PK is one of the best roles of my 25 year career: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan has said that the role that he plays in his upcoming film ‘PK’ is the best role of his 25 year long career. For an actor who have played iconic characters like Bhuvan (Lagaan), Amar (Andaz Apna Apna), Raja (Raja Hindustani), Rancho (3 Idiots), just to name a few, PK under director Rajkumar Hirani could be a treat for the audience.

“I won’t be sharing much details about PK. But it is one of the best roles in my nearly 25-year-long career”Aamir told reporters.

The actor also hailed Rajkumar Hirani as the best director in the industry.

“For me, Raju is the best director. He is very kind and good person” he said.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan



  • Waiting for P.K…he previously also told to keep PK aside and all his classic films like sarfarosh,lagaan,3I on the other side…PK is that much content rich..

  • PK won’t be able to breake or make any single day or weekend records but it will create lifetime collections record (if it will be a great film)

  • No Doubt! PK should be awesome. No excuses this time. This combo surely is made in heaven! But, the kind of film it looks like in the trailer – it’s going to be a lil’ controversial plus maybe only for a certain section of audience (Multiplex). Still, the movie should grow eventually, it would now depend how the next set of promos and songs are in it. Definitely, a top contender for the No.1 film this year. No qualms saying this.


  • eagerly waiting for p.k…
    as far as opening day is concerned pk will not hny thats is 100% sure but could beat lifetime of hny if content will be good otherwise it will fall under 200 crore….

  • Aamir might have done many iconic roles but for me 1 role which stands out is Amar from AAA. His comic timing was impeccable. It is one of Aamir’s best performance ever, yes I would rate it even above Lagaan(many might disagree).
    I wish he had done some more comedy movies.

  • It will be big flop!!! I actually hate the way Amir Khan talk in the all the trailers. Really it’s turning me down…. It looks like a barfi kind of movie..

  • well he always uses srk.
    3 idiots went to him bcoz of srk’s rejection.
    aneways thats people call srk king hearted.

    insha allah next year fan will break happy new year records bcoz no other film would break hny record

  • His best role was ____________________

    Well thats a tough one- lets just say his best role was to become an actor n not follow in the footsteps of his father/ uncle by donning the producers/ directors hat…. Best decision ever n we the audience are forever grateful for you gracing the camera n not wielding the microphone….

  • He said the same thing during 3 idiots and dhoom 3..aand to no one’s surprise aamir khan delivered two of his beat performances in these 2 films..we can figure it out just from the teaser of pk that it is going to be yet another master class performance from one of the biggest superstars of our nation


    P.K. rocks the nation…

    Even today everyone talks about p.k.,,, no one interested in HNY review or etc… etc…

    Well, HNY is ok not awesome. HNY is combo of ABCD and Dhoom 3.

  • Well, I am eagerly waiting for PK. It may not create any single day record but it will beat Dhoom 3 lifetime record for sure!! Another 3 Idiots!!

  • please save your antique washing machine before speaking about PK!!! You are fit to watch craps made by the Khan siblings and Joker Kunder than watching masterpieces!!!

  • @Romu dear..we all have seen the fate of Players 2 a.k.a please apply burnol before speaking nonsense!!!

  • Aamir created a record (Lifetime collection) in 2009 of 3 one could beat it till 2013 – CE & K3 and than D3 again created a record (Lifetime collection) which only PK can beat….

    Thus he is still the King…

  • Aamir never said that dhoom 3 was his best role. He said it was his toughest role. And he wasnt wrong in saying so. Double role of a gymnast isnt easy to pull off for an actor nearly 50.

    Keenly awaiting pk. Will be his best performance till date!

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