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5 years after 3 Idiots, arguably the most entertaining film of the last decade, Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi (writer) return with a film titled ‘PK’. Expectations of a wholesome entertainer are sky-high. The buzz around PK has slowly but surely built up and the trailers have created tremendous curiosity amongst the audience. Comparisons with classics like Munnabhai M.B.B.S, Lage Raho Munnabhai and 3 Idiots will be inevitable. So does PK fulfil all those lofty expectations? Let’s find out!

Story: Jagat Janani (Anushka Sharma) encounters a strange man (Aamir Khan) with strange habits and an unusual lingo while traveling in Delhi. He says his name is PK. He says a lot of things which makes Jaggu feel that he is lying. No sane human would take his words as the truth. He pees in public places to get himself locked up in Delhi lockups to escape the rains. He steals money from beggars. He doesn’t understand how life on earth works. He is looking for a thing very dear to him. He asks God for it repeatedly, but doesn’t get any reply. There begins his journey to understand life and in that process he makes us all understand what life is all about.

First things first, when you go to watch a Rajkumar Hirani film, the yardsticks are different. You don’t just pay to get entertained, but also to get enlightened, as each of his films carry a social message. In that regard, PK falls well short in the second half after an outstanding first. The first half is rip roaring and brings the house down with plenty of trademark Hirani moments. In the second half, the pace begins to dip. (Spoiler alert) The bomb blast scene was unnecessary and you fail to understand the purpose it served. The romantic angle between Jaggu and PK was definitely not needed when a cute friendship would have sufficed just as much. The second half felt a little too similar to ‘OMG: Oh My God’ and the TV show scenes just did not hit home the point as well as it should have. It wasn’t even clear what Hirani was trying to say. Was the film about inter-religion marriage, atheism or superstition?

Anushka Sharma, Aamir Khan - PK

Anushka Sharma, Aamir Khan – PK

The technical aspects of PK are top notch. The cinematography is excellent. Both Delhi and Bruges are captured beautifully. The editing by Hirani himself is spot on although the duration could have been cut short by a further 5-10 minutes to speed up proceedings in the second half. The music of PK suits the tone of the film and the songs are pleasing to the ears.

PK has to count amongst the best ever performances of Aamir Khan. To say he is amazing in and as PK would be an understatement. The type of commitment he has shown in the film is terrific. His mannerisms, his expressions and his hold of Bhojpuri sets an example for other actors to emulate. PK will always be a special Aamir Khan role. Anushka is very good as Jagat Janani although there are shades of her character from Jab Tak Hai Jaan in PK. She is charming and lovable. Sushant Singh Rajput plays his part well. Saurabh Shukla is a knockout as the main force of opposition in PK and is probably Hirani’s all out black character. Boman Irani has an insignificant role. Sanjay Dutt has a small role to play, he does well.

Overall, if the first half of PK made us feel like Hirani was at his very best, the second could possibly be his worst so far. It felt like the post-interval portions were directed by a different director and not Hirani. One of the hallmarks of a Hirani film are the strong supporting characters and PK has no character that stands out. There was too much focus on PK and that’s what undid the film. Having said that, PK is definitely better than 95% of the films that are made in Bollywood. It deserves a watch but doesn’t have the repeat value of 3 Idiots or Munnabhai films. Don’t make the mistake of expecting too much and PK will keep you hooked.

Box office: PK is expected to create history with 3 open weeks at the box office, and the goodwill of Rajkumar Hirani and star-power of Aamir Khan will help tremendously. However, the lack of repeat-value, limited appeal towards the masses and a poor second half, might affect the film in the long run.

Rating: ★★★½☆ Way better than most films this year, but you expect more from a Hirani – Aamir film.



  • @Indicine

    OMG had its own bumping blocks. AKKI’s entry was so filmy, that the brilliant Paresh Rawal looked uncomfortable. The item no. was also unnecessary. What worked for omg is the novelty and Akki and Paresh Rawal’s incredible performance. But most critics think, PK has taken OMG theme a notch higher.

    Haven’t seen it yet. So won’t comment right now.

  • In my opinion this is the second best film of the year after QUEEN…

    It is a masterpiece n i would say better than 3 idiots…
    1st half was better compared to 2nd half where the films pace slowed a bit but that was still better than other movies….

    I was doubting if Amirs character would b Heart-rendering but he proved me totally Wrong…
    You will easily feel the Character of PK…
    Hats off to his dedication….

    You are bound to get emotional after the song Bhagwan kahaan hai re tu… Some people were even sobbing in the Cinema hall itself..

