Bollywood Best Actor 2014: Non-Conventional Role

On the last day of 2014, we pick 5 of the best male performance of the year in non-conventional roles:

HaiderShahid Kapoor (Haider): Shahid’s Haider was the most non-conventional lead hero of any commercial film of 2014. Part of the reason Haider is considered a cinematic masterpiece, is Shahid’s marvellous portrayal of the lead character. It is unbelievable how mature he has become with each passing role, and Haider seems to be at the top of the rung as far as performances go. Shahid goes from innocent to coy to a grieving son to a revengeful man to a mad revolutionist through the course of the movie. That journey itself is worth analysing.


Rajkumar Yadav (Citylights) – Rajkumar Yadav does things his way and does movies that make sense to him. He was great in Queen as Vijay but his best performance of the year came in the little film called Citylights (featuring the super hit song Muskurane Ki Wajah). He plays the role of a man who comes to Mumbai from a small village with high hopes of making it in the city of dreams. However, his world collapses in front of him because of his wrong choices. Rajkumar made the role and the string of events in the film believable through his method acting.


Randeep Hooda (Highway): Alia Bhatt may have stolen the limelight with her career-changing performance in this Imtiaz Ali directed film but that doesn’t change the fact that Highway wouldn’t have been half as good without Randeep’s Mahabir. The character first came across as an evil kidnapper, but when we got to know the back story and the stuff he had to go through as a child we start feeling sympathetic towards him and by the end of his time in the film we even shed a tear to two because of his demise. Hooda brought out that transformation deftly and showed his acting ability. His acting, his mannerisms, his posture were all in sync.


Sharib Hashmi (Filmistaan): Filmistaan was stuck in the pipeline for almost 2 years before seeing the light of day. We are thankful that it released, even if 2 years late, because we got to witness Sharib Hashmi’s fantastic acting. His performance in Filmistaan had shades of comedy, drama, and even a bit of action. He did win  hearts playing Sunny who is an Indian AD and gets kidnapped by terrorists near the Pakistan border in Rajasthan. Filmistaan, one of the best movies of 2014, deserves to be seen by one and all.

Ankhon Dekhi

Sanjay Mishra (Ankhon Dekhi): Sanjay Mishra’s performance in Ankhon Dekhi and the film itself is easy to miss. It released without much fanfare and disappeared from theatres in a week. Mishra played the patriarch of a lower middle class family in Delhi looking over his joint family with his meagre income. However an incident occurs which changes the course of his life. Sanjay Mishra was coy, easy-to-like and mature in his portrayal of Bauji. This was one of the best performances of the year and credit must go to director Rajat Kapoor for casting someone like Sanjay Mishra in the lead role.



  • same list…. no Doubt… Shahid’s Performance was just MINDBLOWING in haider… hope Next year in Top list.. top 2 best movies will be #FAN and #Raees…

  • where is tahir bashin from mardaani in ur list indicine?hw could u ignore that guy.he was outstanding as d villain

  • from ur list I will pick sahid as best actor in offbeat films .

    but plz publish an article on rise of box office clout of the young actors of Bollywood and how they r turning on to b a serious threat to our 2 loved superstars-akshay and ajay

  • I can’t understand d meaning of the word unconventional
    I mean aamir khan as pk-the alien was the most unconventional role this year without any y is aamir khan,tahir bashin ignored???plz add atlast aamir to the list

  • @indicine This is also my top 5 best actor list completely agree with this list.Great list all of them did outstanding job in their respective roles.Shahid made me a proud fan with his mindblowing act in Haider.

  • Very fare list indicine..much better than what’s going in nonsense award shows..
    I have watched 3 films out of this list,haider,CL,highway..
    Shahid was just brilliant in haider,so was rajkumar rao in cl..

  • @Indicine: Completely agreed with the List. Great article. Congrats.

    Also, I would like to take some other names too.
    1. Naseeruddin Shah in Dedh Ishqiyaa/Finding Fanny
    2. Randeep Hooda in Ranga Rasiyaa

  • King’s perfomance in hny also a non conventional one. Feeling sad to not seeing king’s name here….

  • Filmistaan is one of my Fav movies of 2014.
    There were 2 films who brought tears to my eyes. One was Highway,another was Filmistaan.

  • Next 2015 year
    it will be imran hashmi for tigers although it will not collect much at box office . Tigers director danis tanovic who defeated amir khan ‘s lagaan for oscars.

  • WORST 10 MOVIES OF 2014(including both smaller films and biggies):
    1. Mumbai 125 Km
    2. Action Jackson
    3. Zid
    4. Entertainment
    5. Hate Story 2
    6. Yaariyaan
    7. Roar
    8. Creature 3D
    9. Dawaat-E-Ishq
    10. Happy Ending/Happy New Year

  • Among the list, I have seen haider and highway only,Shaahid has given his career best performance and I wish he will get best actor award this year as Aamir doesn’t attend award function.
    Personally I like Randeep hooda more,this guys so much talent as an actor and he us becoming better and better every year,he was fantastic in highway and kick,haven’t seen Rang Rasiya buy his performance was appreciated by all.

  • @sajid ya sure mrx 3d will b a great film.infact it’s 3d tech will b even better than avatar3d while hak(humari adhuri kahaani) will bcm a bigger cult blockbuster than haak(hum apke hai kaun)!!!

  • @Arjun Kapoor: I watched that shit in last night. My friends had downloaded it. I have already lost some of my brain-cells and I suggest everyone to stay away.

  • I have just watched big star entertainment awards, from looking at big b’s face you can see his feelings because he knows it’s fixed. You can fool some people but not people like Big b who is intelligent.

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