Pics: Cloud Nine Bikini Calendar

Pictures from the hottest Cloud Nine Bikini Calendar features some of the most gorgeous women in the country.

Photographer : Manish Chaturvedi

Launch Date : Sunday, January 17th 2010

Check out the pictures.



  • well done Indicine team.. this website is only for indian cinema.. right?? This is my last comment on this website. Disgusting.

  • Hmm.. Well, we received a special request to publish it and the guy was a friend, so just doing our bit. Apologies.. if you felt offended by the pictures.

  • indicine team:
    if u wanted to fulfill ur friends request then u could send these pics in his inbox. why did u post it here where we have alots of female visiters.
    plz delete it .

  • come on frends… be practical… its 2010 and its not the first bikini calendar in the world…wen almost all heroines hav weared bikini in films wats the problem with this…moreover its not published in the first page… its title is givn.. those who r not interested no need to visit this page .. thats all…

  • indicine totally ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this i not masala porn site to post ur rubbish
    as u know so many girls visit this site how cud u do this
    i know nowadays its a common to see in bikini but have some sense
    block this page soon
    be a proffesional

  • actually instead of this u could have given Dabboo Ratnani`s 2010 calander. it s really awesome…:) especially deepika, asin, kareena, aishwarya and salman looks awesome.

  • Gimme a break. Whats wrong with these pictures ??? Havent you drooled over kareena kapoor in a bikini in Tashan? havent the girls seen that?? So what if the female readers here see it. I agree with Vinshal. those who are not interested dont click on the link and visit a certain page. Its not a reason big enough to leave the site!!!!!!

    Will you stop watching all bollywood movies if one film has babes in bikini??? which movie doesnt have these days?? every film has forgeign babes in close to nothing.


  • cum on guys.. wats the prob.. in dese pics.. so wat if girls visit the website.. times r changing.. its just entertainment.. u don’t lyk it.. don’t visit it.. no ones forcing u.. it’s clearly mentioned.. bikini calendar..

  • Everyone knows nowadays all see this type of pics its common
    but this site meant only for bollywood news not for bikini calender if so then indicine should alo post all the bikini calender like kinfisher, dabbo’ etc,,,,,
    where can enjoy a lot more

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