PK Box Office Opening

PK has opened to near full houses at multiplexes across the country on Friday. The early morning shows opened slow, some multiplexes were as low as 30-35% for shows that start at 8:30 in the morning, but as the day progressed, premium multiplexes were recording 100% collections.

The best response has come from cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Pune – even though ticket prices here are selling at a premium, people were seen lining up to catch the Rajkumar Hirani – Aamir Khan film. At smaller centres too, the response has been very good. Exhibitors from south Indian centres like Mangalore, Mysore (city), Coimbatore (where PK is competing with Lingaa) have been reporting high occupancies for shows that start 10AM onwards.

3PM Update: PK is going from strength-to-strength at multiplexes. Ticket prices hasn’t affected business at premium multiplexes, where tickets are selling at all time high rates. Mass centres like C.I, C.P, Bihar, UP are average at best, but a film like PK was never to be expected to take a bumper opening here.

6PM Update: At metros, PK is on par with Happy New Year on a working day! Most night shows are sold out in advance in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune.. It remains to be seen if the cold wave affects late night shows in North India, where the advance is lower than other places.



  • the best film i have ever seen!!!! Aamir Khan’s performance is outstanding. PK is going to create history in indian cinema!!!!!

  • Review of Movie PK
    Starts with koi mil gya or any other alien films , interval Like Akshay kumar and paresh rawal starer OH MY GOD ends with OH MY GOD AND KOI MIL GYA too
    Aamir ek alien hai jo Earth par aata hai uska remote control hota hai ek jisse woh uppar waapis signal bhej skta hai ki usse uppar se vaapis lene ajaao , lekin uski burri kismat hoti hai ki ek gaaon ka aadmi uska woh remote control chorri kr leta hai.. ab puri film mein aamir us remote control ko dhundhta hai , taaki woh vaapis jaa sake , dusri taraf anushka ki apni ek story hai jisse woh kaafi dukhi rehti hai , fiir woh aamir se milti hai…aamir end mein anushka ki pareshaani door krta hai.. lekin aamir ko anushka se pyar hojata hai.. ab woh vaapis jaa paaya ya nhi woh film mein dekhna…. and jitna maine likha hai yeh he ek alag kahani hai iske ilawa puri film OH MY GOD ki ditto copy hai , even saare dialogues tak same hai.. Nothing new..
    First half is very good
    2nd Half is boring… Good message but nothing new..
    Aamir is best in the film ! so 3/5 FROM MY SIDE !

  • Ghajini – Memento. Talaash – Insomnia. D3 – The Prestige. Aamir pahle Christopher Nolan se inspire hote the ab Paresh Rawal (OMG) se… totally copied of OMG..

  • Watched FDFS.There was more than 80% occupancy in my show.People were laughing and clapping.Typical raju hirani movie with good message along with humour and aamir khan has given one of his best performance ever.

  • 28cr+ will be a decent opening considering non-holiday release and record number of screens allocated to PK. Reviews are mixed to positive which is a good sign for a long run. It’s remain to see what sort of records PK gonna break.

  • thumbs up
    1 aamir’s excellent mindblowimg performance
    2 rajus superb direction
    3 strong script by abhijat,vidhu,raju
    4 superb dialogues
    5 cute chemistry btwn aamir-anushka
    6 strong performance by sanju,saurabh,sushanth
    7music though not as gd as previous raju films but still gd especially bhagwan kaha hai tu,luv is vest of time
    8 ranbir’s brilliant special appearance

    thumbs down
    1lack of chemistry btwn anushka-sushanth
    2 editing could hv been better
    3 climax is little silly and nt as gd as expected


    verdict-must watch

  • First day will be 36 to 40cr
    first weekend will be 110cr
    first week will be 190cr
    liftime will be 310cr
    worldwide will be 650cr
    Aamir khan is best

  • Nice to see that . Indicine has given 3.5 stars, Koimoi has given 3.5 stars and Subhash Jha has given 4 stars . So overall the critics have praised the movie but its comparison with 3 Idiots and Munnabhai Series will definitely affect PK in the long run . I will watch PK on Sunday . Rajkumar Hirani is a genius director and people have lot of expectations from him .

  • I won’t review PK, because by Monday, the hype would be over. But I do want to say something which readers haven’t pointed out.

    I think Rajkumar Hirani is using this formula while making movies.

    He picks up a subject which ha universal appeal. The characters have weird names. First half is hilarious but also a emotional in parts. The humor is message oriented. (Like 3I had “what is a machine” and Munna Bhai 2 had “Happy Birthday Atmaram”)

    The second half is the real conflict, where after a point of time, he abandons logic and goes on for full throttle melodrama. Which is again the case with Munna Bhai 2 (Munna Bhai giving gyaan on Mahatma Gandhi is impossible to imagine) 3 engineering students performing child delivery is again outrageously silly!

    My point here is, when we watch his movies for the first time, we feel, “This is far-fetched” I don’t know about others, but I felt this vibe for all his 3 films. But that is his style. He makes over-the-top realistic comedies. I’m sure PK will be the same. “Too good till first half then melodrama in second”

    People talking about expectations should understand that Hirani is no Hrishikesh Mukherjee. He is in fact, 40% Hrishikesh Mukherjee and 60% Manmohan Desai. What works for him each time is the sheer optimism and deep-rooted goodness in the film. We all cheered when Rancho defeated Chatur, Munna won over Lucky Singh/Asthana.

    Maybe the writing this time was convoluted but he’s been making movies in this style for over a decade. The reason his movies get extraordinary response is it his sensibility matches both the multiplex and single screen audience.

    PK will be no different! It shall grow over a period of time. :)

  • Whatever the last show low occupancy is due to amir’s half actor stardom.whatever occupancy is increasing due to raj hirani.the film almost seems like unofficial remake of OMG.amir’s acting is also below average to average.this film’s collection will drop suddenly from Saturday and Monday onwards.only DEC25 is the one and only hope to decide the fate of this film and I got that film as I expected before,that is an average movie.

  • Skipped the review article on purpose like most of the articles yesterday…. I have read comments from friends and this one is as good as any movie this year… Raju Sir well done

  • look like collection come around 30 to 35 cr for sure..
    more than that will be phenomenal…
    people like this movie. wom is very strong…. don’t know about weekend but movie will run like 3 idiots for long time.

  • pk will b an epic blockbuster and hs potential to enter 300cr club.

    mvz I enjoyed this yr
    1 pk-9.5
    2 2states-9
    3 queen-8.5
    4 haider-8.5
    6 kick-8
    7 hny-8
    8 villain-8
    9 holiday-7.5
    10 hskd-7.5
    11 finding fanny-7.5
    12 htp-7.5
    13 gunday-7
    14 happy ending-7
    15 highway-7
    16 mai tera hero-7

  • my boxoffice prediction for pk
    1st day – 34 cr
    2nd day – 30 cr
    3rd day – 36 cr
    weekend – 100 cr
    1st week – 175 cr
    2nd week – 70 cr
    3rd week – 30 cr
    remaining – 25 cr
    total – 300 cr atbb for sure.

  • Single screens will be the difference between happy new year and pk and even possibly dhoom 3.. Night shows may run to capacity but even that was the case with above mentioned films..happy new year is out of reach now whereas dhoom 3 also looks difficult but still i expect this film to cross 30 crores on its opening day

  • Pk has done gud businesss considering non-holiday. Srk always takes help of holiday.
    Kisiko eid chahiye, kisiko diwali, kisiko christmas, sab langde sher hai!

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