PK Advance Booking: Detailed Report

The advance booking of PK has received a good response all over, even though the film releases on a working day.  Detailed city-wise report below.

1. Mumbai City – PK will be running on a record number of shows in Mumbai city this weekend. The advance booking for Friday is pretty good, although not on the same level as Happy New Year – which is expected as Friday is a working day across the country. Tickets for the morning and evening / night shows are selling well at most centres. PK will have to sustain well in the noon, if it has to have any chance of breaking records or getting close to the record non-holiday opening. There are reports that several single-screens have decided to shelve the film because of the exorbitant prices that the makers want. It will be interesting to see if they sort out their differences and release the film tomorrow. Otherwise, business is likely to be affected in the city of Mumbai.

2. Bangalore – PK is set to get a record opening in Bangalore city. Aamir Khan is one of the biggest box office draws here. Premium tickets have been selling fast, even though prices at some centres has touched Rs 950 per ticket!

3. Hyderabad – Advance booking is good here, but not on the same level as holiday releases. The film should open to a fair response in the morning and pick up towards the end of the day. Huge potential as PK has got record shows at multiplexes.

4.  Mangalore – For the first time here, two multiplexes are screening the film as early as 9AM. For most other films, shows start at 9:45AM or 10AM. PK is likely to set a record in the city of Mangalore as exhibitors report that there is tremendous excitement for PK. Corporate bookings have also ensured that the quite a few weekend shows (especially on Sunday) are sold out in advance.

5. Kolkata – Aamir Khan films have a huge following here. Advance booking is pretty good too.

6. NCR Region – Outstanding advance for a non-holiday release, and could match even big holiday releases like Happy New Year. PK is set to take a record opening in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and others.

7. Chennai – Rajnikanth’s Lingaa is still going strong, but Chennai city has a fairly good advance booking. Films with strong content always have an audience here and PK is one of the most anticipated movies of the year in Chennai – after Lingaa of course!

8. Patna – Outstanding advance booking at multiplexes, but single-screens not upto the mark.

9. Chandigarh – Average response. Plenty of tickets still available. Finding a ticket in Chandigarh shouldn’t be a problem on Friday. Also, late night shows could be affected due to the cold wave that has hit north India.

10. Ahmedabad – The city of Ahmedabad never sells a high number of tickets in advance. Lots of tickets still available.



  • All on content. If the content is liked, it will grow from evening shows. Nothing will stop pk untill tevar.
    If content is not liked by public, cracks will be evident. But i m confident bcoz of raju hirani-amir pair.

  • in Kolkata pk set fr bumper opening.ppl just love the 3 legends -srk,aamir,hrithik.

    srk is still d king but if pk bcms a blockbuster then I hv to say Bengal will hv two kings
    srk and aamir

  • Big problem in our area is cold wave. Nights are xtremely cold here. Remember the days when my frnds didn’t come to watch the dirty picture n also 3 idiots during this cold winter.

  • Today its proved that indicine is Aamir fan…. they didnt post so many articles about happy new year. Where is article on SRK speech at Stanford???

  • its a great advance booking considering the non commercial factor so tomorrow will be huge and after tomorrow pk will create history day by day i am super confident that it will be a historic movie with historic collections.

  • @arjun kapur, kick is the 2nd highest grosser after d3 in bengal circuit but u saying hr nd srk r the king of kolkata….lol.

  • Expecting a superb opening tmrw but most important is superb review, I want the movie should loved by all.There is lot more negativity surrounded from two days about the film, so it suppose to dent pk for somewhere but if a product is good than everything is OK.I think makers hiked the ticket as normally inflated but here exhibitors and distributes who hiked more to compensate the huge losses they suffered throughout the year, specially from last 50 day. Second think the negativity surrounded on social media is not good at all but at last content speaks.I hope 30 cr plus opening day considering not appealing single screen content and normal day.
    I think Aamir shouldn’t discussed about public forum, why to give your opinion about others films, do your work as simple.
    One thing more I have seen from 2-3 days some chameleon who were speaking good for Aamir and pk earlier now creating haterd.
    Will watch the movie on Sunday.

  • Typo – I mean Aamir shouldn’t talk about collection of other actors movie whether they are fudged or not as its none of your business.

  • Pk advance booking is very poor compare to last year release dhoom3 in both single single screen n even multiplexes. In single screen pk advance is poor than jai ho who knows it might trun talash reurns

  • @TIGER- the real king you are worng kick is behind ce in west bengal, mubai, myscrore n tamilnadu cirkit as per boi. Acc to telegraph top5 groser in westbengle
    d3 14.5cr
    ce 13.5cr
    k3 12cr
    kick 10.25cr
    hny 9cr
    note: kick underperformed in westbengle even bengali film are underperformed in 2014 though.

