PK Worldwide Box Office Collections: India and Overseas

PKPK is on track to become the highest grossing film in the history of Indian Cinema. The film is just a few crores short of the 500 crore mark and could eventually be the first film to gross Rs 600 crore worldwide.

The Aamir Khan starrer has already become the highest grossing film in North America and is just a little short of becoming the highest grosser in Australia.

PK has also beaten the worldwide gross of Chennai Express to become the 2nd highest grosser ever, only behind the Rs 540 crore total of Dhoom 3. The film has also set records in the Mumbai circuit, where entertainment tax is highest in the country.

PK India Collections

  • First Week – 182.89 crore
  • Second Week (5 days) – 73.11 crore
  • Total Net Collections in India – 256 crore (after entertainment tax)
  • Total Gross Collections in India – 357.19 crore

PK Overseas Collections

  • USA / Canada – 50.4 crore
  • United Kingdom - 15.15 crore
  • United Arab Emirates - 23 crore
  • Pakistan - 12.9 crore
  • Australia and New Zealand - 10.3 crore
  • Others – 5 crore
  • Total – 116.75 crore

PK Worldwide Collections

  • India Gross – 357.19 crore
  • Overseas Gross – 116.75 crore
  • Worldwide Collections – 473.94 crore

Verdict – All Time Blockbuster (both in India and Overseas)



  • Top 3 Movies in North America

    1. PK – $8.34mi(12days)
    2.Dhoom3- $8.09mi
    3. 3Idiots- $6.5mi

    All Aamir khan starrer

  • 2010 XMas release TMK
    2011 XMas release Don2
    2012 XMas release Dabbang2

    Thier combined total in Overseas = $28M

    2013 XMas release Dhoom3 = $31M
    2014 XMas release PK = $30+M (Estimation)

    who is truly mega ster ?

  • Aamir khan Avg per movie $20M Overseas (last 5 movies)

    SRK in a whole career only crosses $20M once and Salman khan never crossed $20M

    Aamir khan is superstar of superstars

  • best movies of 2014 according to me
    4)dedh ishqiya
    5)ankhon dekhi
    worst movies of 2014
    2)action jackson
    3)bang bang
    4)its entertainment
    5)happy new year

  • These r unbelievable collections.Aamir’s last 2 movies Dhoom 3 and PK collections after adding r more than 1000 crores worldwide.Currently very difficult for any other actor of bollywood to give back to back 500+ crores worldwide grossers.

  • 600 cr is impossibe will go around 560-580 max i think.
    btw thanks for such a movie one can always expect from raju aamir combo.

  • congrats to pk team for the extraordinary performance of the film.

    @sajid kindly shut up ur mouth.throughout 2013 and 2014 u tortured the indicine users wid waiting for raja natwarlal and ungli comments and now u hv again started to do that for emraans upcoming films!!!

    plz forgive matter wat u do v won’t watch the upcoming emmy films just like v hd ignored his last 5 plz stop writing these
    ”waiting fr mr x,azhar,tigers” comments

  • Execept the other khans and hro,rk all other actors struggle to get overseas collections of aamir in india.
    akkiiiiiiiiiii !please wake up from the sleep and do good movies and promote them, why are you in love with money so much that even you don’t care to promote your films and leave everything thing to producers. Akshay is the only actor that doesn’t care his fans respect.

  • Another All Time Blockbuster for Aamir khan.PK created Babaal worldwide like Dhoom 3 created Dhoom worldwide last year same time.

  • as I know pk producer fig officially updated upto 11 days
    net – 246.66 cr
    gross – 335.37 cr
    overseas – 18.57 million – 115 cr
    total 11 days fig – 450.37 cr
    trade fig 11 days
    net – 241.5 cr
    gross – 320 cr
    overseas – 115 cr
    total – 435 cr
    but according to koimoi it was 11 day’s fig -469 cr
    don’t go with koimoi…
    they also shown wrong fig about hny and bb
    which hny – 383 cr
    bb – 340 cr
    but thanks to indicine team… they shown real fig
    which hny – 360 cr
    bb – 320 cr

  • 300 Cr in domestic, 200 Cr in overseas, 600 Cr in worldwide club open with pk.. Aamir we love U.. Legend of Indian cinema..

  • this year has been a year of dwarves!
    One dwarf (pk) is ruling indian box office and several other dwarves (the hobbit) ruling hollywood box office :)

  • Amir takes shelter of brand director or brand names of product to create history and collections let’s talk in his next project when he comes out of shelter.

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