PK vs KICK: Box Office Comparison between Aamir and Salman films

Box Office comparison between Aamir Khan’s PK and the biggest grosser of the year so far Salman Khan’s Kick.

Both PK and Kick took a similar opening in terms of numbers, at the box office. But PK overtook Kick by a distance at the end of its first weekend. In 5 days, PK†is ahead even though Kick had a huge holiday for Eid.

One other number that could prove to be interesting is the Eid vs Christmas holiday collections of the two films. Kick almost doubled its weekday collections on the Eid holiday. If PK manages the same, it could cross the 30 crore mark, thereby taking its first week total to 180 crore plus.



A few in the trade, who we spoke, are also expecting PK to become the first film to collect 100 crore in Week 2 – which is possible because the corporate bookings for the second weekend is incredibly good too!

Detailed box office collection comparison below.

Day 126.5226.63
Day 227.1530.34
Day 330.18 (Sunday)38.24 (Sunday)
Day 414.4121.22
Day 528.89 (Eid)19.36
Day 621.6619.55
Day 715.427.55
First Week164.21 crores182.89 crores
Day 89.22
Day 910.62
Day 1014.17 (Sunday)
Day 115.08
Day 124.21
Day 133.91
Day 143.80
Two Week Total215.22 crores
Day 151.97
Day 162.93
Day 173.91
Day 181.69
Day 191.35
Day 201.11
Day 210.95
Three Week Total13.91 crores
Day 220.53
Day 230.43
Day 240.61
Till Fourth weekend244.61
Remaining weeks11.01
Lifetime Collections233.6 crores182.89 crores (7 days)


  • @sss agree that Aamir was behind srk and Salman in 90 but your statement that he struggled for a hit was a childish thought.Yes I agree Aamir not huge in 90s still he had given two highest grosser with Raja Hindustani in 1996 which was his first atbb and Dil in 1990, in 1995 he had given 4th highest grosser of the year with Rangeela,1997 ishq also was 4th highest grosser, Ghulam was 6th highest grosser that year.Practically only 2000 was the year when Aamir disappointed with film like Mela which was in top 10 grosser of that year but was a poor movie.
    While look Aamir presense in film industry since his debut.
    1988- Qayamat se qayamat tak a cult film which was 2nd biggest hit that year open the market for love stories in 90ís.
    1989- Raakh a disaster film which provides accolades for Aamir performance beg him his national award.
    1990- Dil highest grosser of the year.
    1991- Dil h ki manta nahi again a cult classic film.
    1992- Jo jeeta wohi Sikandar which got best film award from Filmfare that year
    1993- Him hai rahi pyar ke a well made family film which again got best film award.
    1994- Andaz apna apna cult comedy
    1995- Rangeela again a classic success while Akele him akele tum was a flip but a superb movie.
    1996- Raja Hindustani — Atbb
    1997- Ishq again a superb comedy film and highely successful
    1998- Ghulam film got decent reviews and successful at no but Aamir performance highly appreciated.
    1999- Sarfarosh by far one if the best performance of the year and classic film,his other films like Mann and 1947 earth was flop but still termed a good films
    2000- Mela nothing to talk about a crap all together.
    So look from 1988 to 2000 he showed his presence solid in film industry while in some year he got great success while in some he had quality films but every year he given something great to audience barring 2000, and after 2000 hr is simply unstoppable.
    My problem is with srk fans that they always find excuses to undermine Aamir success instead of enjoying his success and achievement.This made me to downgrade srk films and success by giving the same excuses for srk success which their fans gave for Aamir.So its always been tit for tat for my side.
    #pk rocks

  • Expecting a 30cr day but whatever pk is going to created history in the year by surpassing all biggies like bang bang,singham returns,holiday,hny as per trade figure.Now only kick left which also will cross in 2nd weekend. great going pk.
    @indicine you said pk is growing in second watch,did you guys given repeat watch to pk,how you guys feel in next time.

  • Pk is just perfect movie with perfect performance.
    can salman khan act like pk and mnik RESULT NOT FOUND ERROR 404 FOUND.