  • Tomorrow will be a big day at the Box Office . The last 49 days have been disappointing at the Box Office . Super Nani, Rang Rasiya, The Shaukeens, Kill Dill, Happy Ending, Ungli, AJ, Zid, Zed Plus, Badlapur Boys, Main Aur Mrs. Right etc. Have all bombed at the Box Office . Lingaa has crossed 100 CR worldwide in 3 days and has become the first Tamil movie to gross 100 CR in 3 days . There was another Punjabi Animation Movie about Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and his 4 Sons . The name of the movie is Chaar Sahibzaade . Why i have mentioned this movie ? Because i have read some reviews and many people have described it as the best animated movie in India . It has a IMDB rating of 9.7 which is the highest in the world but it has been voted by less people . But other than these movies the last 7 weeks have been really disappointing in terms of Box Office .

  • @tiger salman is also a huge star in Kolkata but I dont think he is on d same level as srk,aamir and hrithik.
    reason-salmans blockbuster bodyguard earned lesser than hit don2 in Kolkata,ett earned less than yjhd and sorry bro but kick also earned lesser than ce and k3.

    so salman obviously a huge star in wb but lesser than srk,hro and aamir

  • I think the hike in ticket prices is because the distributors have lost a lot of money in previous few weeks . P.K. is the only chance because of which they can earn huge money in 2014 . Whenever any movie releases on a holiday period i.e. Eid, Diwali and Christmas the ticket prices are hiked . I think it is the multiplexes and the Distributors which decide to increase the rate of tickets . I don’t think there is any need for criticism against Aamir . Because i clearly remember that after Jai Ho was released Salman said – We had reduced the rate of tickets . Salman fans used this as a excuse for the underperformance of Jai Ho . But i clearly remember i watched Dhoom 3 in Satyam Multiplex in Aurangabad in 200 RS . I also watched Jai Ho in Satyam in 200 RS . I don’t know whether P.K. will break the record of Dhoom 3 or not but it will be a good film . But if it is brilliant then it will break records of D3 . Aamir has given 3 All Time Grossers in Christmas 2008, 2009 and 2013 . The combo of Raju and Aamir has given 3 Idiots . The expectations will be high no doubt . But i am happy that again Aamir is doing something and showing is versatility . All The Best to P.K. @ Indicine I am waiting for your review and hoping this time you do not screw as you did before . Thank You .

    • @Saksham, higher ticket prices reduces footfalls at theatres. A lot of people will think twice before watching PK this weekend. They’d rather wait to see if the film is worth a watch, and then when the ticket prices reduce, watch it.

      There is a reason why exhibitors are protesting. If ticket prices seem too high, it might affect future releases.

  • 950 rupees for a ticket in Banglore?? What is that? Is this a film digitally remastered in IMAX or has this movie been converted to 3D? I don’t buy the fact that without these two screen variety they can demand such an absurd price…they just can’t demand this absurd price for a simple 2D ticket…Can anyone living in Banglore confirm this? If not, then i have serious doubts over this article…

    Moreover @ARJUN KAPOOR FAN,
    i have written a message at our old debate in that SRK article…i wouldn’t want you to miss that message for the world…

  • My prediction for pk is
    1 day 29
    2 day 25
    3 day 32
    1st weekend 86
    4 day 14
    5 day 12
    6 day 11
    7 day 8
    1st week 130
    2nd week 45
    3rd week 10
    Rest 4
    Total 184 car
    These are producer figure
    Trade is in the rage of 150
    Manipulation king is conning
    Welcome baby

  • No action scenes,no items songs,comparatively low budget movie but still advance booking is good.People r excited for PK and hope weekend collections will be near 100 crores.

  • @ajay rocks i m talking of screen count. Pk screens will be reduced due to tevar. I m not gonna leave sambuddha now due to idiotic morronic cmnts of him on madamiyan song page.

  • Many people are trying to spread negativity whenever aamir movies release, need to keep one thing in mind that aamir is the only megastar who can make any genre movie BB or ATBB. That leap year BB star srk will chase PK’s lifetime record for next 7 years and will probably break it if he plays a father’s role in future superstar’s film who would be competing with King Aamir.

  • @babaji kick was a ramadan release while pk releases during one of the two best non holiday periods-week before christmas and post ipl.

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