    You cant help but notice done similarities between OMG & this (Coincidence or Inspiration)…

    First half creates the Questions through funny n hilarious moments n second half answers them deeply…

    All the supporting characters were Pretty gud…

    Not quite Suitable for family audience… Some scenes will make you Embarrassed…

    Ranbir Kapoor was Gud in his one minute role….

    I just hope this film doesn’t get into any controversy like omg for its Presentation of GOD n Godmen…

    Dhoom 3 ka Record ka toh LUUL Ho gaya….

    will watch again on Sunday…

  • If the second half would have been better instead of the first half,people would have satisfied i go home thinking more about the 2nd half and forget 1st a little..
    This will definitely dent collections.

  • don’t care about this review I will definitely watch this movie for aamir n aamir only….
    I’m going for this movie sure in a bad condition too…bcoz I’m big fan of aamir n Salman.

  • This, by far, is the worst review I’ve read of the movie, but then again, this year has been loaded with disappointments as a product of high expectations.

  • 3.5 stars for PK coz there was high expectations but 4 stars for our kings movie HNY coz there was no expectation with hny

  • @thullu stop passing judgments about d movie without even watching.just bcz indicine didn’t gv a v gd review and haters of aamir haters r criticising pk it doesn’t mean pk is sub standard.every honest person who has a dil is loving d film

  • higher expectations always result higher disappointment…I have said it many time and will again say ,this will surely hurt the collections…Even if it has good content people will say “achi ha lakin 3 idiot wali baat nai ha”.

  • Had it strong supporting characters and good lyrical and melodious songs, the film could be compared to Munna Vai films. But you need something more to get to the level of 3 Idiots. I just feel it, can not explain. I know you also feel the same.

  • well i refuse to believe that the film falls apart in second half…..anyway thats indicine opinion and surely everyone is entitled to it….

    but reviews cant be based on expectations…..if one expects more from aamir raju hirani and expects less from other that doesnt mean ratings for pk should be lower than other films which had lower expectations….

    in my opinion, films have to be judged as a final product and not on the basis of expectations…..easier said than done though!!!

  • Indicine I like your reviews and trust them.just let people criticise you guys but I salute you guys and agree with your reviews. It has never put me down. Let others bark but truth is truth and happy new year n Xmas to indicine team. Thanks for being so nice n interactive throughout the no 1″site n most trusted one as well.i can see you guy grow.keep growing good luck

  • I am new here. I like this site very much. So finally joined. PK is boring film. Seems raju hirani wants to forcefully change ppl belief in god & religion. Spoiler alert: Aamir is nt alien. He is mental, who hs ran away frm aslysum. Bt behaves like alien in search of god. This is revealed in end. He tells everyone hw he fooled them by saying he is alien. Bt when he is human like us. Saying that same way there is no god bt it is created by humans so that divide & rule policy cn come into affect. Overall, dnt watch it. Munnabhai mbbs repeat watch reconmmedenadle. Bt nt pk.

  • Stop comparing dis movie with 3 idiots…if expectation is big point..then happy new year wud be disaster coz srk fans were expecting 600cr worldwide….

  • I am amazed on indian critics they have feel lot of pressure while giving the review of pk every one pin points that worst hirani work but no one have a guts to go down fron the rating of 3.5 or 4 anyways i watched it today totaly agreed with your review about second half but first half is also just ok to good not outstanding no repeat value quite boring we can say remake of a omg concept in a worst way my rating is 2

  • It is not fair to review movie by the expectations. The expectations relies on personal beliefs. If you are fan of Aamir Khan / Salman Khan / SRK than your expectations will be high for his movies. By including that into reviewing the film is just very childish move.

    You are saying not to compare movies rating like HNY KICK or any other film to PK. But giving the reason of expectation for cutting up ratings is not anyway fair according to me.

    I have seen PK today. I am a big fan of film OMG. Personally, I feel that both movies PK and OMG carries diff moral. In movie OMG, the religion is destroying by this so called self made GURUs. While in movie PK, the blindly following of self made GURUs and hate other religions has been shown. (PERSONALLY WHAT I THINK).

    P.S.: Don’t go for my words or anything. Just try to understand the intention. And please, don’t hate movies on basis of their star cast.

  • indicine,you are proved yourself the most trusted site and I liked your each and every review.keep it up @indicine members,keep it up.

    Today it’s proved HNY is far more better entertainer than this unofficial remake of OMG.hats off to KING KHAN for taking the level of Bollywood to another level BT giving such a beautiful MUSIC DANCE ROMANCE+HEIST in this year 2015.

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