  • currently week 2 record is of 68 cr + with dhoom 3………pk has to beat that and 3rd week has to be record breaking too for it to achieve 300 cr……

    really hard to predict but week 1 should 182 or so and after week 2 film should be around 260 cr…..if it can perform in week 3 (where dhoom 3 lost a bit of momentum) then 300 cr is definitely on…..

    ofcourse…100 cr week 2 is insane…..if that happens 300 cr is a certainty

  • Iam sorry to bust the burble but Salman is nowhere near srk in terms of popularity, and his isn’t good actor can’t lace the boots of aamir when it comes to acting . remember salman suddenly had an upturn the moment he fought with srk, don’t be ungrateful sallu fans the reason salman survives in bollywood is because of the rivalry he shares with legends like srk and aamir. If sallu was called salman ali he will be nothing but another jack bagnani.

  • P.k tuesday figure BOI – 19cr , all other sites in india 18.85cr… So from this figure we can easily understand the real face of fraud BOXOFFICEINDIA

  • Boxoffice india ka thappa lag gaya bhayo pk k collectionwa pe jo dujo ki filmo pe lagna mushkil hi nahee namumkin hai bhayo…sirf dui crore ka fark hai producerva k saath week ka jo ki dujo ki filmo ke saath har roz hot hai…ab ka kare bhayo dusra actorwa konu jadu karvana pade…

  • @indicine what you find wrong in my comments or you fear exposing the truth of your one of dears…anyways i m not begging my comments to publish from you…anyways you better understand the comment kehte hai humko pyar se indiawale as some dilogues iykes of selfdiffence,boman bump punching locking footwear jo mandir jata hai dar jata hai shiva chase scene can take as comedy only by us to prove overselves morden or living in 21 st century…its really not ok to moking on something really sensitive as only vishroopam can troubled here but i m agree with imakn comment for pk

  • Happy even if PK beats Kick. As far as teesra khan not coming on top its fine Salman will definitely top 2015 with two biggies !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trade figures for PK
    Day 1 – 24.75cr
    Day 2 – 28.25cr
    Day 3 – 36.00 cr
    Day 4 – 20.00cr plays Aamir’s band baaja

  • @sky,1st of all WE all SRKIANS admitted already pk has far better scripts than HNY and kick.but what you will explain about hiked ticket price?if HNY would have hiked like pk than it would have cross don’t say it’s an excuse even your favorite salman fans also saying the same why you’re only targeting me?I too felt happy for pk as a class movie collected good instead classless like the basic point is the politics of hirani and amir disappointed too much,then they can go to any lower extent.they hurt our religion by mocking at THE it a small thing for you?whatever the originality of them came in front of also look above someone written pk’s figure in all sites 18.s cr and boi shows 19.s you hope understand the game of amir and boi,why it exaggerating figures of raju/Amir they also invited the rentrak to fool people even more easily and so amir overconfidently said in public I’m the only saint and rest are thieves.OK accepted let’s see KING KHAN’S CLASS MOVIE just begun,it’s our time to show you next year.

    BTW KING KHAN/KJO are braves who blindly released MNIK in February which is most ambitious project of that year with out going to any lower extent unlike these cowards amir/ those ddays amir was behind KING KHAN and from next year onwards he will forever chase KING KHAN for top spot in WW/OVERSEAS.accept whatever amir got due to hirani/dhoom in present.

    About beat performance I need not not to say how many classics delivered by KING KHAN and how many FF AWARD for HIS performance,may HIS movies not slightly better than amir’s but HE IS far better actor than aami and HE proved it.HIS films like MNIK/CDI are not overrated line pk/3i/rdb.those are realistic type movies not manipulated classics like 3i/pk/rdb.remember this and add it.I’m your mind forever.

  • Top 3 Khan’s/Superstars Of Bollywood

    1.Salman Khan [Eid]
    Official Remake Of Telgu Film Kick
    235cr Collection

    2.ShahRukh Khan[Diwali]
    Happy New Year
    Not Official But Remake Of Roberry+Tess Mar Khan
    202cr Collection

    3.Aamir Khan[Chrismas]
    Not Official But Script Is Similar To OMG+Koi Mil Gaya

    Shame On Bollywood Industry, Top Bollywood Actors But Not Having Original Scripts/Stories, Just Copy Paste From Other Movies.

