before all this non sense.

  • What about the lovestory he was making???

    Who is the lead actor???
    Well there is one actor who is very good at romance,RGV should take him..

    200crs worldwide guaranteed

  • Side effects of globlization. Thats y i dnt like those people who always say to villagers moron, fools, low iq but i knw what if they r not well educated they are well in behaviour its enough. well educated rgv there are stories in every religions book and we have to take moral from those books.

  • Moronic naastik he is and forget abt average groccer,parinda v par nahi maarega iski filmo me btw ganapati bappa morya!!!

  • @Raj Singh, I am not saying what he did is right… He shouldn’t have asked such questions on twitter.. I totally agree… N he got a deserving response by everyone on twitter.. Everyone is ridiculing him on twitter… . But what is the need to file case on every such thing… Recently they filed case on Amir n now him… Also anyone who has read RGVs tweets know how much of an attention seeker he is… They should just ignore him n go on with their work… There are many other serious issues to b taken care of… Whoever filed a case is just an attention seeker n i am annoyed with people making issues out of these small n stupid tweets… Thats it…

  • Controversy king RGV is back! This jobless moron keeps making nonsense comments just to gain some attention.

    Better mind your own business idiot RGV!

  • I appreciate what RGV said.. Yeah in some sense his tweets are a bit hurting.. But everyone has there own rights of tweeting on social media.. If he dosent belve in ganesha den that isnt isnta big deal..thats his own opinion.. Even doctors ddoctors dont belive in gods so does that mean we all stop going to hospitals… No rite….. So let him do what he’s doing and it itwill b better if we all mind our own business…

  • Well,i even don’t believe in God. But i don’t say anything like that. There is a thing called “respect”. If you don’t believe,it’s okay. But atleast respect that thing where billions of people have their trust and faith!

  • @ Sachin 1495
    I will give u a pen if u write good humanity things i will apriciate u but if u abuse with pen u will get punishment. same for twiter.
    Aamir is my second favourite but i wrote against him when i saw him nude in news paper. what is the need and what he want to prove with all of this? he dnt know middle and lower class, children, ladies read news paper and what is Indians mindset for this thing. he can publicity on Intrrnet what he did but news paper i really hate this. and if u all thinks nothing is bad than plz turn back and live in stone age where no need for cloths atleast we will safe from polution.
    rgv want to know at this age tell him i will give him coaching for hindu dharm and my fee is he tweet his learnings from me.

  • I thought RGV was dead! He’s still alive. These RGV and KRK are of the people of the same boat. Well, some people may not believe in the God but to me, their new Gods are Charles Darwin and alike I.e. theoretical and hypothetical scientists…

  • @nipun, none of the ramgopal questions were hurting any religious sentiments. It is just hurting who are following religion blindly without any reasoning. Remember any Hindu child would have asked these questions to their parents but I am sure that their parents response was billions are people are worshipping Ganesha hence we must follow it.This is called blind faith.

    I want any educated Hindu to answer any of the questions posted by ramgopal varma with reasoning. No wonder why the world’s Hindu population was pushed from 3rd to 4th and nastiks have taken the 3rd place!!!!

  • OK! Keep God’s aside for while.

    @Indicine, you have covered SRK’s live show in Malaysia earlier this year. But you are not giving a single coverage of Salman Khan’s Opening of the Music of his film ‘Dr. Cabbie’ in Canada? People are going gaga over Salman Khan there.
    Why this biasedness?

  • fool rgv kartikeya is most famous god of south they call him murugan first u need to read about shiv and shiv parivaar. shiv has 2 kind nirakaar ( shapless) and saakar ( with shape) .

  • haha if he doesnt believe in ganpati tht doesnt make him a athiest guyz! But yeah i dont agree wit how hes askin questions on twitter !

  • why people don’t answer to him rather than jumping on him with allegation and law suit?? don’t they have any answers to him

  • i am an atheist. and according to me, believing in god is kiddish but insulting others believes is just as kiddish as well.

    being atheist doesn’t mean u should insult all religions. instead u can educate them on how man created god from the fear deep within his heart. if u learnt deep in human behavior, u would know this. but if not then google or wikipedia can help u.

    but a case being filed for some tweets is beyond stupid. hope someday mankind may learn that nationality & religion are useless & kiddish things to do.

    may science progress beyond limits & our children, grand children may have a better living than we do. just like we had a better living than our fore fathers.

  • Hey Guys if anyone knows the answers of RGV questions just let him know. why fight even if u dont know the answers… What a human being you are, if someone in doubt just explain him and he will be 100% in trust.

  • RGV is talented man no doubt but failures made him mad and he lost his mind…there is answer to each and every of his questions….Someone questioning a hindu GOD or Godess must know that GOD in hindu doesn’t only represent religion but they and their stories show us the path of ‘how to live the life’….

  • rgv ke sawaalo ke jawaab from last to first…
    13. rgv if there is not god for what u r living? do u have food from ur own? if u r hindu y didnt u read shiv puran, ganesh puran etc at ur kid age. are u an old uneducate man who dnt know read holy books but can write and bark on twiter.
    12. ur films flopped cuz u are not able to give peoples what they want god cant help u. if u believe in ganesh or any god u can concentrate ur mind on your work and this is the need for god to concentrate our mind on good things.
    11. plz come to here Indore i can teach u.
    10. we knows how inocent u are, thats y u choosed this date to tweet ur inocent questions.
    9. becuz ganesh only protect his mother and ignoring his father and as a husband it is right of shiv to meet his wife and he dnt had a proof that really ganesh his own son or not? may be he told lie thats y shiv cutted of ganesh head. and shiv is also called natraj so all this stories r give learnings to common people how to live in right way. shiv is called guru also he is teacher and teach everybody with his stories.
    8. yes there is no problem if u really concentrate your mind on god and good things if u failed u need to face rgv ki aag again.
    7. dev is not your kind of humans they r powers just like sun, wind, fire they dnt need operation u fool.
    6. lambodar means he has long belly yes he eat more than other gods.
    5. shiv cutted of his head when he was child and with limited powers but after this incident shiv give him powers. plz this all for a learning purpose mind this.
    4. prarthna karne se dhyaan badta hai aur dhyAan se durbuddhi door hoti hai. subuddhi achchhe sanskaar laati hai.
    prayer can help u to decrease nigative mind and increase positive mind and with positive mind u can face any problem.
    3. he use both trunk and hand so whats ur problem are u use ur legs to eat food?
    2. when shiv replace an elephant head and give him the name ganesh we celebrate that day inform of ganesh chaturthi.
    1. this is most foolish question kumar’s name is kartikeya and he is also a god.
    kartikeya is most famous god of souththey call him murugan first u need to read about shiv and shiv parivaar. om shree ganeshaay namah.

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