PK vs KICK: Box Office Comparison between Aamir and Salman films

Box Office comparison between Aamir Khan’s PK and the biggest grosser of the year so far Salman Khan’s Kick.

Both PK and Kick took a similar opening in terms of numbers, at the box office. But PK overtook Kick by a distance at the end of its first weekend. In 5 days, PK is ahead even though Kick had a huge holiday for Eid.

One other number that could prove to be interesting is the Eid vs Christmas holiday collections of the two films. Kick almost doubled its weekday collections on the Eid holiday. If PK manages the same, it could cross the 30 crore mark, thereby taking its first week total to 180 crore plus.



A few in the trade, who we spoke, are also expecting PK to become the first film to collect 100 crore in Week 2 – which is possible because the corporate bookings for the second weekend is incredibly good too!

Detailed box office collection comparison below.

Day 126.5226.63
Day 227.1530.34
Day 330.18 (Sunday)38.24 (Sunday)
Day 414.4121.22
Day 528.89 (Eid)19.36
Day 621.6619.55
Day 715.427.55
First Week164.21 crores182.89 crores
Day 89.22
Day 910.62
Day 1014.17 (Sunday)
Day 115.08
Day 124.21
Day 133.91
Day 143.80
Two Week Total215.22 crores
Day 151.97
Day 162.93
Day 173.91
Day 181.69
Day 191.35
Day 201.11
Day 210.95
Three Week Total13.91 crores
Day 220.53
Day 230.43
Day 240.61
Till Fourth weekend244.61
Remaining weeks11.01
Lifetime Collections233.6 crores182.89 crores (7 days)


  • All these stats of 200cr and 300cr will be history.Tamasha and jagga jasoos will do 350cr and 300cr respectively which will be more than prdp,bajrangi bhai.bombay velvet will do more business than fan and raees.ranbir will become no.1 and khans,hrithik,ajay-akki will bite dust and will be history.ranbir ‘s film tamasha will do more than PK.good bye khans,hrithik,ajay-akki.

  • Pk doing 300cr. Kick is 240cr.hny is 205cr.all these will be history.just wait till dec 2015.jagga jasoos and tamasha will do more than prdp,bb and bombay velvet will do more than fan and raees.hrithik,ajay-akki are nowhere before ranbir.ranbir will become no.1 and khans,hrithik,ajay-akki will bite dust and they will be history.goodbye khans,hrithik,ajay-akki.

  • KICK was another South Indian remake trash. I walked out after 20 mins.

    P.K. so far is trending nicely with positive WOM. christmas day is a holiday and should be huge. I can see P.K. crossing 300 crores

  • PK got 21 days kick 14 days. also raju hirani vs debey sajid nidiawala. pk 5 holidays 2 weeks kick 3 holidays
    2 weak.
    mind it

  • Kick had huge benefits to be honest .. The first 3 days anyways generate huge business in the case of 3 Khans, the extra holidays in weekdays give the movie’s business a huge boost, Kick had that advantage with Eid, same with PK as Christmas falls on a weekday, HNY did not have such an advantage except for the opening day wherein it literally smashed the box office.
    I guess SRK only had the opening day/weekend record in mind, the rest was anyways going to touch 200 cr. mark to say the least.
    With Fan & Raees, the idea would be to set benchmarks with lifetime collections.
    As Of now, Kudos to PK, the best movie of this year :)

  • Love salmir dnt want to see them being compared itz unfair
    kick directd by sajid
    pk directd by hirani
    pk records wil b thrown to arabian sea next year bcoz salman is coming with his full fury BB(ett combo) and PRDP(hahk combo)

  • Right or wrong i am not ready to change my prediction as some others doing after seeing the response.

    My prediction was 170 to 190 crore. Let’s see if it can sleep walk to 300 cr

  • @ranbir , I think tamasha and jassos will collect 500 and 550 crore respectievly, What do you think.

    Please tell Ranbeer not to do more films , if he do our khans ko kya hoga…Please don’t spoil our Khan’s career..
    What a funny guy…

  • @khan/sharukhan
    i dnt know whetr ur lying or trying to degrade kick
    yes,kick is a remake
    yes,kickz first 20 min r not great but kickz 2nd half is superb

  • @ranbir fan bhai , ur ego is non-chalantly huge. Ranbir collections se no.1 ban sakta hai, par tu khans,akki,hrithik,emraan ko logo ke dilo se kabhi nahi nikaal sakta. Emraan ke gaane to 300cr log sunte hai, tu kya 300cr rupees collection bata rahe ho??