    Other Facts:-

    1.ShahRukh Khan’s Movie Happy New Year Movie Made In Rs 160cr + Huge Starcaste + Biggest Festival Diwali But Struggle To Made 200cr, Shamful, If There Is No. Continue 3days Holiday Which HNY Manages To Collect 109cr,If We Can Minus 109cr From 202cr,its Original Collection Is 93cr Only,Budget Is 160cr Verdict Superflop/disaster movie of all time

    2.Aamir Khan’s Acting Is Mindblowing And Pk movie is also good but i can’t expect from aamir that he also copies OMG’s Script But I Love Aamir’s Acting,The Diff Between OMG And OMG2(Pk) Is OMG Has Akshay As Krishan The Budget Of Movie Is 20cr And Pk Has Aamir As Pk An Alian Movie Budget 85cr.

    3.I Appriciate That Salman Has Only One Holiday Of Eid,But The Name Is Enough For The Living Legends,His Movies Can Work Or Get The Blockbuster Verdict On His Name Only, Having 70cr Of Budget And Collection Is 235cr,impressive,That Is True Stardom Of Big Boss Of Bollywood,He Can’t Need Big Heroines Like Deepika/Anushka Or Not Big Starcaste,He Made New Heroines Into Superstars Like Jacqueline.

    After end of 2014
    Top Movies Are

    1.Kick 235cr
    2.Pk 190-220cr
    3.Hny 202cr
    4.Bang Bang 182cr
    5.Singham Returns 142cr

  • As usual the third khan is ignored and this article is about two biggest megastars of Bollywood. Only rohit sherry, yrf are responsible for his existence in Bollywood. It’s high time that sarookh should enter in bigg boss house.

  • @Aniruddha, FYI anushka is not a big heroine you jerk. She has no such fan following as deepika. So it’s aamir power. No excuses. Ghajini too had no big heroine. So your comment makes 0 sense.

  • 100cr 150 cr 200 cr 250 cr ndcwait a moment for 300 cr Haters
    Tum kutte ko sher ki khal pehna shakte ho par use sher ni bana sakte

  • Amir +A govtrikar = lagan
    Srk + A Govtrikar= swadesh (disaster)
    Amir + YASHRAJ = Dhoom (285
    Srk + yshraj = JTHJ (120CR)
    AMIR +FARHAN= DCH (4star)
    Or koi shak ho to pooch lena
    Srk + farhan = don (2 star)
    Amir+ TV= SMJ
    SRK + TV = Flopest session of kbc

  • @sss if admit was far behind sarookh and salman in 1990s than salman too was far behind Aamir and sarookh in 2000s and same thing goes for sarookh who is far behind Aamir and salman since 2008 to this decade. I laugh at the people who call Srk a king of Bollywood. Lol. King my foot? Aamir is baap of him in overseas as well. While he is yet to break his 2nd highest grosser CE in overseas and India, Aamir is competing with himself in India and overseas as PK is going too strong in both territories and will break Samir’s own dhoom 3 in India and overseas which is biggest hit in both territories. Aamir>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Haklu

  • @sss if Aamir was far behind sarookh and salman in 1990s than salman too was far behind Aamir and sarookh in 2000s and same thing goes for sarookh who is far behind Aamir and salman since 2008 to this decade. I laugh at the people who call Srk a king of Bollywood. Lol. King my foot? Aamir is baap of him in overseas as well. While he is yet to break his 2nd highest grosser CE in overseas and India, Aamir is competing with himself in India and overseas as PK is going too strong in both territories and will break Samirís own dhoom 3 in India and overseas which is biggest hit in both territories. Aamir>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Haklu

  • @anirudha,you’re a coward sallu fan who even bashed salman and reversly mentioned as legend.if really a movie is only running after salman’s name only ,then let him to do a single movies like MNIK or his past movies below 2010,then you’ll watch he’ll struggle to get even 70cr.he is a star with out acting,an actor with out class and expression and a star having low class fans and a real life devil who is roaming freely by wearing the saint aka being human mask.actually with out masala.genre his stardom is even lower than Harman baweja/tushar kapoor.