  • Christmas is lucky for aamir n aamir only
    2008 – 09 – aamir create history
    2010 – 75 cr tmk huge flop
    2011 – Don 2 – not even cross ghajini collection
    2012 – dabangg 2 – sallu trying his luck 150 cr not bad at all
    2013 – 14 – again aamir create history…
    aamir u rocks man…
    love u aamir n salman…

  • I saw first half of kick and stopped watching it … same theme …idiotic action … some lame humor … some songs … zero story and u get a Salman movie.
    Comparing kick to PK is a insult … PK entertains and makes u think … while kick is all style … zero quality

  • Kick should have had done 250+ crores, it deserved it and PK tho 300+ crores & it would most certainly achieve it looking at the way things are going so far, Kick rode mostly on the muscular shoulders of Dabaang khan but PK is a masterclass from the two geniuses of Bollywood Aamir & Hirani and i personally think ‘Jai ho’ was too good a movie to be directed by a relatively novice person like sohail khan, the subject like that was too dealt by an experienced director and perhaps more appropriately by Hirani himself in his own way of film making, Hirani & salman combo for ‘jai ho’ could have had done wonders at the box office!

  • Pk record will be safe till tamasha.Jagga jasoos will do more than fan and raees. Tamasha will do more than prdp and bb.

  • in..india..salman kahan always top…! is awsm..! This movie collect around 260..- 280 aamir always know..for acting..nd salman know for..everythink :p acting less then aamir…!!

  • Comparing PK with any other movie of the year does not make sense … PK has d best possible word of mouth whereas bb,hny n kick all had mixed wom … PK will surely go 3 idiots way …3 open weeks .. excellent word of mouth .. Just like 3idiots grossed 200 cr before 150 cr barrier was reached, I feel PK will cross 350 cr .. 300 cr is bare minimum.. Nice to see good movies doing good business … PK deserves it…

  • Bang bang, hny n kick were mostly liked only by youths … All these movies didn’t hav a great story… So more than 60% of ppl aged above 35 didn’t like these movies …As we all can see d downward trend in collection of these movies.. But PK is winning hearts all over.. 2nd week collections will b highest ever ..

  • @mr khan will u kindly shut up?ce is garbage,d3 is crap,kick is trash blah blah blah
    don’t u hv anything else to say except this is trash,that is trash?

  • Boxoffice india ka THAPPA LAG GAYA BHAI pk ke collectionwa par jo dusree stars ke filmo pe lagna mushkil hi nahee namumkin hai…IN A WEEK COLLECTION DIFF LESS THEN 3 CR for pk and for others 2-3 CR PER DAY IN WEEK

    @ aks By the way dont hide behind talash semi hit verdict by boi as boi numbers have not major difference that what important and why raone declare hit you know better as i feel you have suffer with shortturm memory loss and have any dowt 4 raone verdict then better accept ghajini s deserving verdict…google boy tag is your biggest excuse ever as you just cant accept the facts and i feel u r smart enough to understand KEHTE HAI HUMKO…comment but demo dena padega kee…and if u argue then with facts and truth otherwise u know better what happens year b4 as in benner war aks turns….

  • pk is doneing great business but it has great wom great reviews and content also has great director but kick is salman one man show but at the end both has done best and much better then srk happy new year

  • In terms of quality pk will beat… But salmankhan remains forever the crowd puller… That’s what anyother hindi actor couldn’t do…. Salman bhai rocks …. Waiting for shamitab..

  • Again aamir and salman movie competing for highest grosser of the year.Enjoyed both these movies by watching multiple times in theatres.Will again watch PK tomorrow for 5th time.

  • Let’s see which movie will become the biggest grosser. I have no complaint if either of them has become the biggest grosser.
    But I agree to @Ultron. Besides, Salman Khan did two films in this year. Kick was a remake. So, the excitement factor was a bit less!

  • Kick is undoubtedly the winner as it’s 1st 4 days were dull period due to pre-eid effect and it had only SALMAN BHAI…PK may gross more but KICK IS THE BEST in terms of boxoffice

  • Can someone show whats NEW in this so CLAIMED PK, nothing new like 3 IDIOTS, All our Indian janta just dance on if someone dancing in front of them. that’s same happening with PK.
    Finally Message from PK movie is all God Mens are FRaud thats already we know from OMG.
    PK director found Questions to God can be ask only Alien from other galaxy. None can ask who is from same galaxy. Thats what the chutipa

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