    @suchit,ha ha who is interested to give you excuse to half actor fans like you.11 sorry it is going to 12 hits in 24 year career is said enough about his stardom,’s hirani after brand dhoom and south remake behind which your talash I mean half actor is hiding.he promised in past will never do work with YRF but when dhoom offered he forgot his hiked ticket price almost double and playing dirty games by associating with boi.ha ha lol stardom based on popularity and wealth in which he can’t even compare with KING KHAN’S FOOT neither in ACTING also.

  • Today on a news channel,I watch a debate on Ban on pk where some hindu godmen was debating about how pk is anti Hindu,though out of 3, two hasn’t seen the film.PK is not anti Hindu if it was than I would say it anti religion.
    There some said that why they target Hindus only,I want to ask where was only Hindu attacked in film,for example in the some Bhagwan hai kahan re tu Aamir shown beating himself I think this custom doing during Moharam perhaps, similarly he goes inside church with coconut,and wine in a mosque but some asking why they don’t shown wine inside mosque,than when they showed Aamir did any misbehaving inside temple.
    Other thing many asking why Aamir has photos of Hindu gods not Islam or christian,they showed Jesus pic and sign of Allah,but practically I haven’t seen how Allah look like,I have searched in Google there is no pic of Allah,then how come they show pic of him, similarly in India you hardly see any christian or Islam famous god men while there are Asharam bapu,swami rampal like godmen who theft believers,so in india most are Hindus and their godmen like these are well connected with majority of audience,I am not saying that there are no godmen in who promoting Islam or christianism,Jainism, Sikh religion yes they are but majority are unaware of them.
    I my self is Hindu and many people who comments against film bring anti Hindu,I bet haventy read geeta in there life once,Where shri Krishna said that there is no particular identity of mine, I am in sky or universe and I am in a nuclear of a soul.I am everywhere,and I don’t think we Hindu are so weak that any movie can hindrance our believe even if they want.But pk not doing anything.He simply ask what Hindu or musalman,christian Aur any thing.Thappa kaha h.
    There is one bomb blast seen which shows what is result of a communal war.Pk Is against the division of people in respect of religion and god,its a film about unity.thats all.

  • People like @imakn who wrote fake review on imdb after being thrashed there saying his nonsense here and Google boy who after failing searching of 3.7billion fans said that showing condom related jokes,nudity etc is vulger.Today in television a porn star like sunny Leone entered in reality show like big boss which is in reach of more people than a movie was good,watch TV you will find no. of adds relayed to condom brand and flavour,many deodorant ad performed by even young stars to woo girl partners for sedusing is correct.When a movie lime ra 1 who terned a family film,srk can put hand on kareena shoulders,can use word like condom in film,can use abusive word Madar chod naa yaar or breast taking,are fine for their moral values.
    People like romance according to him we should bycott pk as they shown a Pakistan boy innocent,he loved veer zaara or ek that tiger when out hero left their job of army/raw for love of Pakistani girl,Aamir and hirani can’t even say that Pakistan person can be innocent.I think they not aware Srk origin it self from peshwar,Pakistan.Srk father belong to there,so thus way srk is also Pakistani and not a innocent.What rubbish is that.
    If you don’t like Aamir or his film its OK but why to create unnecessary moral lectures here when your fav icon got convicted in same thing.
    At llast the theme if pk movie was the misbelieving between humans due to religion SBD Making a pak boy in love story was perfect, as a Hindu hardly believe in Muslim and if its is from Pakistan than no way,so a simple misunderstanding is sufficient to part them,so it was master stroke as a writers point of view and actually it work.
    Talking about nudity we all humans and animals etc comes on earth nude so if they projected a nude entrance of alien on earth,what was a mistake in that.

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